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#AskDrBob: Blood Pressure & Salt Intake, Bone Health, Youth Anxiety

– Hello Everybody, this
is Dr. Bob DeMaria, from Naples, Florida, and Westlake, Ohio. Thanks for joining me. Tremendous questions as always. Interesting one. – Dr. Bob I’ve had a
raise in my blood pressure for over a year. And the doctor said that
a part of it’s coming from a heart murmur. And he suggested natural supplements and you cut back on your salt. You went on to say that
started adding salt, started noticing that your
body was shaking quite a bit and you were concerned
if you’ll ever be able to eat salt again because
when you added the salt to your, your diet it didn’t
seem to be right for you. So here’s my thoughts. People who crave salt
typically have adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands are located
on top of your kidneys. Well I have a tool that
we use in our practice called a Heart Sound Recorder. So we have these electronic
stethoscopes that listen to heart sounds and there are patterns. And I can see adrenal stress
on the heart sound recorder. So your adrenal glands could be exhausted. You may consider an Adrenal Stress Index. Often times with a Mineral
Tissue Hair Analysis you’ll have low sodium and low potassium. So my suggestion is you
want to drill down deeper to find out how your adrenal
glands are functioning. We use Celtic sea salt by the way. – Dr. Bob, I don’t want to
take the medication that they recommended for my bone health. Is there a natural supplement? Well first I would suggest
that you get “Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Prevent Surgery.” And read the Cataract Chapter. You’ll say what does that
have to do with my bones? I’m going to go into
great detail about calcium and phosphorous metabolism
and osteoporosis. We use a product by Biotics
Research Corporation called Osteo-B II. You may want to have an
Opti-Chem Profile which we have on our website, and have
your calcium-phosphorous ratio checked. Now I’m going to give you
a little secret everybody. We’re seeing more and more
people drink larger amounts of carbonated water. I’m starting to see ladies
have lower calcium levels on their blood tests
because of sparkling water. That was a recent piece of
information I learned myself. – Dr. Bob, my son says
that sometimes he’s sad with anxiety and what could this mean? Well it can mean a lot. Anxiety is not uncommon. I would suggest maybe
some Phosphatidylcholine. Which happens via phosphorous in a liquid, in an oil that’ll help
brain metabolism for him. You might want to suggest
reading my book on ADHD because there’s a good
chapter, Chapter Four. I’ll be releasing “Dr. Bob’s
Guide to Mental Health” in the spring time. You may consider having
the Omega Test done. Checking out the different oil levels. – Dr. Bob, my husband has been
suffering with what he calls lawnmower going off in his head 24/7. In other words he probably
has ringing in the ears. It could be a food sensitivity. It could be an alignment issue. Could be heavy metal toxicity. Could be a low thyroid. I would start with maybe
having an Opti-Chem profile to check out your thyroid gland. And maybe even the FIT
Test to find out what foods he could be sensitive
to, causing the ringing. And I really want to even
know when it all started. But I wanted to give you some ideas there. Last question, -Dr. Bob, I got your reply about triglycerides. Yours being 445. And then you were
talking about the thyroid being normal at 3.2. The TSH, what we like to
see the TSH be, about two. You really were concerned
about the different between VLDL and LDL. The VLDL tends to have higher
or shows triglycerides. LDL doesn’t have a triglyceride
market in it like the VLDL. I’d want to also know what
your glucose levels are because if you’re consuming too many carbs they could be transferred to fat. And oftentimes people
will have fatty livers. Get that thyroid checked. Maybe some liver enzymes checked. That will make a huge difference. I’m Dr. Bob. DeMaria.

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