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Best Eggs For Keto Diet And Health (Regular eggs vs Organic eggs vs Free Range vs Pasture Raised)

eggs can be a great food but make sure
you get good eggs if you notice in the aisle here we have eggs all the way from
dollar 1.39 up to 7 something so you would wonder is there really such a big
difference and the answer is yes do if you if you look there’s some that don’t
have anything then there is cage free and then there’s free-range and then
there’s pasture raised so the egg can only be as good as the health of the
chicken that made it and the more space and the more grass and the more bugs and
the real food the chicken has the more nutrients are going to go into the
egg so sometimes we get really really
spoiled with cheap food and we just look side-by-side and this was a dollar this
one’s two or three dollars but if you think about it if you pay $5.99 for some
really really healthy eggs that’s still only fifty cents a piece if you make an
omelet you can make two egg omelets for $1 and you get sensational quality so
what I’m excited about is how many just a couple of months ago you were
hard-pressed to find pasture-raised eggs and now here on this shelf we find eight
different kinds of pasture-raised eggs I am excited and I don’t know about the
standards or criteria but a lot of these are volunteer and you’re labeled for a
hundred and eight plus square feet per chicken or per hen so that’s a good
amount of space that’s like 10 by 10 square feet and you know these chickens
are outside they’re eating bugs they’re
eating grass they’re eating things the chickens are supposed to eat in addition
to I’m sure they’re getting some some corn and other things but healthy
chickens make healthy eggs for the ones that we have tried we have been very
pleased when you crack them open there is a very deep orange color to the yolk
far far from the pale yellow that you find in the cheap eggs
so you get what you pay for spend a little extra and get high-quality eggs
it is still very inexpensive food and if you vote with your ball vote with your
wallet means if you spend the money on the good stuff they’re going to make
more of it so let me know if you have any ideas any opinions yeah tell me
about your experience with with eggs and click on the button below so you can
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16 thoughts on “Best Eggs For Keto Diet And Health (Regular eggs vs Organic eggs vs Free Range vs Pasture Raised)

  1. Had no idea there was such a difference in eggs. When you break down the price it really doesn't cost that much. Much cheaper than eating out.

  2. Same goes for meat I supposed… but still, make a video about it ♡♡ I'm currently no eating meat cuz I don't want the "cheap" one but can't afford the best ones.. silly me. I'm not a huge meat eater anyways.

  3. In Chesterfield County near Richmond Virginia, Aldi is selling regular large eggs for 22 cents a dozen. However, I have seen egg farms where the chickens are so closely packed in together that it looks like a German concentration camp. I cannot support that so I buy cage free eggs at Aldi for $2.29. Costco sells cage free eggs at a similar price. They also sell organic eggs. Free the chickens!

  4. Hi Dr. Ekberg. We spoke in Dr. Bergs chat and I decided to check out a few of your videos. You've got a great start re content quality. If I may, I'd like to give you some tips to go from good to really great:

    1. Keep your videos short. Make a script and stick to it. Remove any extra words or long words from the script. Edit the vodeos to remove pauses. Speak faster. In your mayo video, you could have sped up some sections to a bare minimum. If you look at eg Dr. Berg, Thomas DeLauer, or even Tech Quickie, their videos are very information-dense. A video of just over a minute explains the whole subject sometimes, Dr. Berg is especially good at this.

    2. Audio quality. Make sure when you're indoors there's no room echo, and when you're eg in a shop there's no background noise. Even a cheap clip on mic can make wonders happen. For a very cheap solution you can lipsync your own videos by first going to a small room with covered walls (or even cover yourself in a blanket) and recording on a mobile phone. Also, keep working on your voice emission. Maybe even do a course or meet a coach.

    3. Always talk about what's happening in the screen. Myself as well as many other people will have youtube on while doing something else, eg working or cooking. If i don't hear it i don't get it. I can't always keep looking on the screen and usually i don't want to. There should be no reading or looking involved.

