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64 thoughts on “Best And Worst Diets Of 2019, Including Keto And DASH | TODAY

  1. What a load of confusion this was. GHK is owned by the Hearst Corporation. Their big advertisers include Proctor and Gamble. They are heavily influenced by Big Food & Pharma. They serve their advertisers, not your health. Buyer beware.

  2. very informative , very nice……diet is most important part of our day and if we follow instructions this will help us lot.

  3. Wow. What a load of garbage. At least she didn't say that veganism is good because it's actually the exact opposite. Some of that made absolutely no sense and you better stop with the canola and corn oil immediately. This is an outrage

  4. The DASH diet is worthless. I’ve never had a patient get healthier on it. The Keto diet, however, has helped hundreds of my patients improve their obesity, diabetes, and many other chronic conditions…

  5. First off diets don't work!lifestyle changes do.11 years ago I gave up gluten,sugar,meat,dairy,I'm allergic to nuts and soy so those were a given..veggies,veggies,veggies,limited fruits and exercise,I lowered my bad and good cholesterol my Dr.was amazed and told me to keep doing what I'm doing.I walk daily,I do eat salmon as well baked or grilled..it's not for everyone but sugar,gluten is the worst!!hidden sugars are everywhere read labels..I've never had a issue with eating out fast food and restaurant are very accommodating..keto is bad for kidneys and liver..if diets worked their wouldn't be so many out there New and improved this and that!!!!

  6. Duke University recommends the keto diet. Watch The Magic Pill on Netflix. Keto has been around a while. Actually, Tim Tebow has been on it for over 7 years.

  7. It seems like they are trying everything push the vegetarian/vegan agenda and demonize meat. The goal is to keep people sick and make money by keeping them in the hospital

  8. There is tons of research regarding Keto!!! Check out what Duke university’s Dr Westman. She is teaching old school beliefs. She needs to do more research on Keto!

  9. Ignorant Dietitian. But if you think that whole grains are important your not going to look at any diet that excludes what you think is important. Stop reading Good Housekeeping already. It's promoting BIG FOOD interests not your's.

  10. Big Pharma and Big Food industry fears the Keto diet. If everyone went on the keto diet, both would lose so much money it would be mind boggling. Do keto and reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and skin issues to mention only a few. Not to mention on keto you never get hungry and weight falls off like magic. My wife's A1C dropped from 9.9 to 5.3 and she's now off her meds just from going low carb (not even full keto) Why don't doctors tell their patients about this? Money?

    People have been on Keto for decades. It's very sustainable and you can do it for life and continue to reap the health and nutritional benefits with the knowledge you will be eating the healthiest way possible.

    Here's how keto has helped me:
    1. Lost 50lbs in 4.5 months
    2. Sleep is so good now
    3. No longer wake up to pee 3-8 times a night (perhaps once or twice, but usually none).
    4. The rashes and dry skin I had on my face are now gone
    5. Blood pressure is 108/68
    6. Average glucose is 92
    7. All blood tests are good and my doc is happy
    8. My pants are falling down

    Carbs are not necessary to eat at all – you DON'T need them! Your body will make glucose from fat as it needs it. I consume less than 10g of carbs a day and I feel the best I've ever felt. I find it very easy and not limiting at all. I'll never go back to burning sugar again. Eat fat, lose fat!

  11. I no longer take three diabetes medication I was able to lose 65 pounds and change my health for the first time in my life. Keto doesn't buy in to the nonsense nutrients clearly being repeated over by these nutritionist types. When there documented cases where people have even reversed fatty livers on keto.

  12. Good Housekeeping….fire her lol is she kidding? I understand Keto might not be for everyone, everyone’s body is different, also a lot of people don’t research it enough and do it wrong and then get sick from it. There’s too many people benefitting from it and getting off their meds so when any “nutritionist” type people discount it I know they haven’t researched it enough and have no clue what they are talking about, or their pockets are being lined. Seeing all the comments here it’s obvious Keto does work and this woman is talking out of her a**, she needs to get out of her bubble and see the reality of how healing this is. It saved mine and my husbands life he’s off thyroid meds and no longer prediabetic and my hormones are balanced and I have fatty liver no more. We are on it for life so we aren’t on meds for life and that would be a short life if we didn’t change and ditch the canola oils, breads, pasta, and sugar. Too much scientific info out there people, do your research

  13. She is obviously a vegetarian or real close. She needs to read more about Keto typical sees the word fat and freaks out. Whole grains, Corn oil, canola oil. Really?

  14. Canola oil, corn oil…😑
    How can you group all cleanses together???
    Keto- do not have to rely on supplements, do you know the difference in net carbs and carbs, how can you conclude nutrients decreased because its high fat??

  15. I was a Army Physical training instructor. I can tell you that diets of any sort do not and will never work. The only way to lose weight is to eat more but smaller meals threw out the day and intense exercise for shorter periods of time and more regular. The body will naturally adjust. Any longer periods of exercise becomes stamina training. Walk more and more but at a quicker pace than usual. Use your stairs at home . No more than 40 minutes per day of exercise. You don't need any more. Go to bed earlier and get a good nights sleep the body burns natural fats as it sleeps. Simple, it's not complicated. See the difference after 2 weeks. Nothing hard or complicated about it. Good luck.

  16. Go by the guidelines and you are sure to keep going to the doctor!!!! Absolutely HORRIBLE advice and clearly not looking at real data that is out there!!!

  17. They say with Keto you don't get enough of the micronutrients… but thats why you have loads of salad/vegetables! These people are getting paid by someone smoking cigars in an office high up. .

  18. Lol this lady doesn't really know what she's talking about.

    If she knew more about keto she'd know that we eat lots of greens which include potassium, and meat contains magnesium and dairy contains calcium.

  19. I don't think you need a dietary supplement on the keto diet. You can still get all the nutrients you need from the vegetables & fruits you can consume. There are still plenty of options available. Once just has to be creative with meal planning & cooking. They have 100s of recipes available. Outside of taking a multivitamin I think the keto is fine without any additional dietary supplements!

  20. WTF are u talking about Keto; dig in and do more research before you say anything about Keto.

    Just another typical, conventional nutritionist.

  21. I recently started.the keto diet and already feel better energy wise and less bloated. I don't like how i feel when i eat carbs. Whether whole grain or wheat. Since i started the keto diet my sugar craving have diminish about 70% and i have not eaten anything with sugar at all, which for me is amazing since i have not beem able to say no to sweets in years. So far i am loving the keto diet and the food is delicious!

  22. ughhh, i understand where shes coming from, but her claims on keto are just way off. all those supplements she talks about are supposed to be part of the diet. ppl misinterpret keto, u should be having good veggies at just about every meal, and switch up ur fat and protein sources… all these diets arent all that dissimilar tbh

  23. how about just eat pure foods. pure healthy carbs whole grains pure healthy meats fish and veggies pure sweets dark chocolate etc

  24. For those who is still trying to burn their fat with tablets, crazy diets and hard exercises. That amazing woman has shown me how to burn fat fast still eating my favourite morning donuts. Watch that short video here to know how!

  25. The best diet will never be told by media, why? Because it would just benefit local farmers and put an end to mass scale rubbish we have been fed by big corporations. The best diet is muscle meat and organs from cows, pigs, etc, fish, sea food, organic eggs, unpasteurized milk, grass fed butter, unpsteurized cheese. A few fruits here and there. That's basically it. No grains, no gluten, no greens, no roots, no processed foods, no coffee, no spices, no tea, no legumes.

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