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Hi, fellow birdies! Welcome back to my channel and I hope you all are doing well! In today’s video, I’m collaborating with DaveKay ASMR and we’re eating some homemade Arby’s food! I have onion rings, a half-pound beef and cheddar sandwich, and some classic curly Arby’s fries with ranch dipping. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to both of our channels. Let’s get started! I’m going to start with the curly fries. Let’s try it with the ranch! Tangy and delicious! I love the seasoning on the fries! These are the same ones you can find at Arby’s. They’re actually Arby’s brand! Got them at Walmart. Let’s try some onion rings! These are by Red Robin and are from Walmart. Perfect with the ranch. I love the crunch on these things! I still think cheese sauce is the best, though. I air-fried the onion rings. It’s a lot healthier than deep-frying! Let’s work on this monster next! Homemade half-pound beef and cheddar sandwich! Now that is dang good! I added cheddar cheese sauce on top of the roast beef slices. The sandwich has a slight onion taste due to the bun. This just goes to show that homemade food is best! What would be your favorite thing from this meal? After the Arby’s video I did with my husband, I was craving to make my own version. You have to be careful about eating this because it’s messy! I want to spend a moment talking about my friend today! His name is Dave and let me tell you, his work is amazing! His sounds are relaxing and I always love his presentations. He even makes his own food from scratch! He definitely deserves so much more. We’ve become good friends over time! Please check out his video and channel after watching this and subscribe! If my son were here, he’d be after the curly fries. He loves fries! What kind of fries do you like? I will admit, the ranch adds a nice kick to these things. I was reading reviews on these online and people didn’t like them because they were mushy. Mine wasn’t! Maybe thanks to the air fryer 🙂 For the roast beef, I used the brand from Target. It’s very smoky! I used the whole package of roast beef for the sandwich. Crunching is my favorite sound! What about you? I like these red robin onion rings because they’re thicker! At least for these, I still have some leftover! The onion slipped out of this, so it’s more hollow! Let’s work on this monster some more! The onion bun is by Pepperidge Farms, by the way! Anyone else like big bites? This is by far better than the one from Arby’s! The bun isn’t squished and the meat is fresh. And I love the big size! This meal was my lunch, and I was very hungry for it! I’m only now getting a little full! I will admit that I think that due to all the meals of this past year… I’m able to eat more now without getting full 🙂 I can’t wait to see what other challenges I can take on this year. In moderation, of course! Let’s finish off those fries! There will be plenty enough ranch left. Last bite! Happy and satisfied! Love it! I hope you all enjoyed watching this video. If you did, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to both of our channels! Thank you guys for watching. See you next time! Bye, birdies 🙂


  1. My god your meal look scrumptious. The onion rings are so extremely crunchy it's insane. I could so go for that meal right now and I just ate. 😅 Thanks for the Collab. It was a pleasure working with you. 😍😍😍

  2. The fact that all your curly fries are uniformly spiral – the best kind – made me so hungry. I am curious about food ASMR artists and them actually enjoying the food on-camera because I would assume it has gone cold by the time they get it home, set up equipment, etc. What is it like for you?

  3. Cutie! Look how delicious this meal looks. You really are making me hungry…very hungry! That sandwich is just…wow…😁. And the crunch on the onion rings and curly fries are so great. The sounds tell me how wonderful this meal is.

    Cutie I hope you and the family are well💙💙💙.

    PS…I will check out Dave's channel!

  4. Omg I literally love you and your channel so much! (Sorry If you find me commenting a lot weird. I just really enjoy your videos and your channel!)

  5. You making me hungry at the midnight 😭,nice sounds ,by the way which mode of the blue yeti u was using in your video ,I just bought it but still figure it out which mode is the best for Asmr Eating sound

  6. Beautiful eyes😍, pretty voice😊, delicious food!😋

    The video of my friend is always shiny and cool❤️❤️❤️
    I love you🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️
    And can I have a bite?Haha😋😅👌

  7. First, you look stunning as always💗✨
    Second, your voice is super soothing and I normally don’t like when other ASMR artists talk because of their breathing. 🌸
    Third, you always make the food or meal look super delicious.💕
    Forth, you have beautiful smile 😊
    Fifth, you are an amazing ASMR artist 💗✨

  8. i’m really enjoying your addition of whispering! just as i thought your videos could not get any better, you always tend to find a way to satisfy your subbiez! that food looks uh may zing!!! ❤️❤️❤️😊😊

  9. Not only does the food looks good but you made it sound and taste good. Altogether a great video by a great asmrist!

  10. Every time I love your channel more, the food looks fresh and delicious and always makes good sounds, never change! 🤤💞

  11. I would choose the onion rings! I have been craving them a lot lately! But sometimes I actually take out the onion and only eat the breading! Weird, right? 😂

  12. The people who dislike missed the like buttin (I don't no if I spelled buttin right but don't judge) were crying of hungry Ness and missed it

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