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24 thoughts on “Are Sugary Foods Addictive?

  1. as the video says tho, the problem is not the sugar from whole foods but when the compound is isolated and processed.

    there is nothing wrong with eating 30-50 bananas a day, although i would recommend some kale thrown in a banana smoothie!

  2. I feel like sugar should be pleasurable to eat because it has calories.  Cocaine and other drugs are dangerous because they affect our health negatively while being addictive.  Saying sugar is addictive is like saying plants are addicted to sunlight…

  3. This video is vague. How does a lack of a dopamine receptor in a population equate to sugar being addictive. Maybe fat people dont get the sense of reward easily. Hence eat food for any kind of reward. I presume sugar isnt the only sugar fat people eat too.. Basically the logically steps are loose at best. Fat people have similar d2 receptors than alcos and drug users, therefore sugar is addictive??

  4. I eat a lot of sugar.  If you follow Dr. Mcdougals Starch based diet or 80/10/10….it's all about the sugar.  We need sugar for the calories for fuel.  Just keep your diet low fat and there is no problem.

  5. The single fact that it is impossible to become obese by eating sugar is enough to expose this video as more fragmented "science" tangled with modern mythological paradigms! Sugar tastes good because it ignites a physiological response of ideal body fuel – SWEET fruits. You´re as addicted to sugar as you are to air! Dr. Greger´s "people are fat because they drink coca-cola" means he´s really missing some very key points about nutrition, which is lamentable. The science to support my statements can be found at Dr. Mcdougall´s website.

  6. If I had to guess, I think that sugary and engineered chemical foods make people stupid too … I think it throws the minds into a kind of hazy stupor.  I can't back it up, but ever since I quit soda, candy, most desserts, etc I notice a real difference in my intellectual abilities and clearness.

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