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Bad Healthy Foods | Beware!

In this video, I’ll uncover the worst healthy
foods. Hi Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Dr. Zyrowski
and welcome back to the channel. Now if you’re new to the channel, it’s a pleasure
to have you here. Be sure to subscribe, hit that bell notification
and join our notification community so I can help you excel your health and your life. In this video, we’re talking about bad healthy
foods. Now these are the foods that when growing
up I was told these are the foods you need to eat if you want to have real health. These are the foods that I saw my family members
eat because they were trying to improve their health. And now these are the same foods that we know
today are destroying your health. But there’s a lot of people today who are
still consuming them. Let’s go ahead and talk about it. First here on our list is artificial sweeteners. A lot of people are using these, this aspartame,
the equal, the sweet and low, these different artificial sweeteners that taste sweet, but
they don’t raise your blood sugar. There’s a problem. They cause irritable bowel syndrome. They cause neurological issues. It can even cause a sugar addiction problem
because you’re constantly consuming these artificial sweeteners, which makes you want
more and more, which most people are turning to sugar. So it can lead to metabolic issues. So stay away from the artificial sweeteners. There’s a lot of unknown about them, but there
also is a lot of correlated health problems that we are aware of. So stay away from them. Next is fruit juice. Okay, so a lot of people think that if you
want to be healthy, you got to have your fruit juice every day. The problem with it is that you’re actually
taking the fruit, you’re separating the sugar and the flavor, I guess you could say, from
the actual fruit itself. So you’re stripping of his fiber in at the
end, you’re drinking a very sugary, fruit-flavored water essentially. And so we want to stay away from that because
it’s high amounts of sugar and we don’t want that. If you want that sweetness, eat the fruit
itself and drink water. And so, stay away from drinking fruit juice. Don’t give it to your kids either. It’s not good. It’s going to rot their teeth out. It’s a very unhealthy thing to do to consume
fruit juice. Next is whole wheat. So a lot of people are eating whole wheat
because they think that is the healthier option. Whole wheat in most cases today is no different
than your bleached white bread simply because of the way it’s processed. And so what we want to do, if we’re looking
for a healthier bread, we want to look to something like a sourdough bread. We want to look to maybe like in a Zico sprouted
grain or something of that nature, but not your traditional cheap whole wheat bread from
the store. It’s not good for you. Next is margarine. So this is one of those big ones happened. A lot of health experts for so many years,
we’re saying use margarine because that butter is so unhealthy. So people were using this margarine, which
is essentially a chemical, an hydrogenated oil cocktail that is terrible for your health. It’s linked and correlated to heart disease. We know this now. So if you want to consume something, use good
grass-fed butter. Stay away from the margarine. Now the low fat, no fat, this is a big thing. I remember family members eating low fat,
no fat because they were trying to lose fat. How can you eat fat and lose fat at the same
time? It’s impossible, right? Well, of course we know that that’s not true,
so we have to make sure that we’re avoiding this low fat, no fat nonsense. Essentially what they did for years as a stripped
all the fat out of the food as a result of that, it tasted terrible. In order to make it taste better, they put
sugar and all those other real healthy things in there for you. Right? And so any way you could see what has happened
to the food supply, it’s just spiraled downhill. So when you’re consuming, let’s say yogurt
or cheese or dairy products, make sure that you’re getting full fat. Make sure that when you’re buying food that
you’re not buying no fat or low-fat food. The fat is good for you. It tastes good. It’s satiating. It has a lot of health benefits. Your nervous system needs it, every cell in
your body needs it. So make sure that you’re not getting the low
fat, no fat food and falling into that trap. Next is agave nectar. So this is a big one. I remember when my wife and I first started
eating healthy, we were told how it was so much better to use agave nectar over regular
sugar. So as a result, we went, we got these big
old jugs of a godly nectar. And I remember we were making puddings with
it and it was so amazing. Well, it turns out, we learned like two weeks
after the fact, like agave nectar is actually terrible for you. It’s super high in fructose. It’s hard for your liver to break down. And also, the other thing is that the agave
nectar is going to cause metabolic syndrome. So anyway, we stay away from agave nectar. This is not a health food and it is on the
shelf of almost every health food store or health food aisle into the grocery store. So, stay away from that. Next is gluten free. So, the problem with gluten free is a lot
of people trade a gluten problem for a metabolic problem. And the reason for that is because you start
getting into all these different gluten free foods and essentially, they’re full of starches
like potato starch, potato flour, cassava flour, really low-quality starches and flours. And as a result, too, in order to make them
taste better, they typically put a lot of sugar in them. So, you want to stay away from gluten free
foods in general. Now of course like understanding the concepts
around that is important. So, we’re staying away from the starches and
all these different flours that they use. Next is the vegetable oils. Now vegetable oils of course is important
to stay away from because they’re hydrogenated there. Most cases coming from GMO crops. They are highly sprayed with toxins like glyphosate,
the active ingredient in roundup. And they are highly inflammatory in highly
likely to cause health problems. So, stay away from vegetable oils, use better
quality oils – coconut oil, avocado oil, think the olive oil. All right, and use that. Next is factory farm meats. Okay, this one’s a little bit scary so we
want to make sure we’re staying away from factory farm fish but also the factory farm
meats because in these factory farms essentially, they have these animals and close quarters,
they’re all getting sick, they’re pumping them full of antibiotics and all these different
hormones and antibiotics and pharmaceuticals that they’re putting into these animals essentially
all comes to you when you eat the meat. And so, we have to stay away from that. It’s estimated that they use 30 million
pounds of antibiotics in animals last year. So be aware of that and just stay away from
these factory-farmed meats. And then last on our list is soy protein. So a lot of people go and use soy protein
because it’s more of a vegetable based protein. Big problems there. First of all, the soy is typically GMO, once
again, highly sprayed with glyphosate. And then lastly, soy has been known to mimic
estrogen in the body, so it causes estrogen dominance and also decreases testosterone
in men. So, when we start thinking about consuming
healthier foods, stay away from the soy protein bars and the soy shakes. Now one of the things that you can do is fermented
soy. I’m okay with fermented soy. It is a better option when it comes to soy,
but don’t just get your typical soy proteins because they are very unhealthy for you. So, these are the top bad, healthy foods that
you need to really know. And what I’ll do is put a link to a video
where I show how to actually eat some good healthy whole foods. I’ll go ahead and put that right here. So, check that video out if you haven’t seen
that yet, that’s important for your health. And be sure to share this video with your
friends so that they stop eating these bad healthy foods. Be sure to share it with them. Give this video a thumbs up, and if you haven’t
done so yet, subscribe to my channel. I’d greatly appreciate it. And check out my other videos on how you can
improve your health. I’ll see you in the next video.

