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Hello👋🏽, I have been waiting for you Our theme today is Mcdonalds chicken nuggets cake meal with McDonalds gummy fries and edible box I made all these myself for us to enjoy Let’s Tuck In! Cake chicken nuggets for you this taste incredible I made these nuggets with vanilla cake I can eat these nuggets all day but we have more goodies to try your taste of gummy fries it tastes good a bit chewy but tastes really nice I love gummies McDonald’s cookies for you that taste incredible the flavours in these are Strawberry and blueberry mix I am in love with these wow that was incredible I forgot to mention our sauces to you we have bbq and ketchup both made from sweets and everything here is edible including the packet edible packet the bbq and the gummy goes well together they are both nice and sweet I think its time we try our edible box I am nervous look at that your Macdonalds marble cake wow this cake is so so delicious my crumbs is falling no matter how many cake chickens I make they still play tricks on me because they look so real edible ketchup packet fries and ketchup for you fires and ketchup for you our ketchup has got a nice raspberry flavour I just covered our ketchup with crumbs oh dear I think I put too many crumbs on this cake I tried to make this chicken nugget in a different way it just did not turn out right this is such a messy cake our ketchup taste yummy but I want to try the tub I am going to pour out the ketchup I want to taste this fries packet do you want a taste? of course I hope you enjoyed eating this McDonalds chicken nuggets cake meal with me I know I did Thank you for giving me your best currency which is your time, I will see you soon👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

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