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Bell’s Palsy Awareness Challange By She Living | Okra & Corn Healthy Eating Mukbang

hi everybody Oh welcome welcome welcome
to tasty McBaine tasty McLain tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty mukbang eats
y’all how are y’all doing today I guess y’all can see me I don’t know cuz I
can’t see y’all know I’m blind in one eye and I can’t see out of the other I
am here today to do the bell palsy challenge by she living hi girl hi
challenge I have my okra and my corn with my sweet peppers on dick
you guys y’all know I am supposed to be doing a 30 day okay challenge got a
little sidetracked about to get back on track you uh so I want to say my grace
in let’s get started cuz I’m starving father God I thank you for this food
that I’m about to receive I thank you for your love your kindness your mercy
and your grace all your provisions on our life dear lord I thank you for
protecting us against all hurt harm and danger and precious Heavenly Father I
ask you to bless she living dear lord I ask you to touch her body precious
heavenly father right now I asked you to heal her from head to toe I ask you to
restore her health back to what it was before and precious heavenly father I
know that you can do this and all things and I believe in your name in the blood
of your son Jesus to heal her body right now
amen hallelujah thank you Jesus so yeah I am hungry hmm ain’t got time
to talk so I want to give a shout out to she’s living she’s kind of like new to you too I actually I watched several of her videos before be love-life mention her on her
channel and my prayers are with her I asked y’all to join us in prayer for
her she has been stricken with Bill palsy and so she’s fighting that battle
y’all so y’all go encourage her motivate her and pray for her also you guys I
want to encourage you that all the different videos that you guys see me making about healthy eating and the nutritional
benefits of certain foods I want you to jump on the bandwagon in you guys don’t
know that the foods that we eat a nutrition the nutrition that we put in
our body or not putting in our bodies will have a lot to do with different things that we’re
experiencing there is so much stuff in our food that we eat in the foods that
we’ve adopted it as food that are not even foods cereals chips candies cookies
ice cream soda no nutritional value and that’s the only thing some of us eat
everything that’s out of a box your body is a living organism and your
body requiring certain things to continue to
function naturally the way it was created to do we don’t put any of those things that are required for our living
organism to continue to live and function properly and we go on to all
kind of issues job high blood pressure diabetes every kind
of cancer there are several big things that we can
do that are small things but major the results are major I had a video to come
out today talking about the benefits of drinking distilled water over any other
water if you guys are suffering from any ailments in your body switch to the steel water only for a
month and you be you let me know if just switching over to the steel water how
it’s gonna help you a lot of things that we have accepted
putting into our bodies have foreign substances in them that our bodies we’re
not designed to deal with you’re putting a foreign substance in your body that’s
our body don’t recognize and it’s not even clip to expand off from you’re by
yourself how does it get rid of it what if it don’t what if it just staying in
and make you sick y’all so I’m gonna suggest the first and easiest thing to
me for you to do is to change your water you’re drinking water and drink
distilled water only and the second thing is it’s gonna be hard for some
people because you tear you out when you get used to a certain routine even
though it’s something simple you don’t want to change and which I
don’t realize is because that plastic leeches into your food from your water
to your sodas plastic gets into the food and it’s another form and substance it’s
your body it’s not equipped to filter out so number one the goal is going to
be to change to the steel water number two start drinking all of your water and
beverages out of glass containers I went by several Glen’s continues some
Walmart today you could even save your glass jars you could even save your glass jar to your glass jars for your spaghetti and
stuff like that cleaning my real good and store your
water in you guys if you don’t know I have decided to start promoting and
closely eating over here start advising you guys of the benefits of the food
that you eat or the food that you should be eating so that way you’re making
active decisions to put nutrition in your body body and fuel your body with
the foods that are going to help your living organism to function properly if
you guys don’t know I was blinded in my left eye since I was 12 years old so I
have no sight in my eye at all um and the doctors want to remove this left eye
I just found it out a few weeks ago but they want to remove this left eye
there’s something that I’ve been struggling with and battling with on
whether or not I want to allow them to do that but in the meantime y’all
continue to keep me in your prayers because my eye hurts every single day of
my life but also I just want to encourage you guys to do what you need
to do don’t wait til you get sick don’t wait till you hear ill to be
concerned I’m trying to give me something to drink
I had my green drink over here y’all I just made it and it wasn’t cold so let
me show you how would I do it I’m always rigging something how about to do this
without wasting it I wanted my water to get cold but I
didn’t want the ice to melt inside the water because the water that I used to
make the green drink with is distilled and the ice this water that I couldn’t
hear to turn to ice is just water out the faucet I don’t want to end up
drinking that water because it’s contaminated so I just put the ice in
there and let it get cold let me see if I can pour this in here so this is my
hoarsely water or cilantro I’m not sure what I use today if I use cilantro or
parsley water but this is my green drink you guys and this takes your water to
the next level just flushes impurities out of your body so if you have any
issues that you’ve been dealing with number one try to start drinking to
steal water number two do a green drink cleanse when you’re actively flushing
impurities out of your body and you’re replacing nutrition into your body um steak raffle and everything that you
doing say that’s my next tip and just start trying to eat healthy you guys
start getting away from foods that you know or not healthy for you chips candy
