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Ariel Winter Gets Sugar High on Better-For-You Candy  | Food Fight | Women’s Health

Everything has been dark chocolate! Oh I know why,
because dark chocolate’s healthier! Hi! My name is Ariel Winter and Women’s
Health has asked me to try better-for-you candy, so I’m going to try them today.
I am a big fan of candy — I mean, is there a time not to eat candy?
The first one I’m going to pick is this black licorice thread… I just really don’t like licorice! It is very good for people who do like black licorice. Gluten free, they have no GMOs and no artificial colors… They have a lot of vitamin C. No. It was mildly sour? I don’t think it was sour enough to be
like a real sour candy so it kind of fell flat in the middle. I’ll try these…
Scandinavian Swimmers! I dunno how I feel about that name! Or how they look! I like these! These are good! Dark chocolate crispy quinoa gems! Okay this
is very interesting, a candy made with quinoa! Hm. I don’t usually like dark chocolate, so if I don’t like them
I’m sorry Unreal, it’s just because I don’t like dark chocolate. Or quinoa.
But that’s okay. Mm… Mm, no. I like the crispy part, you know? But I don’t like dark chocolate, and I think maybe in
the back of my mind knowing that it has quinoa in it maybe also ruined it for me?
But… these were not my favorite. I apologize. Kettle-cooked candy with
real fruit extracts. I’m a fan. I like these! These Little Secrets Crispy
Wafers — peanut butter in dark chocolate. It is dark chocolate again though, so… I
don’t know. This is good! This is really good! You don’t really taste that it’s
dark chocolate much, so for people who don’t really like dark chocolate, it’s good! So now we are going to try these Champagne Dreams gourmet gummies! I think I like them more than actual champagne,
because I don’t really like champagne. It’s fun because you’re like ooooh, champagne! but
it’s like, I don’t like the taste of it? So I think these are better? I will now try Sun Cups!
They’re filled with creamy sunflower seed butter! That is very interesting. These are pretty good! They have the same consistency inside like the real
peanut butter cup — you can taste the difference that it’s sunflower, but it’s
not a bad difference. Next we’re going to do the Little Secrets sea-salted
peanut dark chocolate pieces! Fair trade ingredients! And it has the cute little
people holding hands! I know it’s definitely more important than my
description of the cute little people holding hands, but I do really love logos
like that. And we’re back. Okay. I’m a fan. I’m a fan. These are good.
Oh yeah! Those were pretty good. What’s trendy right now is this cashew butter,
Just-in, that’s what I have just heard. This one is definitely better
than the sunflower one — I’m sorry Sun Cups! You’ve been bumped. How dare you! I think it would have to be between the
Little Secrets Crispy Wafers and the Little Secret Sea Salted Peanuts. Oh
they’re both Little Secrets! Yes! Making good candies! Thank you guys so much
for watching me review all of this better-for-you candy!
Keep those insides healthy. Shh! Don’t tell them that I took them!

21 thoughts on “Ariel Winter Gets Sugar High on Better-For-You Candy | Food Fight | Women’s Health

  1. There's magic in her eyes. ❤️
    Well, I'm gonna eat a chocolate now. Thank you Ariel and Women's Health Channel for this video.

  2. I think it would have been better to see her take the first bite and her initial reactions. Half of the fun is watching people actually eat it!

  3. If there's actual sugar(s)in them they're NOT GOOD for you.Cancerous tumers use glucose (sugars and starches) to grow.For more info please Google:Otto Warburg New York Times Magazine. Also please Google: glucose hungry cancer cells Brian Cox. If cancerous tumers cant get glucose they can switch to consuming glutamine (animal protein) to grow.For more info please Google:Chris Wark

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