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Best Diet For Gut Inflammation

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back. We’re talking gut inflammation today. Things that cause it, what it is, what to
do, what not to do. What would be the best diet for gut inflammation? We talked about the best foods for gut inflammation
in a previous video. We also spoke about the foods not to eat if
you’ve got this condition, or suspect you’ve got it. But what about the diet? What encompasses a great diet for gut inflammation? The best diet for gut inflammation is a healthy,
natural diet. So, I’m not sure what your level of nutritional
knowledge, or what your diet’s like presently now that you’re watching this video. Some people watching this may be eating very
well already and have reduced their inflammation. Some people watching this could be watching
this with a burger in one hand and a Coke in the other for all I know. The best diet approach is one that encompasses
natural foods, healthy foods. Fresh foods. Foods that spoil quickly or go off. Foods that are not like something in a packet,
you could put on a shelf for three or four weeks. It may necessitate a big paradigm shift for
you to move into this kind of dietary approach. It’ll mean changing the way you eat. Changing the way you cook. Changing the way you shop. A lot of changes all need to be made. But here’s the thing: you can definitely do
it, but take your time and do it slowly over a period of time. Don’t go from a crappy diet into an amazingly
healthy diet within a week, because you’re going to get sick. You’re better off doing it slowly over a period
of about two to three months, slowly moving into cleaner, healthier ways of eating. And a great way to start doing that … the
first thing I recommend you do is to stop buying takeaway food. Make more time to prepare meals at home. Shop at farmers markets. Shop at really good places where you’ve got
fresh produce and get to know people who grow the produce. You’ll be surprised around you who grows stuff
and where you can get stuff from. At least you know then how the food’s grown,
if there’s any sprays or pesticides on it, if it’s GMO or non-GMO kind of thing. So there are plenty of good health food shops
around. I’ve just visited one yesterday here in Auckland,
a fantastic and big health food shop with an amazing amount of produce. Every time I go into the States, whether it’s
LA or San Francisco or wherever, there’s always big health food shops where you can visit
with an amazing amount of good, healthy food. There’s no excuses. If you want to eat healthy, you can eat healthy,
you just have to make it a priority to eat healthy. The ball’s in your court. It really depends on what state of health
you want to get, regardless of age. Unless you make that effort, make that reduction
in crap first and then slow introduction. It’s not gonna work for you. How do you start eating healthy? What I would recommend that you do to begin
with, depending on your level of dietistic health is first thing to do is to increase,
slowly, the amounts of fruit that you add to your diet, like this beautiful pineapple,
for example. This very nice pineapple. One slice of pineapple per day. Most people love that. When you start incorporating healthy foods
in your diet, you automatically start reducing the crappy foods. Right? But it may also necessitate a lifestyle change. So you may be running home from work late
and just putting, grabbing something quick and putting it in the microwave. One of those TV dinners, for example. That’s not a way to live, folks. This is how you keep inflammation going. Throw the microwave away. You don’t need TV dinners. Prepare food yourself. There are many recipes you can get online. There’s plenty of other information I’ve put
on this YouTube channel for you to learn from when it comes to different kind of dietary
approaches. Now I think you’ve got a good understanding
of how to reduce inflammation, that primarily, especially if it’s gut inflammation, the diet
is the first thing you tackle. I’ll talk a bit later on, in another video,
about some lifestyle changes you’ll need to make, because lifestyle also contributes to
gut inflammation, not just what you eat, it’s how you eat, and the way you eat, the times
you eat. All these sorts of things. It’s crazy, you know, eating at 10:00 at night
in front of Netflix or something like. These things contribute to gut inflammation. So not only do you have to eat good foods,
but eat appropriately at the right times, which is going to go a long way towards reducing
inflammation. Never forget: lifestyle along with diet play
a contributing role toward gut inflammation. It’s not just about food. It’s also about how you eat. We’ll talk about that in the next video. Thanks for tuning in!

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  1. I have candida, a sluggish liver and digestive problems. I don't know what diet is best for me? you say fruit is gut for the gut but If I have candida I should avoid fruit/sugar/starches,right? but I guess I also should avoid fat for my sluggish liver,right? but than there is not a lot left… right now I only eat white fish and cooked spinach and salads. do you think this is the best diet for me right now? thank you for your help and your helpful videos. greetings from germany

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