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90 thoughts on “Autism and Casein from Cow’s Milk

  1. Donate to Veganuary for their #CreateAVeganToday project. Last day to donate is tomorrow.

  2. I was fed formulas…. Now wanting to adopt an infant I am puzzled what to feed it. Our doctors would never in the world recommend plant based formulas.

  3. Maybe the drug cartels will be getting into genetics to have cows produce morphine like substances they can refine. Maybe they will find a way to do it with powdered milk.

  4. Thank you so much for what you're doing. People aren't ready to see those things yet.
    When they decide to take a look themselves though, your work leaves no space for misunderstandings.
    Much gratitude Doctor!

  5. So the prevalence of autism could be explained in part by increased awareness. Also less cruciferous vegetables and more dairy in the diet?

  6. There is nothing quite so peculiar as the human ingestion of another species' milk, the logistics of it are absurd. Also, when asking the average person if they would drink a woman's breast milk they would reply with disgust, but milk from a cow is acceptable?…What a concept

  7. I watch some customers in restaurant I waitress at. I observed that they are fine. Then I observe they eat cheese or butter items. I promise you, before they leave the. They are hacking, snorting, sniffing. They really don't get it was the dairy they've just eaten. I use to do the same. You've got to want change. OMG! Wake Up People!

  8. No wonder people hate us when we try to share the information that challenges their dairy. They're addicts.
    They don't have a monkey on their back. They have a cow on their back!

  9. I think it's more of the shots and Foods that they eat. People all around the world love and drink milk. I'm from Afghanistan and their cows milk tests and smells so good(all grass fed) It tastes so different from milks here.

  10. I'm going to complain to the milk company. They must be selling defective milk. Whenever I drink milk I don't get any high or pain relief so it obviously has no morphine in it.

  11. I have autism I was 100% cows milk formula feed and thru out my childhood I eat lots of dairy. I went vegan over a year ago my autism got a lot better I also had asthma and sinus issues I was also over weight I was only 11 I have none of those issues anymore. Thank dr Gregor for this video. Am gonna go eat some broccoli now.

  12. Why aren't there more dairy-free/vegan baby formulas on the market??? It seems almost criminal to have to give milk to babies.

  13. Hoping there will be part 2, where on the ramifications of a gluten spike in the urine of those with autism is discussed. I've known about the exorphin effect of dairy for years, but the gluten aspect is News.

  14. A gluten free diet definitely helped stop my son's meltdowns. We went GF when he was 3 and his daycare was stunned. "It's like he's a different child!" He stopped throwing things and screaming, and actually started talking to the other kids for the first time. We didn't go diary free until recently, but I haven't noticed an effect yet. But if it's helping at all, that's awesome.

  15. Does this mean a child would have higher chance of being diagnosed with autism if formula fed (cow's milk based) compared to breastfed ones?

  16. Thank you Dr. Greger for your informative videos! I for one am grateful to be learning this at a relatively young age (22), not only for my own sake but for the sake of my future children.

  17. Israel is doing a clinical trial with autistic children and cannabidiol, asthma too. the results will be very promising judging by what I have seen in autistic children on YT.

  18. Thank you so much for the video! I would love to keep watching your researchs on how plant based diet can help individuals with Autism. Great work!

  19. The Natural Hygiene movement, Americans who know how to think and have figured out that what you eat has always had a huge bearing on your health and of course Raw Foodists and herbalists have all known about the dangers of dairy and animal products for hundreds of years.

    This is nothing new. I just feel sorry for the sheeple that are so indoctrinated they don't even have common sense… and can't do anything but follow the clueless yet arrogant medical profession who claim to "know it all"…who for years told us diet has NOTHING to do with your health or "diseases" as they call it. They had most of us believing we should reject anything that wasn't "scientifically proven".

    In the meantime gullible Americans ruined their health by believing the propaganda that they are omnivores and "need" protein, when their digestive tracts have ALWAYS BEEN frugivorish. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE EATING RAW FRUIT PEOPLE.

    It turns out, the medical community's so called "scientific double-blind studies" according to their own highly esteemed medical journal "The Lancet" are wrong HALF the TIME.

  20. This is a sensitive topic that is consistently handled disappointingly poorly by Greger. I have an autistic friend who likes being autistic, considers it part of his identity, and detests the idea of this being changed by medicine or diet or anything else. I suspect a lot of autistic people share this view and it is vital to acknowledge that before discussing autism from a biomedical perspective.

