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après cette video tu ne mangeras plus jamais ces aliments:qui détruisent la santé rapidement

Be very careful these are the five
white poisons that you consume all days and you did not know they are toxic
for you At 80% health is in our diet
of everyday there are some that have little value
nutritional and can even be harmful to our health Some known as white poison,
white sugar, refined salt and refined flours
among others, cause different diseases considered serious
And degenerative like diabetes high blood pressure and even the
cancer if you like My loves if you like health topics
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always be among the first to see Our next videos As I said here are 5 white poisons
that you consume every day In number 1 refined table salt the industry decided one day to convert
the natural crystalline salt of chloride in simple
refined sodium salt, since then nothing n is not the same, indeed the salt that we
Consumption was natural, golden pure, because it provided to the human being
all the elements necessary to keep the minerals that the body needed
in exact proportion, today’s salt which is a pure poison contains
iodine and fluorine, minerals that are poisonous, deteriorate
so many organs in the body, upset thyroid
fluoride one of the the most responsive elements that exist
, that’s why I usually talk about it in cosmetics, via toothpaste, but
ingest that it’s pure sarcasm, know that salt
natural crystalline, just like the one just
sea ​​salt, like that of the sea mountains contain more than 84 elements
who make up the blood of the human body in
exact proportions few people know So imagine junk food full of
refined salt that increases the risk of suffer from cardiovascular disease
consuming this type of salt is equivalent to 8 and 20 times more than he should
salt in the body you should consume 1500 milligrams of
natural salt by maximum day, but if it is not respected,
the diseases related to
heart, thyroid, retention, diabetes appear tell me in the comments
if yes you use refined salt and if you are
ready to stop using it to take care
your health, at the same time leave us a flag of your country for
that I know where you are writing would put a yard for that attention Sugar in number 2,
White refined sugar can not be considered a
healthy food because it’s a chemical pure plant-based extract as
sugar cane or beetroot, eliminating all
the fiber and the proteins that make up 90 percent of these plants, then they add
a solution alkaline that kills almost every
vitamins and then the carbon dioxide is added to
speed up the lime of this sweet liquid it passes through tubes separating them from
impurities They add another treatment
with calcium sulphate and sulfuric acid Who crystallizes it and makes it so white, without
proteins, vitamins, has no minerals, has no
not Enzymes, do not have microelements
, no fiber, no fat short no advantage in human nutrition
It’s not good because it does not contribute to bring
no nutrients bring energy but nothing else is only glucose
and fructose the problem is the way
we consume it because the fruits and vegetables alone already contain
refined sugars, this sugar is going cause obesity, a
nutritional imbalance and sweeteners more chemical
they are also harmful because they increase the
risk of cancer with their sustent tres aspartame,
saccharin and cyclamate that we can find in products like soda,
juice and drinks zero Tell me in the comments if yes
Do you think white sugar is harmful to health and if you go
take steps to avoid this? In number 3
The refined flour Over the years, bread quality has become
much worse instead of improving, currently you have to deal with
new ingredients that harm health and
that can be found in stores, when you buy white flour bread
, This product is nothing but a poison
, medical researches have to demonstrate that he was making the rats that were in good
sick health fairly quickly, the disease the most recurrent was diabetes
So be very careful about what you consume and especially what you give to children
, this by bombing huge amounts of free radicals in
beta-pancreatic cells destroying the beta cells that are the cells of the
primary areas of the pancreas called islets of Langerhans and
they produce insulin, so if they are destroyed diabetes is developing
, epidemic diseases, and other diseases
chronic it’s not a good idea to have all of these
toxins in the body, avoid pastries , prefer the wholemeal bread, the flours
fibrous, with vitamins and minerals encouraging
cancers, caries cholesterol, diabetes the most recommended breads
are rye bread and whole wheat bread tell me in the comments if you consume
bread made from refined wheat flour and how often will you stop
to eat white bread after watching this video ? In number 4 refined rice according to
health school researchers public of harvard university at
United States white rice causes increases of
blood sugar in the blood that is a risk of diabetes
Rice has been consumed while
Centuries in many countries, it is only at
20th century that he began to be refined and has
to be eaten like refined white rice One study analyzed data from three
great analyzes realized with about 40 thousand
men and 157 1,500 women on the Rice consumption and the risk of diabetes scientists have discovered that those
they ate 5 or more servings of rice white one week, had 17 percent
more at risk for diabetes than those Who consumed less than one serving per
month from the point of view of health,
the public should recommend the replacement of refined grains like the
whole grain white rice including brown rice for
facilitate the prevention of diabetes tell me in the comments if you like
the rice, what is your favorite and if you
are ready to stop eating white rice In number 5 pasteurized cow’s milk,
pasteurization of milk destroys beneficial bacteria and destroys the enzymes
essential for nutrient absorption
pasteurization of milk destroys everything, its phosphatase which is essential for the
the absorption of calcium and calcium works with vitamin d, is not only
available through the sun but that’s a
essential nutrient finally the lipase a unique enzyme of milk and
which is necessary to complete digestion of fat is released
with many other essential nutrients While pasteurization destroys everything
this will create diseases in children in growth age, growth deficits
it is also considered as the main cause of
allergies in children according to the academy of allergy to asthma and immunology
United States and some studies
diabetes and osteoporosis
Would result from that because of its low magnesium content
and do not let the bones absorb the
calcium .. so here it is, got it so far , congratulation think to leave us an emoji
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85 thoughts on “après cette video tu ne mangeras plus jamais ces aliments:qui détruisent la santé rapidement

