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BASICS – CHiKPRO™ Chicken Isolate Protein Powder

(upbeat music) – Let’s talk about Driven
Nutrition’s Chicken Isolate. Chicken Isolate is just that, literally, isolated chicken protein. It’s a completely 100% sterile product that can be added to any foods. Since this is a powdered chicken, you’re gonna find that it’s
not gonna be as palatable as a lot of the other
proteins that we offer. It doesn’t have the flavor,
and profile, or anything else. So how do you take it? We recommend adding it to foods. It’s an incredible food hack. Since it has almost double the
essential amino acid content of even a whey isolate protein, this is such a vital product
to integrate into your diet because it’s basically
concentrated protein. So taking chicken isolate
and adding it to your diet is an amazing hack because you can add 5, 10, 20,
or even 30 grams of protein to a meal without increasing
the overall volume of that meal Hopefully this is given
you a better idea about Driven Nutrition’s Chicken Isolate. However, if you have additional questions or thoughts regarding the product head over to DrivenNutrition.net or click the message us link below and we’ll be happy to fill
those questions for you.

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