  21. cant believe Gregor says dont eat alfalfa sprouts,,( best source of amino acids on the planet) only 100 cases of salmonella in a whole year compared to 118,00 cases from eggs ,,, i guess durianrider was right for once,,,,, what a jerk you are gregor …

  22. I can't recall where I heard recently that cheese converts to morphine when it has been melted and browned such as on a pizza, and that's why cheese pizzas are so addictive.
    As for the autism, it'd be interesting to find out if those children with autism also received any heavy doses of antibiotics as I've heard that there are strong links between intestinal flora decimation by antibiotics which means the bodies not able to get the nutrients from the food, which means the body, and much more importantly, the brain, aren't getting any nutrients to allow proper function of the most complex biological super computer known, causing a condition they named Autism. The brain uses between 25 to 50% of the bodies blood, it circulates through bringing new nutrients that were extracted from the food and beverages we consumed. Obviously the more nutrients the more power the computer has and the more effective it is in running your entire body. If someone doesn't have stomach flora, what's cows milk going to do in a system that's not working? It's going to wreak havoc. I'd like to know if parents with autistic children recall if their child suffered badly from stomach pains accompanied by the runs often before they worsened and disappeared.

  23. Another great reason to avoid drinking milk and eating dairy products. Thanks Dr. Greger for all that you do!

  24. How do i put this – my son was more autistic when younger he was diagnosed at about 2 with "global development delay autistic traits " with no genetic condition. He's 4 half now but still younger mentally he still has traits delayed in many areas especially speach but now signs a little he was a lot lot worse until we went gluten and dairy free but suprisingly the best result we have had is a full "plant based diet" removed meat which is carsogenic anyway. He has really come on and his level of understanding is amazing and one of his habits was the washing machine just watching and spinning for ages and ages but he has now suprisingly decreased interest by about 90% since plant based. We are seeing him interested more and more in the living room area where toys are and up stairs in his bedroom playing with intercom and ipad toys etc. We are 2 months in to this plant based food intake and it's btilliant. I have filmed every aspect of my sons progress for years we have had self harm with blood, head banging and the screaming has been unbelievable every day hours and hours of it. I beleive it's the gut bacteria and the gut needs to repair and i think its the dairy passed on from the mother via the placenta as she loves cheese/dairy watch on youtube " What The Health" so true this is why we went plant based and got the results with my son. We also introduced pro biotics aswel optibac but moving over to bravo probiotics soon..It's and exciting time we have 5 children been so hard..I'm in uk that's a small incite of our struggle.

  25. Is all the current research in compliance with your hypothesis. I've been delving into Greger's world quite heavily at the moment, even downloading How Not To Die from audible and listening to it. I just wonder of the thousands of studies going on today why do you choose so many very old articles to make your point?

  26. I would like to see links to the studies being sighted please. As they flash across the screen I can't help but feel this is the age old adage of 'baffle them with bullshit'. I could be wrong, it's just a feeling I get. Thanks for the inspiration to inquire further. I plan on doing just that.

  27. These videos are answered prayers. We will be removing dairy from my Autistic son diet starting immediately. Once we master that then we remove gluten .

  28. The article is from 2003 and there has not been any further evidence for it. This is all speculation. While soy is related to male sperm reduction and female cancer. But if you believe in vegan religion rather than science go for it!

  29. Why did you delete my comment? Here it is again: Casein and Glutin can be ok for some but contribute to develop autism /other disease to others- proved. Vaccines adjuvants ( like aluminum salts which are an inorganic substances ) are safe and can never cause autism, but milk and bread can, but wait vaccines cannot…

  30. Very informational video, but the comments demonstrate what is known as " Conformational bias" , see everybody saying how milk is bad and how these studies confirm their believes about how bad is milk , but you wont find somebody saying: well similarly bread is as bad as milk. We choose to believe what best fits within our already formed believes

  31. If milk is a factor in autism, why is autism on the rise? milk has been a staple of the American diet for at least 100 years.

  32. Of all doctors offering science based advice on nutrition, you are the best Dr. Greger. You offer it for free, where some others restrain some of this crucial information behind a VISA garden wall…. That's why your reputation is getting more stellar by the day

  33. Hey Doc, what's the best (least harmful) milk I can give my 20 month old…she was breastfed for the 1st 12 months, the next 4 months was Rice milk -but the arsenic…so this last 4 months on cows… please help!!!!!! Is almond the best choice?????

  34. Okay dude you need to change the thumbnail it looks like a baby sucking on a man's wiener and it looks horrible.

  35. i don't get it. is this some kind of joke or satire? or is this really thought to be taken seriously?
    the scientific content is obviously bullshit, but on purpose???

  36. Also, constipation after ingestion of cow's milk. Constipation — common side effect of opioids. I remember vividly how it was strong to eat a lot of vegetarian pizza, consisting of milk and bread with the feeling afterwards. Something opioid. I know how it feels because I tried opioids in the past.

  37. Just a little point: I was informed some time ago that one should say "children with autism" rather than "autistic children." That applies to lots of things. We are defined as a person first; illness or whatever after. Love all your informed advice!

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