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Australian Chinese Tries American Snacks ♥ 13 Snacks in 5 Minutes ♥ Wengie

If someone ever tells me: ‘Sorry I’m coughing’ I usually respond with ‘Hi I’m Weezing!’ Hey guys, it’s Wengie here. Welcome back to my channel! And I’m so excited for this episode because I get to eat this whole video. I visited America about a month ago if you haven’t already seen my American haul video Travel Expectations vs Reality, I have linked them down below. For those of you guys that aren’t already subscribed please subscribe using this button and get updates of all my new videos. Enjoy my little family here. Let’s get eating! I’m really really excited! Looks like an interesting combination of pretzels and cereal. I’m eating the Brown ones. Tastes like a biscuit. I have these like square ones with holes in it kind of tastes the same – like a salty biscuit. I have like a little window looking pretzel. Mmm. I like this one, it’s a bit more fluffy. Uh.. Oh! A very seasoned square one This thing is salty! How do you eat that? I remember eating this in primary school. We had like barbecue flavor It mainly tastes like biscuit. It’s not that salty. I remember when I was a kid this used to taste like sooo strong. Now it doesn’t taste like anything, my taste buds have gotten used to the different flavor When I saw these I was so excited. I love truffle. These look like Smith’s chips. So I can taste like a burst of truffle when I first put it in my mouth and then.. tastes like a sour cream and Chives chip Oh my God, I swear to God, when we were driving around America I was obsessed with these I would be constantly like eating this ’cause I bought it from the gas station. We call it the petrol station, but they have like a kick of lime. Mmhhh… They’re so good. Oh they’re made with real cheese, I do not even taste cheese….. Mmmhhhh. Life changing. I’ve never tried a Twinkie before, It’s like so squashed. This is not a normal twinkie experience. While taker. Why is it so sweet?!?!?! I’m still going to eat more. Let’s give this a go. The same experience I have with Warheads. *laughs* Sitting in my cupboard, and I’ve been looking forward to eating it, the first time I saw that word I pronounced it chipotol (chip a tool) Which honestly is not even the way the letters are arranged. I don’t even know how that happened in my brain. Don’t know if the previous candy, just like killed my taste buds Doesn’t taste like much just a bit salty really. oh my God those things I’m eating at the service station. Thank you So they are so good. They’re so bad for you. You always see them like do this Fighting full of Flavor It’s like really mild flavor, and it tastes like you’re chewing on a plastic rope part from the fact that it looks cool Do i look cool yet? Australia needs to get onto this. You have four different types of chips in this one packet. You have flaming hot Cheetos, which is like the best invention ever. Seriously better with lime though. This is the Sun Chip it looks really much like Grain Waves Tastes the same, but good. Awwww look at this mini dorito! How cute is that. It’s all spicy. I love it. And if it’s over spicy for you, you can wash it down with a pretzel – best idea ever. I used to be obsessed with onion rings Especially the Korean types in that green packet. I was so addicted. A little bit thicker and a bit more yellow than the Asian one. It kinda tastes like chicken Twisties. Who agrees with me? It kinda tastes like honeycomb mixed with peanut butter. This stuff is really good! Always love Reese’s buttercups .I love peanut butter. if i had a favorite chocolate this one would totally rank- My God, I already sipped this once and my tongue is pink! Can’t you just like drink red dye? Literally what it looks like. I feel like that needs to be like a Snapchat Kool-aid thing where you go- If you stayed to this point, please don’t forget to give me a thumbs up to tell me that you enjoyed this video, you appreciated it and it really motivates me to make more videos. Let me know which one is your favorite snack. I just, I want to know what you eat!

100 thoughts on “Australian Chinese Tries American Snacks ♥ 13 Snacks in 5 Minutes ♥ Wengie

  1. Can you do a video where you show us a comparison from American foods to Australian foods that are similar?? I love your videos!!! 🙂

  2. Did anyone else laugh when she said 'service station/servo' and then correct herself realising that some people wouldn't know what she was on about😂

  3. no offense but you ate the recces cups wrong. You r supposed to take it out of the wrapper and eat it. Lol such an American!!

  4. I’m Australian and those foods look so weird…… (no offence Americans!). Probably because I’m used to my food!

  5. i live in Australia and those links in the description for the food are not able to ship to me :((( someone please tell me where to buy these snacks i have tried amazon Australia but its like $26 dollars for one packet of Cheetos!!

  6. wengie you are suppose to add a little bit.not the whole packet the whole packet is for a lot more water.and you suppose to add

  7. Try my country food Polish!
    We have lots of food that you dont have on australia!
    I'll give you some examples:

    – ptasie mleczko
    – knopers
    – draże
    – Princessa
    – janeczki (there are not so popular)
    – mars
    Plz do this vid!

  8. This was so interesting and funny because I'm an American and some of the things I was surprised that she had never had before like peanut butter cups

  9. I like you facial expressions when you tasted the sour candies lmao 😂

    Like👍🏻 this comment if you do too

  10. i'm american and live in CA but never heard of 2:38 rips, 2:55 good and delish,and 3:44 munchies. I can't eat peanut butter!!!!1 wengie you said that basically everything was salty. Luv you!! 🙂

  11. OK i have never had twinkles, Rips, that chipotle thing, munchies,and funyuns
    what have i done, i am going to go to the gas station now
    good bye

  12. I live in America and I have not even seen some of these but I am picky and I don’t go out of the state that often

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