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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Best Foods and Supplements for Healthy Joints

– My first recommendation
are for some foods that you should avoid, things like white sugar, red meats, trans fats, these all increase
inflammation in your body and is gonna make your joint pain worse. So we wanna focus on food that are going to decrease that inflammatory process. So I brought along with me today
some spices, like turmeric, we have ginger, we have chili. These can put in, be put
into soups and salads. Get creative with your cooking. Red beets, onions, asparagus,
these are really great at helping to decrease
inflammation, helping to protect the collagen in our joints. That’s really important at helping to decrease joint pain,
is to save that collagen and to save the cartilage in our joints. Now this is my favorite food for joint pain and inflammation. Omega-3, be it coming from
wild-caught salmon, maybe it’s coming from walnuts. And if you’re not someone
that is into having fish on a regular basis, you can
get it in a supplement form. Omega-3 is really fantastic at helping to decrease inflammation in your body. Now when we’re talking
about some supplements for, for joint pain and for
joint health, glucosamine is probably the first thing
that comes to mind. Glucosamine contains the
building blocks of cartilage. And we know cartilage, as
we’re aging, that starts to break apart and that is causing our joint pain and inflammation. So glucosamine is key. Along with that is
chondroitin, and chondroitin, like glucosamine, helps
to rebuild the cartilage, but it also attracts water and
attracts fluids so it helps to lubricate the joint. There’s a lot of products
that will contain glucosamine and chondroitin that also contain some anti-inflammatory
extracts like Boswellia and like turmeric. Now we talked about
turmeric already as a spice. Turmeric as a supplement
can be really fantastic at decreasing inflammation. To me, this is one of the
best ones out there because it can help to decrease the use of NSAIDs, so those anti-inflammatory
medications which, when used in higher amounts over long term, can cause
severe stomach problems and problems with your liver. So all of these things that
I’ve brought along today, they can affect your
diet, you can get creative with your cooking, might
be some simple supplements that you already have or maybe
some that you just learned about can all help to
improve joint health. (uplifting music)

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