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Are White Potatoes Unhealthy? Dr Michael Greger

The potato is now the most consumed vegetable
in the United States. White potatoes contain essential nutrients,
vitamins and are a good source of fiber. One medium russet potato for example provides
37% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, 31% of Vitamin B6, 27% of potassium and
20% manganese to name just a few. Potatoes provide lots of Resistant starch. Resistant starch is a type of starch that
is not digested in your small intestine. Instead, it passes through to the large intestine,
where it can feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Resistant starch has been associated with
a number of health benefits, especially in terms of blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity. Interestingly the way we prepare our potatoes
can influence their nutrient content. Many of their nutrients are concentrated in
the outer skin, so peeling the potato can remove a large portion of the fiber and mineral
content in each serving. However in Dr Greger’s book how not to die
white potatoes are listed as a red/yellow light food on his food traffic light system
why is this? Well let’s hear from him now.[Dr Greger]
Why are white potatoes a red/yellow light food? The reason white potatoes are not the best
thing is because every time we put a white potato in our mouth we’re missing an opportunity
to put something healthier in our mouth so just like, why is iceberg lettuce not the
best thing in the world? Because every time we have an iceberg lettuce
salad we’re missing an opportunity to have an arugula salad or a spinach salad and every
time we eat a white potato we’re missing an opportunity to eat a sweet potato which
is so much healthier. Although probably the primary reason why white
potatoes have been associated with negative health outcomes is because people eat them
fried or if they eat them baked and put a lot of sour cream cheese or whatever on them. But the Harvard cohorts found some negative
associative affects even controlling for that. Although a new study that just came out, actually
this month, trying to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy plant food indexes,
there’s these pro vegetarian indexes-basically gives you points for all the plant foods you
eat, it gives you negative points for the animal foods you eat, and you see if that
correspond to health outcomes and when you do that- feed healthy plant foods then you
live longer lower risk of cardiovascular disease etc. But if you do an unhealthy plant food index
which had included white potatoes, french fries, unhealthy processed snacks that kind
of thing, you actually don’t get that benefit. Ironically actually you don’t get a detriment
either but you do get a detriment compared to eating lots of whole healthy plant foods
but when they did that with or without white potatoes they actually didn’t see a difference
so it probably wasn’t the white potatoes but all the other junk that was impairing
people’s healthy scores.

66 thoughts on “Are White Potatoes Unhealthy? Dr Michael Greger

  1. We only occasionally put them in our home made veggie soup along with lots of nutrient dense veggies, herbs and spices.

  2. Sometimes you just want a white potato, nothing wrong with it. This dr is mad annoying with his “red light” foods.

  3. The bad scores in studies are caused by white potato junk foods. Prepared without oil as part of healthy wfpb, white potatoe is a good thing. Dr Greger makes a physician style mistake here. Looking too isolated at bad studies. I like this guy and his work
    He doesn't have to be always correct. He's a human after all.

  4. He doesn’t seem to have a straight forward answer as to why he listed white potatoes as yellow/red light foods…

    saying “you could replace white with sweet… this makes white potatoes yellow/red light because sweet potatoes are healthier” doesn’t really make sense…

    because by that logic you could list broccoli as yellow/red light simply because eating broccoli is a lost opportunity to eat broccoli sprouts…

    I wanted to hear him address whether they’re considered harmless or harmful…

    He made a video years ago listing baked white potatoes as a red light food… yet I recently heard him in a Q&A saying white potatoes are healthful because they’re a whole plant food and he didn’t seem to recall his previous videos stating that they’re harmful…

  5. Now I am very poor so I get most of my calories from rice and potatoes as well as beans and oatmeal. I do eat plenty of greens and fruits towards the beginning of the month, but later it's the starches and such. I live on disability and it sucks. I also do not put any extras on my potatoes. I bake them and I only have a little salt with lots of onion powder and garlic powder on them. I never fry anything, and I stay away from oils and fake butter and stuff like that.

  6. Even we Americans find Doctor Greger's sloppy, slurred speech hard to understand. Could you yourself summarize his insights in English?

  7. I love white potatoes. Dr. McDougall says they are wonderful so I’m going to keep eating them mashed with purple potatoes, veg and tempeh. Yum

  8. We only eat white potatoes one way. Washed cubed Baked lightly and then sauteed with onion to make home fries, skins on with black pepper and fresh snipped chives yummy so yummy

  9. John McDougall stated that if you could get someone to eat white potatoes if they wont eat res then do it. Same with white rice. Pick your battles and work with people. Start with white and theyll evolve to brown and red.

  10. I eat white potatoes and I eat the skin too. They're a good source of iodine and many other minerals and vitamins. They really can't be compared to sweet potatoes, which are healthy in other ways but taste nothing like white potatoes. I eat mine with very healthy ketchup I make myself with no sugar and no salt.
    Also, I often eat iceberg lettuce because it has a texture that sickening arugula can't begin to approach. It is filling and very low calorie.

  11. i feel like he was saying that its bad, but then he said its bad because of this study that didn't really take all aspects into consideration. but with that said, the food is still bad? i don't get it. i don't like this video at all. its like, and loose study that wasn't vary well followed. can we see a study of people eating all the different types of potatoes and seeing that they did way worse then eating the othe rotatoes? cuz i don't like sweet, or brown ones. these ones are good, and i don't fry them. i boil them, then eat them whole with beans, or broc, or salsa, or sometimes straight with some garlic salt.

  12. Confusing video. I don't care if sweet potatoes are healthier, i just want to know if white potatoes are safe to eat sometimes. White potatoes without added extras, so like just boiled spuds or baby potatoes without added oil or butter or salt.