    4. Lighting. Notice how the video you did in the shop has much nicer colors than the videos at home. That's lighting. My suggestion is you buy some Osram HCI or Philips Master Color. They are metal halide lamps. About 100-200W worth should do. They could cost maybe $100-200 total. It's a bit technically involved what you need to get (reflector, socket, light bulb, electronic ballast, cable, tripod) but you get pro quality (ie tv quality) light on the _cheap_. If you want more info on what to get, let me know.

    5. Script. Keep scripting. You need to know what you'll say and you will improve your content this way. It's much cheaper, easier, and quicker to carefully plan out what you'll say and then stick to it, rather than take a few long takes, edit them, etc. Plus having a script will help you think about what you could research more in order to make your videos more convincing.

    6. Bring up evidence for your claims. All good nutritionists as well as all the good informational channels do two things constantly. They explain the mechanism of what they're talking about, and they bring up evidence. This means you do have to find the studies from which the idea you're presenting has been derived, so it's quite a bit of work. But it marks the difference between an i formed healer and a quack who wants to appear before many eyeballs. Also add links to those studies in the video description.

    I know thise things are more or less involved. Do them at your own pace. I'm sure you are aware of many of them. You will be able to create an amazing channel with time!

  5. What about the alfresco vital farms pasture raised eggs that's in black color carton? Do you recommend that one?

  6. In terms of budgeting, is it safe to assume that pasture raised or organic eggs will not cost significantly more since you can eat less of them due to more nutritional value per egg? I.e : eating 2 pasture raised eggs daily vs eating 3 or 4 cage free or free range eggs.

    Thank you!

  7. Your videos are simply amazing, informative and logical. Thank you for making the information easy to understand.

  8. Better yet, raise your own, feed them organic, and allow them to free range on clean land. An average egg layer hen lays 1 egg per day. My eggs have naturally deep gold yolks packed full of nutrition, and my dogs even eat them raw, shell and all because they haven't been sprayed and washed with factory disinfectants.

  9. Want to save money? Try not so often go to Starbucks for coffee and safe money to buy pasture raised eggs $7.00 each. I eat 2-3 boiled pastured eggs every day for almost 10 years..

  10. Great info, thanks Doc, i was wondering about that very subject as I bought eggs this morning. I grew up with eggs from chickens on a farm, that was a long time ago, but now that you mention it…the deep orange yokes…. i remember that now. I see what you mean about being complacent about these items. When i was younger I didn’t much care, always buying the cheapest, even as I could afford better. Older now, Knowledge, an open mind, a desire to improve myself every day in every way. That’s my goal now, actually, it always has…but like many…i stray from the path of righteousness and end up in the weeds, the tall dead grass and the horizon, dark against the setting…but wait, i digress, this is about eggs, where the sun always rises like a big orange yolk.Thanks again Doc, I love your channel

  11. Interestingly, everything you describe about hens raising environment is exactly what most of our farmers in VIETNAM are doing with their our livestock, free-range, feed them with grain harvest from rice-paddy, or let them find their our bug in the ground. Same thing with cow. And yet so many here with money but lacking of "proper education" seeking out imported brands from far away land that depleted of natural nutrients in their soil.

  12. Found a great way to get my spouse to accept the price of healthy eggs. I've added frittatas and souffles to the dinner menu, which he loves. Then I explain that I'm not going to go to the effort of making these dishes using awful eggs. Problem solved!

  13. Beware the labelling on the boxes, even if it's true at all it's probably very misleading! I grew up on a farm and we had our own hens and of course eggs, they were totally free range and organic. They could go a very long way away from the chicken house if they wanted too, but they never really went that far. But our farm was 100 acres so since there were only about 20 hens we could say they each had 5 aches to roam on – however that would be total Bovine Excrement! Imagine trying to run and egg business of any size (remember if you supply a supermarket chain you have to commit to deliver a considerable quality regularly!) if these chickens are laying there eggs randomly over a huge area. Simply finding the eggs and collecting them every day wouldn't be sustainable as a business, so it is most likely twisting the truth or a total lie unless this is a farmer you actually know and is supply a single or couple shops alone… Buy direct from farmers where you can see the chickens and know where the eggs come from if you really care, the eggs will probably be fresher and cheaper too!

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