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Benefits of red rice | 5 Benefits of Red Rice (one of them is to decrease appetite)

5 Benefits of Red Rice (one of them is to
decrease appetite). Red rice originates in China and its main
benefit is to help reduce cholesterol. The reddish color is due to its high content of
antioxidant anthocyanin, which is also present in red or purple fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is an integral grain with
high nutritional value, being rich in nutrients such as iron and fiber. Red rice is also easy
to prepare, and can be cooked in the same way as white rice. Here are 5 benefits of red rice. 1. Reduce cholesterol. The red rice undergoes a natural fermentation
process that produces a substance called monacolin, responsible for the effect that rice has to
reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. In addition, the fibers present in this integral
grain also help reduce absorption of fat in the intestine and to better control cholesterol
levels. 2. Reduce hunger and improve bowel. Being rich in fiber, red rice gives a feeling
of satiety after the meal, leaving the hungry away for longer. In addition, the fibers also
help control blood sugar and improve bowel function, preventing problems such as constipation
and diarrhea. 3. Prevent anemia. Red rice is rich in iron, an essential mineral
for the adequate transport of oxygen in the blood and to prevent and combat anemia. In
addition, it also has vitamin B6, which regulates mood, sleep and appetite. 4. Prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In addition to helping to reduce cholesterol,
red rice also helps prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer because of its high content
of antioxidants, substances that protect the blood vessels from the formation of atheroma
plaques and, consequently, protects the body from problems such as heart attack and stroke. In addition, it also promotes proper cell
renewal by stimulating the immune system to fight against potentially cancerous cells. 5. Help to lose weight. Red rice helps to lose weight by being rich
in fiber, nutrients that reduce hunger and increase the feeling of satiety for longer.
In addition, the fibers help prevent blood sugar spikes, which reduces fat production. Nutritional information. The following table shows the nutritional
composition for 100 gram of red rice. Energy 405 kcal;
Carbohydrate86 7 gram; Protein 7 gram;
Fat 4.9 gram; Fiber 2.7 gram;
Iron 5.5 mg; Zinc 3.3 mg;
Potassium 256 mg; Sodium 6 mg. It is important to remember that the benefits
of red rice are obtained especially when associated with a balanced diet and regular practice
of physical activity. How To Make Red Rice. The basic recipe for red rice is made as follows: Ingredients; 1 cup red rice ;
1 tablespoon olive oil; ½ onion, chopped;
2 cloves garlic ; salt to taste ;
2 ½ cups water. Method of preparation. Put the water to a boil. Sauté the garlic
and onion in the olive oil, and when the onion is transparent, add the red rice. Sauté a
little more, add boiling water, salt and cook for 35 to 40 minutes over low heat.

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