cookies all of this stuff it’s not good for your body it’s not providing any
nutrition for your body it’s not fueling your body it’s your life your body is a
living organism and it needs certain foods to function properly and those
foods are not enabling your body to function properly properly over time you
giving your body those constant foods that are not helping your body function
properly and then you’re never giving it the things that I need to fuel it over
time you’re gonna get sick so if you want some encouragement over here you
want to see somebody that’s eating healthy for the most part oh I think
tomorrow I’m going to cook for dinner a kale salad with salmon a salmon kale
salad so I think that’s gonna be for dinner I have a barbecue McBaine that my
subscribers want me to do and it’s coming up probably Friday Saturday or
Sunday one of them days after that job I’m glad I’m back on my heel kick okay
I’m back on my heel kick I’m back exercising climbing up and down my
stairs drinking my half a gallon of green drink water a day and even a lemon
water and making my vegetable smoothie with my garlic and my ginger in it every
morning so you guys we got impurities in our bodies
they’ve been there for years we got to do something to get him out you got to
do a cleanse you got to do a flash you got to put nutrition in your body to
fight those things things they’re gonna they’re gonna help expel those
impurities out of your body ginger is a good good good good natural herb that
helps expels impurities out of your body garlic is a good natural herb that helps
expel impurities out of your body kale is a superfood kale is a superfood along
with the distilled water and a green drink man I bet you you’ll be feeling
brand new again cuz you’re gonna flush you’re gonna be flushing those things
out of your body you guys don’t let nobody sell you on everything is about I
don’t know just don’t let nobody sell you on that you’re not what you eat yes
if you watch my video front today go back and watch the video if you haven’t
already 60% 60 to 70 percent of our body
contains water we consist of water so if you’re putting water in your body that
has contaminants in it and your body is seventy percent 60 to 70 percent water
then you’re the majority of things that you’re putting in your body or
impurities because the water is not pure so the first thing you want to do the
first line of defense is to make sure that your water is the purest form of
clean water that you could put into your body because you don’t want to be
putting the majority of what your body needs into your body and it has all
kinds of contaminants in it so let’s make sure our water is good clean and
safe and the best way to do that is by having distilled water I am going to
purchase me a distiller you guys and once I do that I will share that with
you I was talking to some of my YouTube friends and some of them already have a
distiller and swear by the distilled water and they’ve been drinking
distilled water and only drink distill my friend diamond diva share with me the
other day that’s all she drinks is distilled water so you guys if you’re
having any health issues try switching to distilled water and see if that helps
you with anything also try these are very easy things try
taking plastic bottle water out of your diet and anything out of plastic out of
your diet all to gather see if that helps you because it could be some
poisons that are seeping in from the plastics that are causing you to be sick
so let’s just do the process of elimination because 9 times out of 10 is
something that you’re eating or consuming or doing in your life that is
actually making you sick so let’s eliminate these very simple things and
see if you know we can remit a problem just by eliminating things in our lives
that could possibly be making us sick that’s the first line of defense I’m not
saying that’s gonna solve all your problems but let’s start there ok
thank you so much for watching today let me see I don’t have my glasses so I
cannot see how many people is in the house with me who in the house with me I
got two people in the life right now who carry buddy not up I got another life
going on so they decided to stay over there instead of here see guys what I
want you to do is let you know that we have a nightly live chat on several of
my other channels we have a nightly live chat on he answers prayers we have a
nightly live chat on Vanessa my life my journey we chat over there we also are
working on the watch time on a tits or tingling so right now if you guys want
to continue to chat with us alive tonight come on over to he answers
prayers this answers with the S on the end and prayers with an S on the end and
we’re about to go live over there and have our nightly prayer so thank you
guys for tuning in with me tonight I know it’s late like 2:00 in the morning
y’all 3:00 in the morning y’all know I’ll be coming to y’all
really so I want to talk to you guys later thank you for tuning me and I feel
kinda honest did it make me look at you yeah okay if I’m looking at she
I know y’all see him what is wrong with her scheme Oh Lord I just seen him to do
that yeah I got some epson salt lotion on my face I didn’t realize it left some
residue okay I’m seeing in that it leaves a residue okay so I will put that
on my face no mo cuz his epson salt so is I guess the leaves a residue I put it
on my face I won’t do that no more so we’re going over to he answers prayers
wouldn’t go ahead and start that live now so that you guys that want to come
over can come over to he answers prayers I’m gonna take this patch off of my eye
because actually I thought it would be a good idea to wear a patch but I might
need to win it okay because that’s hmm I forgot I have salt on my hand yeah
that’s pressing up against my eye and I actually have stitches in my are you
guys and it actually makes it hurt worse so I can’t wear this kind of patch on my
ID away that I had it cuz it actually makes it hurt hurt worse so I’m gonna
start my long he answers prayers Oh Kerry you guys so if y’all wanna chat
with us tonight come on over to he answers prayers thank y’all for 7:00
thumbs up I know it’s not that many up we need people up with me tonight but I
do appreciate you guys joining me so we are live now over on he answers prayers
yeah I’m gonna come over with us chitchat with us never mind my face
y’all I need to go to the tower and wipe this off because I put Epsom salt on my
face and it’s not cute okay I’ll talk to you later bye

42 thoughts on “Bell’s Palsy Awareness Challange By She Living | Okra & Corn Healthy Eating Mukbang

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