48 thoughts on “Bad Healthy Foods | Beware!

  1. Drinking Crystal Light (aspartame) for about a week made me depressed and it took me awhile to figure out why I was feeling that way and why my family had other symptoms. It's garbage!

  2. Nothing is good for you anymore, even our polluted Water 💦, wow what a world 🌎 we live in today!! The other thing is try to shop in a grocery store today and stay away from all this stuff in our food! And try it again being poor, like the majority of us!!

  3. What about just plain agave.. it's in these rightously maca and goji chocale bars .. 5.99 a bar problem is there's 30 grams of sugar and like 3 grams of fiber

  4. have you made a video about counting chalories? bad or good ? because some researchs say that basically you need to eat less chalories in order to lose weight and that it doesnt matter what you eat ,but i think this cant be true i would want to see a video about that and what you think on this matter

  5. margarine and low fat things are getting me so angry because even today there are people who think that oil is bad and they dont put olive oil to their salads because they are on "diet"

  6. Another awesome video Dr Nick! I made my 7 year old son sit down with me and watch it. (which is one of the most impossible things to do, any advice on that 😅)

  7. Im tired of hearing about factory meat..especially beef. In what world do you see a beef animal raised in a stall and fed corn. Give me a break. For one it would be expensive as hell to keep an animal in a feed lot for its entire life. Secondly the meat would have no body. Like wagu for instance and that sure is an execution. All beef feed on field grasses until such a time as they are rounded up and spend a short time in a feed lot for "finishing". Unfortunately "city slickers" have no idea. So they take in the latest horror story and spread it like peanut butter.

  8. Actually beef finishing is very similar to venison where in the fall they tend to eat crops for a month to six weeks. That also finishes the venison. You have more tender and somewhat more fatty venison.

  9. Would appreciate a reply about the rye bread. I am 62 and being a "breadeater" for most of my life. I live in Thailand now. End of this year it will be 16 years. So I have been eating rice also for the last 15 years. You might consider making a video about bread or alternatives. Trying to adjust to a ketogenic lifestyle it is not easy to "not touch the bread"

  10. Hello Dr Zyrowski, I am taking an Organic inuline powder (from Blue Agave) as a prebiotic along with my probiotic. Would that have an effect on (insuline) my fasting? Also wondering what is your recommendation on Monk fruit sugar, yes or no? Thank you in advance! 🙏🏻

  11. so you're saying believe you now not like I did thirty years ago? sugar was great in 1975 and fat was killer said doc but I lived on farm and used hogs and wild game and ate from garden, when I was a boy doctors told my mom and dad that cigarette s calm their nerves, both had cancer by age forty so why should I trust doctors now? I know you're well intentioned but know what I mean???? thanks for video oh and yes I have spring on farm for drinking water

  12. Please could u give your views on taking Lecethin capsule supplements derived from Soya. I have be n using for many years for depression. Works very well. I don’t eat or like soya though. Worried now that it is not a good approach perhaps ?

  13. When I got breast cancer, I asked my young oncologist what she thought about the soy link to breast cancer and it interfering with estrogen. She said there were not substantial evidence linked to soy. As part of my treatment, I was in a group of women who were in all different stages of breast cancer. A nutritionist connected to the hospital gave a talk about soy and if it had any connections. She, as well, stated the same thing.

    With that said, I still avoid it. Better to be safe than sorry. It's easy for me to not consume soy.

  14. This is the type of videos that we need! We don't need to hear that processed meats are bad time and time again!

  15. Since i am young my mom cook with pure coconut oil,and sometime moist my hair and my skin with coconut oil,the result great for hair and skin.i love coconut oil❤❤❤

  16. Doesn't really explain what and how it makes the food bad. I only hear the same words that "health blogs" always say. Instead of saying "chemicals that are terrible", expound it to layman's term.

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