  13. Extremism. Perfectly healthy veggie. Sure, you need some other veggies with it, but it supplies lots of calories which are kind of the whole point. Same with iceburg lettuce, by itself it's nothing, but it makes a good filler for the other somewhat bitter leafy vegetables that get added to a salad. Lighten up a little.

  14. This is why many go back to eating animal parts and their liquids . Back or steam your 5 pound bags of yellow potatoes . We need calories to sustain

  15. lmao "everytime you eat this food you could be eating something healthier" aka how to cause eating disorders.. by that logic we might aswel only eat whatever food is the healthiest which is what i wonder.. Dr Greger and Dr Fuhrman have no mercy i swear

  16. What about all the cases where people have lived on nothing but white potatoes for months, or even a whole year – including endurance athletes! and afterwards their blood work, BP and other health parameters were perfect? It's not the 'taters, it's the butter, cheese, sour cream and gravy people put on them. Saute is some veggies in water and put those on your potato. I like onions, peppers, corn, chopped tomatoes and black (or other) beans, seasoned with turmeric, black pepper, chili powder and garlic powder. Healthy and delicious!

  17. I don’t like sweet potatoes. I normally bake my white potato and have it with some steamed corn, peas, and broccoli with a little salt, pepper, and a little bit of vegan butter.

  18. In the west white potatoes are everywhere. Growing up we had them at every meal. Even today I always have white potato in my dinner.

  19. I hear that GMO potatoes are on their way to our food supply 😡

    I recently bought Dr Greger’s book How Not To Die. AWESOME !!!

  20. As usual very misleading advice. Use your common sense. Potatoes are good for you regardless of colour.. traffic light .BS..His book will be on the junk table in a couple of years…

  21. White potatoes prepared without added fats or junk are a whole, plant food and healthy with tons of vitamins, minerals, fiber, resistant startch and other goodies. White potatoes have sustained entire populations, from pre-columbian Incans to the modern Irish. Look up the potato hack or potato diet and you'll see that people lose weight and improve health by eating a diet exclusively composed of white potatoes for a few days or weeks at a time. Dr. Greger is wrong here and his argument that sweet potatoes are healthier is a poor one as we can almost always make this argument and you can't let perfection get in the way. For many people trying a whole foods, plant based diet, potatoes are a familiar comfort food that they have eaten their entire lives and can continue to eat – if you tell them not to eat potatoes, you are unnecessarily making the transition from SAD diet to WFPB diet unnecessarily more difficult than it has to be.

  22. This ignores other studies in which people have consumed mainly or exclusively potato's for a steady length of time (I believe one year) and achieved huge weight losses.

    Prepared properly, that is baked with the skin on and topped with a healthy dressing/garnish, white potatoes should be acceptable for WFPB eaters. After all, it is a whole plant food.

  23. Every glycemic index study I have seen lists white potatoes as way more glycemic even than white bread, which is terrible for you. You should avoid white potatoes like the plague, as with any other simple carb, if you want to be healthy.

  24. Just eat the white potatoes with lots of veggies and fruits you will be ok lol 🙂let's not make it complicated ppl .I eat mainly yellow potatoes and sweet and red .I mean the better the color the more the nutrients but white potatoes ain't never killed nobody Right DR MCDOUGAL lol shout out to you and dr greggor 👍👍👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂💥💥💥💥💥💥🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

  25. I would boil or steam them to reduce the acrylamide content. I think if u plan on roasting them, use oregano to reduce the production of acrylamides.

  26. I'd like to see a video about nutrient restriction and I don't mean "fasting". The idea that foods with fewer nutrients are ultimately more healthful. There's a potential fallacy that assumes that more nutrients = better. Like if you eat 2,000 calories of broccoli a day you run the risk of being poisoned by Thallium. So foods such as potatoes, white rice etc. potentially save you if eaten for a certain amount of time.

  27. This video has confused me. He doesn't seem to have give us any clear cut direction. Do I continue to eat potato or do I cut it out?

  28. I steam my white potatoes and add one part costco extra virgin olive oil and one part organic butter.

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  29. I thought I knew what the "takeaway" was, but Gregor lost me at the end. 😂
    Imo, white potatoes, as long as they aren't fried and topped with animal products, are healthy for you. Plenty of people do well with them and they're a great source of calories and nutrition. I think if you're carb-sensitive (of which I am), sweet potatoes are better..but also, ultimately, eating whole plant foods, regardless of the studies, is what's important. Pitting whole plant foods against each other just seems absurd . 🙄😕

  30. 🙌🏻 I eat a TON of potatoes!! Love them!! I craved them after finishing a 3 month juice fast and then learned how healthy they are after researching them. Too many make me lose weight, so I have to be careful.

    I only eat ORGANIC potatoes because of GMO potatoes, and too much potato skin can be toxic, so I usually peel mine. Plus, when you peel them, it shows the rotten spots than can be cut away, and often, potatoes have green skin, which needs to always be peeled away, as it’s toxic!

    I cube mine, add to a pot with some water, boil the water and then simmer until they’re soft. They’re delicious plain after cooked.

    Out of the fridge, I LOVE them with blended coconut milk/mustard (w most of the coconut water drained) and pickled onions. Oh my gosh, sooo good!

    I also enjoy them with a little hummus!

    Sometimes I blend them in my blender with dehydrated onion. That’s also very tasty!

    Of course, there’s always baked too!

    Enjoy those potatoes!! When I finished my fast, I only craved whole plant foods. Even cooked plain vegetables were so delicious to me. I figured to be craving potatoes that there must be a healthy reason! I’m so thankful my fast made me reconsider potatoes—love them!!

  31. I eat white potatoes at least a couple times a week and usually in some kind of soup. I love them and don’t think they are the Least bit harmful

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