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Ashwagandha: The Complete Herbal Guide

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine and founder of draxe.com. In this video, I’m going to be training you
on the many benefits of ashwagandha and how you can use it to improve your adrenal health,
thyroid health, brain health, and a whole lot more. And I’ll tell you what, ashwagandha from a
clinical perspective, this is probably one of the top five herbs I’ve prescribed my patients
on a regular basis, and in Ayurvedic medicine in India, this is really a famed herb. Now, it’s really more of a shrub/root that
is used with ashwagandha and, again, typically grown in India, but it actually is grown in
other places in the world as well. And really, what makes it so powerful is ashwagandha
acts as an adaptogen, okay? So again, in Ayurvedic medicine, they call
it an adaptogenic herb, which basically means it doesn’t cause your body to do one thing
or another. It helps bring your body back into balance. Here’s an incredible thing. You know, there are studies on patients with
thyroid issues or other health conditions, like high cortisol, and they found that patients
with high cortisol, when they took ashwagandha, it helped lower the cortisol. When patients had low cortisol, it helped
raise the cortisol. So that’s the incredible thing about adaptogens,
especially ashwagandha, is it helps bring your body back into balance, and part of the
reason is it contains a unique set of compounds called alkaloids. And alkaloids have various effects on the
body, especially helping balance hormones and support neurological health and tissue. Now, another incredible thing here, it’s often
referred to as Indian ginseng because of its ability to support libido in sexual health
there as well. We know ginseng in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic
medicine was really shown to improve overall energy and chi levels in the body, so again,
great for stamina, extraordinary stress-relieving properties. Now, the other big thing, if you go to India
today, they’ll drink something, as well here, called ashwagandha tea as well as tulsi tea. And these types of teas are known to extend
life. That’s actually why ashwagandha ranks in the
top three herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine, and those herbs, all of them have the same
thing in common. They extend life. They make your life longer, more full, help
with anti-aging. So let’s talk about some of the specific benefits
of ashwagandha, especially in terms of clinical studies. Number one, it’s been shown to increase stamina
and endurance. This is great for athletes, you know, especially
if you have a runner or a triathlete, or let’s say a swimmer or a CrossFit athlete. Anybody who’s out there doing any type of
exercise, ashwagandha promotes recovery as well as stamina and endurance. You know, another adaptogenic herb I love
to do in combination with ashwagandha for athletes would be rhodiola rosea, or also
ginseng is another one that’s great to do in addition. Number two, reduces anxiety. You know, the number of people today that
struggle with chronic anxiety due to emotional stress is really high. Here’s the great thing. Ashwagandha works to reduce stress levels,
reduce cortisol levels, which relieves anxiety and can relieve even conditions like depression
and just sort of those emotional feelings of being overwhelmed. If you’re a person that feels anxiety or just
feels overwhelmed all the time, ashwagandha is one of the top herbs you want to be taking
on a regular basis. Now, along with ashwagandha, I’d say another
thing to do in addition would be lavender oil or chamomile can also relieve anxiety. Number three is it benefits the thyroid. There was an incredible medical study where
they found that ashwagandha, when people had TSH levels that were too high, it helped bring
it down. And when their TSH levels, TSH stands for
thyroid-stimulating hormone, when it was too low, it helped bring it up. That’s the incredible thing about ashwagandha,
these adaptogenic herbs, they bring your body back into balance. So whether you have hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s
disease, Grave’s disease, hyperthyroidism, or even. . .
Maybe you don’t know you have a thyroid problem, but you’ve got thinner hair than you want
and you tend to hold on to body fat more than you want or you have cold extremities. Those are all warning signs you could have
thyroid issues. Ashwagandha helps the thyroid. And I’ll mention this as well before I jump
into another one, it also helps the adrenals. It’s my number one herb for adrenal fatigue. If you have adrenal issues or thyroid issues,
ashwagandha is the absolute best. Number four, it improves your mood. Again, so many people today struggle with
depression, struggle with exhaustion, and just having too much going on in life. Ashwagandha is great, working as a natural
antidepressant. And number five, it benefits brain health. Whether we’re talking about Alzheimer’s disease,
Parkinson’s, ADHD in children, and a whole lot more, ashwagandha is a great herb because
of how it balances out hormones. Listen, the number of conditions we have today
that are caused by hormone balance, especially cortisol and insulin . . . so that’s another
great thing. It’s actually good for diabetes, but doing
ashwagandha because of its great benefits on both cortisol and insulin is tremendous. So again, if somebody has a brain issue or
even . . . let’s say, you know, you have a job to where you really need to focus and
concentrate or you’re a student. Ashwagandha is great for improving memory,
focus, concentration, and supporting brain health as well. You know, I’d also say using ashwagandha as
part of a ketogenic diet, paleo diet, or GAPS diet can reap tremendous benefits as well. Now, here’s how to use ashwagandha. Supplement with 500 mg one to two times daily,
doing it along with a diet that’s high in healthy fats, protein, and fiber as well as
other herbs and antioxidants as well as removing processed, conventional grains like white
flour and wheat flour products and removing excess sugar from your diet. So again, ashwagandha is effective, no matter
what your diet’s like. But again, if you want to get the best results
for healing your thyroid, healing your adrenal glands, healing your brain, and improving
your mood, doing ashwagandha plus a diet that’s high in wild, grass-fed meat and lots of vegetables
and berries and things like that, that’s going to help you reach your absolute best. So look at these amazing benefits. Increases stamina and endurance, reduces anxiety,
benefits the thyroid, benefits mood, benefits brain health, benefits your adrenal glands. I’ll also tell you it benefits reproductive
health, people with PCOS especially, that’s polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PMS or menopause. Any type of hormonal issues both in men and
women, ashwagandha is a go-to herb in Ayurvedic medicine. And hey, if you’ve enjoyed this live training
video, make sure to subscribe here on YouTube to my channel. I’ve got a lot more information coming out
on other herbs, on essential oils, on other conditions, and how to use food as medicine. And hey, if you want to learn more about ashwagandha,
I’ve got a really in-depth, advanced article on my website that has all the clinical studies
and other ways to use it. Just do a Google search online for “Dr. Axe
ashwagandha,” and you’ll find that article there as well. Hey, guys, this has been Dr. Axe talking about
the many benefits of ashwagandha. Hi, Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
out this YouTube video, and also don’t forget to subscribe if you want to get more great
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YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

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