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everybody welcome welcome welcome to
tasty mukbang tasting my bang tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty my bang
doing her thing you guys I have a special announcement this is tasty
McBaine eats and I am announcing my first official Houston meeting greet for
local youtubers in Houston Texas Makkah bangers all types of youtubers if you do
YouTube you are welcome welcome welcome and even
if you’re not from Houston Texas and you’re willing to travel by all means
you are also welcome we are having our first meeting greet and our local Papas
barbecue in the area they built from the ground up the old one burnt down and
they rebuilt it in a new location from the ground up so they have recently had
their grand opening I used to eat in Papa’s barbecue all the time two and
three times a week you guys I love it it is so delicious so we are having our
first meeting greet and we’re gonna be featuring the people who are gonna be
there and the spotlight is gonna be Missy’s corner yay tasty mukbang eats
yay and the I love Lisa Michele’s show and most importantly let’s not forget
you and we may have a special bonus gift some special bonus gifts that may drive
through if they can so be there or be square so again we’re meeting at the
Papi’s BBQ Papa’s BBQ at 59 in little York and it’s gonna be on May the 25th
at 2 p.m. or until they kick us out until closing right now because they are
newly open they don’t have an official closing time it’s like oh my goodness
you hold all my fun it’s 6:00 a.m. in the morning it’s 6:00 a.m. in the morning and my
phone just went off I supposed to be in the bed so anyway you guys again it’s
gonna be at 59 and little York in Houston Texas at the Papa’s barbecue and
it’s gonna be from 2 p.m. until we get ready to leave there gonna be people
there we’re just gonna be networking we’re gonna be eating so be prepared to
purchase your own food we’re not renting a room and there’s no charge we’re just
regular customers they’re participating in the food the events collabing
possibly and talking to one another and maybe even going outside and doing some
car mukbangs with some people that may come from out of town so yes you guys so
I look forward to seeing you there if you want to DM me on Instagram or you
need additional information or you just want to let me know that you’re coming
go ahead and contact me at tasty mukbang eats on instagram so I will see you guys
there remember March or May the 25th I was about to say March 25th May the 25th
at 2 p.m. at papa’s barbecue so I will talk to you guys later
endure the rest of the video bye now Hey


  1. hi another great video i enjoyed this a lot those pork skins looks good and you did a great job thumbs up shoutout to you thanks for sharing this take care peace

  2. You're pretty😊 The chips look yummy, yummy😋 Thanks for showing me some love and am here to support you too. Hope we stay really connected❤👍

  3. I love some pork skins and hot sauces this is the only thing we actually have after the weight-loss surgery so thank God we can have something good best crunchy still lol

  4. Hey Ms. Tasty I love those sounds. This was great to watch…felt like I was eating them too.. Thank you ♥️

  5. Congratulation on your first meet and greet! So wish I lived near and could come out to support you!

  6. Hey Tasty girl I'm back sick leave trying to catch up with your videos you did your thang and i just adore your straws CONGRATULATIONS on your meet and greet i will try my best to be there Dallas ain't that far LOVE YOU TASTY

  7. Yesss they goes the crunch sound 👍🏾 I eat my pork skins with hot sauce haven’t had the in a while now💕

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