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Basundi Recipe – Rabri Recipe — Indian Vegetarian Dessert in Hindi with English Subtitles

Namaste, I’m Lata Jain, Welcome to Lata’s Kitchen Basundi is a very tasty Indian dessert mostly prepared in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Today I’m going to make basundi, lets see the ingredients required for making it. For this, we’ll need, Here 1 Cup=250ml Full Cream Milk – 1 L Milk Powder – 1/2 cup Sugar – 2 tbsp Almonds – 20, cut lengthwise Pistachio – 30, sliced Cashew nuts – 20, chopped Cardamom Powder – 1/4 tsp Saffron – 25 to 30 threads, soaked in 1tbsp warm milk Lets start making basundi Take a heavy bottom kadhai / wok, add milk to it Turn on the gas Let it boil once Now lower the heat Add cashew nuts Add almonds Add half of the pistachio Stir it and don’t let the milk burn in the bottom of kadhai Cook on low heat till it gets reduced to half It is looking very creamy now Add cardamom powder It is also known as Rabri in North India, we can also call it Dry Fruit Kheer It is about half in the volume, now add saffron Mix well Add milk powder Mix well Cook it for another 10 minutes Keep gas on low It is looking very nice in colour Its been 10 minutes, now add sugar Mix well Turn off the gas Its looking very nice in texture Its ready, now let it cool to room temperature Now take it off into a bowl Garnish with leftover pistachio Refrigerate it for sometime and serve chilled. Basundi is ready, It is looking very nice in colour and texture You can serve it as a dessert in lunch or dinner You can prepare it for festivals or during fasts / vrats Thanks for watching Basundi.

100 thoughts on “Basundi Recipe – Rabri Recipe — Indian Vegetarian Dessert in Hindi with English Subtitles

  1. Mam full cream dud kya normal milk hi hota hai kya………
    Yaa koie alag say milta hai cream ka dud…… plzzz rly mam.
    Muje aap ki recipee bohot achi lagi hai…..

  2. Delicious…. Ma'am can you tell me is this a non stick kadhai or some other type.. Also if possible which brand's kadhai you are using for this recipe???

  3. Thanks aunty hum tamilnadu se hain hum aur Hamare friends ne aapki recipe try kia tha bahut achchi hai

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