  1. Rose slt!il y a des endroits on trouve pas le sel naturel qu'est ce qu'on doit faire pour empecher ses maladies'je vous suit au bresil

  2. Salut, je vous remercie pour vos conseils qui me pousse à jamais de consommer ce poison je suis de l'Algérie merci bcp

  3. Merci c'est vraiment édifiant sachant que tous ces aliments sont utilisés chaque jour dans nos vies parfois même on en devient accro sans savoir qu'on se tue. Merci …ou je suis au Gabon et sans vous mentir 90% de la population utilisent les aliments cités. Surtout le sel, le sucre, le pain et le riz c'est fou …

  4. oui.c.est.vrai.tout.les.aliments.blancs.sont.mauvais.pour.la.sante.mais.les.enfants.aiment.tout.blancs.farine.riz.sel.lait.algerie.

  5. Tout ce que vous dites est exact… le problème c’est qu’il est difficile de passer au travers de tout! Repas à l’extérieur… cantines scolaire( alors là il y a de quoi en faire un malaise…) …… je vous suis de France

  6. Finalmt on ne mange pl rien tout est mauv pr la sante qu reste t il pas sel pas sucre pas pain pas riz pas lait alors qu ce sont des aliments de base pr tout humain a chaqu fois vs ns enlevez 5 alimt c fini il ne reste pl rien on va petre aux cotes des vaches et c tout ! De la moderation en tout et c tout ! Qu voulez vous qi ils consoment ces pauvres citadins ? C tout ce qu ils trouvent sur les grandes surfaces !

  7. J'aime mange TOUT en moderation d'ailleurs on dit que le riz brun n'est pas bon non plus ca contient de l'arsenic qui peut provoquer le cancer.

  8. Quand vous dites que le sel le Sucre la farine etc sont mauvais par quoi faut il les remplacer de plus naturel .

  9. Moi j'adore manger le riz blanc surtout le riz parfumé pas cuite je le lave et le laisse 10mn avec beaucoup d'eau et je le mastique tranquillement…je sais que ce n'est pas bien pour la santé mais je suis devenu accro j'ai essayé plusieur fois de ne plus le faire mais à chaque fois je rechute 😑je pense que c'est le goût ou la sensation de le mastiquer qui me plait dans tout ça… Mais si quelqu'un peut m'aider ou à une idée de comment faire pour m'en passer je lui serai vraiment tres reconnaissant

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