Kac Para Yarismasi

Arthritis Diet and Exercises

ASMR chiropractic adjustment, anti inflammatory diet reduce chronic inflammation in Santa Clarita.

I first started seeing Dr Polucki
because I was having a lot of knee pain that was causing me to be less and less
active no longer walking on the Paseos skipping a lot of dates with my husband
he’d have meetings and I couldn’t join him in a lot of them because I just
didn’t feel up to it my art classes that I teach I would have to sit on the couch
for two hours after an art class now I can go out the door and go shopping if I
feel like it because since I started seeing dr. punky things started picking
up little by little and after three years of a lot of knee pain I’m back on
the Paseos again and feeling like I’m a new younger person again so thank you
Dr. Polucki

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