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benefits of eating cabbage | 11 Reasons To Eat Purple Cabbage | Purple Cabbage Nutrition

11 reasons to eat purple cabbage. Violet cabbage contains abundant vitamins
and minerals necessary for body health. I will introduce about this purple cabbage which
raises resistance and detoxifies the body. Purple cabbage is also called red cabbage
etc. It is a vegetable that often appears in winter. It is said to be cultivated from
the Mediterranean region’s native vegetables since 2500 BC. In purple cabbage and ordinary cabbage, the
content of anthocyanin is different. Anthocyanins are one of the pigments of flavonoids. Violet
cabbage contains abundant antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E. Then, I would like to introduce what good
things are in the body when eating purple cabbage. 1, good for eye health: Purple cabbage improves eye health . This
is because zeaxanthin and lutein contained in purple cabbage protects eyes from sunlight
and prevents ultraviolet rays reaching the retina. 2, promote digestion:
It is already widely known that purple cabbage is good for digestion. Purple cabbage helps
the body to make bile. By making bile enough, it prevents problems such as indigestion and
constipation. Moisture emitted from purple cabbage is said
to be effective for ulcers . Especially it is very effective for peptic ulcers. 3, Healthy heart: As one of the reasons to incorporate purple
cabbage, purple cabbage can help to produce erythrocytes . In addition, it eliminates
toxins in the body. This makes the function of the circulation system better. Just eating 220 ml of purple cabbage, it is
possible to incorporate 216 mg of potassium into the body. This can alleviate stress to
the heart. It also encourages the contraction that occurs when the heart beats. 4, lower bad cholesterol level:
Another effect of purple cabbage is to lower bad cholesterol level and uric acid. This
is the effect of sulfur that is rich in purple cabbage. The reasons why the values ??of bad cholesterol
and uric acid are lowered are as follows. Dietary fiber contained in purple cabbage
suppresses absorption of bad cholesterol contained in other foods.
Since the number of apolipoproteins in the liver is suppressed, the migration of cholesterol
also decreases. Antioxidants contained in purple cabbage decompose
adipose tissue and turn it into energy. 5, Fight cancer:
It is said that the number and kinds of antioxidants that can be taken in by eating purple cabbage
is very large. This antioxidant is very important for fighting free radicals in the body . This
free radical is one of the causes of cancer. In addition, purple cabbage helps to suppress
the growth of cancer cells. 6, Increase resistance: The abundant vitamin C contained in purple
cabbage helps to increase the resistance of the body. Furthermore, antioxidants promote body detoxification.
Antioxidants also have the effect of curing wounds. 7, anti-aging:
Moisture from purple cabbage contains rich antioxidants and phytochemicals . Among these,
vitamins C, E, and A are included. These nutrients keep your skin fresh, making it smooth and
elastic with natural gloss. Also the advantage of eating purple cabbage
is that the purple cabbage also promotes the formation of collagen. Collagen makes a block
connecting the tissues of the body. Collagen keeps the skin and muscle healthy. 8, analgesic action:
Purple cabbage is effective for kidney, arthritis, rheumatic pains. This analgesic effect also
works well for chest pain and inflammation during lactation. Purple cabbage has the property of suppressing
pain, and it also cleans the blood inside the body. The property of suppressing this pain is the
effect of the bittern substance called lactic picrin , and this chemical substance helps
to resolve insomnia. Lacucco picrin works well for symptoms commonly found in pertussis,
such as analgesics, cough discontinuities. Please warm purple cabbage leaves with iron.
It is effective if you direct the heated cabbage leaf directly to the painful part or the part
where inflammation is occurring. 9, anti-malarial action:
Malaria is a parasitic disease in the tropics. This disease shifts from mosquitoes, congenital
propagation , and blood transfusions. Because this disease affects red blood cells. anemia,
cold, nausea,
headache, Epilepsy,
A coma state, It may cause it. To treat malaria, a doctor’s examination is
absolutely necessary. But by eating the purple cabbage, you can be the treatment of the support
received by the hospital. Purple cabbage lactic picrin helps to reduce the symptoms. 10, suppress blood glucose levels: Because purple cabbage contains insulin, it
helps to reduce the blood sugar level . In addition, purple cabbage has low calorie
and a small amount of carbohydrates contained, so you can get a feeling of fullness without
increasing your weight. Come and try putting purple cabbage in salads,
smoothies, etc. It will reduce hunger, so you can reduce snacks. 11, strengthen the bones:
Because cabbage contains abundant vitamin K, it is widely known that it strengthens
bones. This is also thanks to the substance osteocalcin
contained in cabbage. It is said that this protein is in the matrix of bone, vitamin
K is required for its maturation. Please incorporate purple cabbage into your
diet and get more health.

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  1. Thanks for the healthful information. The video was very enlightening. I have always enjoyed cabbage but prefer it raw. I incorporate cabbage in my salad, but now I will also juice the red cabbage with apples or blueberries or both.

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