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56 thoughts on “Best Food for Late Pregnancy

  1. This video couldn't have been more timely for me lol. I'm currently 35+4 weeks pregnant so I'd better get started on those dates!

  2. This is great to know, especially since we do eat around 6 dates a day and my wife is 7 months pregnant. See how this effects the water delivery in January.

  3. When I was pregnant I ate a lot of dates (still do). Be it due to dates or not, but I had a healthy water birth at 39+4 weeks 🙂

  4. I had dates during my last trimester (as well as prunes – dates are expensive!) My labor (first one BTW) was only 7 1/2 hours from my water braking! and so smooth. It was also a home birth.

  5. Yes! This is great information. I’m currently 26 weeks with my first baby and ate several dates a day in the beginning of my pregnancy but I will definitely get back on it when I hit 37 weeks. I was just talking about this with my mom yesterday.

  6. I wish I knew this when I had children. First labour went too long and required a lot of intervention because cervix wasn't dilating. I will share this with all the pregnant women I know. Amazing

  7. Oh man, now believers rush to say look our book is scientific and we have to start believing in the talking snake!

  8. What about religious bias? As tobacco industry jihadi industry also has strong financial aim to make the world more stupid place to live in. Did they also compare apples to dates?

  9. Way ahead of you, Doc! 😊 We midwives actually DO recommend that pregnant women eat 6+ dates daily during their pregnancies, but especially during their last trimesters. Because dates are not a common food in American culture, I usually recommend that women soak them overnight then blend them into their morning green smoothies. 😊

  10. LOL – hope u r joking – of course Jesus was in the Quran. Mind you, I wouldn't expect you to learn that at Hebrew school LOL … dates are very much promoted by most peoples who follow the Islamic faith; for all sorts of ills and for general good health. Very interesting info here; wish I had known when I had my son to eat dates lol …

  11. I ate a ton of dates and had a 48 hour labor that was unbearably painful. I went into labor naturally but I was dilating very slowly. I found out afterwards the baby was posterior…

  12. Steak, liver, heart, brain, eggs, salmon roe, egg shells or slow cooked bone, Grassfed butter. Nutrient density and bioavailability! fat soluble (vitamins K2, Retinol, D, E), DHA, zinc, b vitamins. There's a reason tribal people went to extreme lengths to acquire prized animal foods for pregnant women and men and women trying to conceive.

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  13. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Countless Qur'anic scientific facts are waiting to be discovered… like these-

  14. Im just gonna use all the things that say to start labor and make it easier 😛 raspberry leaf tea, dates, pineapple… im gonna do it all the last weeks lol

  15. This begs the question “could dates then possibly be an aphrodisiac in non-pregnant women, or any woman? Hummm. You know, making juices flow better. ?

  16. Omg I love this so much! Gonna definitely be eating dates when I'm pregnant one day 😉
    Was just wondering if dried vs fresh made a difference? And what variety of dates? There are so many!

  17. I ate a lot of dates through pregnancy, especially the last few months. My labor was 30 hours from onset. Not "short", but it went well overall. The first 22 hours were very manageable. Next 4 were somewhat difficult, but I was okay. The last 4 hours are a blur of intense pain that seem more like one hour, looking back. Membranes stayed intact through the labor, then burst (that was a relief), and my rather large first baby was born ten minutes later! No drugs, no intervention, both of us healthy. I would totally bank on the dates again because the bad part of the labor really wasn't that long, and what's to lose?

  18. Only douchey "health" vegans commit the crime of procreation. An ethical vegan would realize that to create life like Dr. Frankenstein is to torture and kill life. The survival rate on this planet is 0%. Breeders are selfish, unprincipled killers.

  19. I am just bout 33 weeks now- so this is perfect timing for this video! In a couple weeks I'll start getting my daily dates in!!! Thanks for posting!

  20. I have problem with iron+ pregnancy, and I also read to use it- now I have a extra reason to buy it 😀 the dry dates will be also ok?

  21. In my really basic understanding of physiology, does it make sense that any sugary fruit would help with cervical ripening? You know, oxytocin release from sugar and all that.

  22. This was my seminar subject for my Bachelor's degree (June 2018) … I used the same scientific papers and I choose it depending on the same verse of Quran (it inspired me to look it up) … I'm so happy to see this subject is getting viral to the world

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