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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Arthritis and Low Back Pain | Landover MD Expert Chiropractor

hello everyone dr. Huffman here again
today I’d like to talk about how chiropractic can help with a very common
condition called arthritis of the low back or the lumbar spine now arthritis
particularly osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage begins to break down as we
age placing more pressure on the spinal joints and also causing the muscles to
tighten up now at sport and spine rehab we want to focus on restoring function
not just getting rid of pain so we’re gonna help re strengthen the deep
muscles of the core that support the lumbar spine getting the surface muscles
to relax using treatments such as electric stim and graston and when
appropriate spinal manipulation to restore joint motion combining all of
these treatments together are going to give you more relief and get you back to
your life thank you

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