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Best Smart Scale 2020!  Best Scale 2020! Eros Blue Tooth Scale Review!

hey everyone welcome back today I wanted
to talk to you about a new product I just got from home part design part
functionality it’s the arrows body fat scale this scale you guys have so many
features and I love the design so let’s unbox it together and I’m gonna run
through everything with you so when I open this for the first time I was
pleasantly surprised it’s actually prettier in person than it is online
there’s white or black so whatever the decor of your home is
you can choose it comes with a QR code so either Android or iOS you can get the
Bluetooth you can stream all that information through bluetooth to the app
on your phone which makes it even more simple and it has a really nice clear
LED display some of my favorite things just straight out of the gate reading
through all of it is that I can add each one of my family members or friends onto
this so they can get the app they can put all their information and it will
give their information to them as well which I love so here it comes with
instructions i sat down with a cup of coffee and I was like alright I’m gonna
do this I’m not very good with tech stuff but I’m gonna walk right into it
it took like two seconds to set up it was so easy so you just go through they
have a great customer service you can call them anytime and it just has clear
very clear direct instructions on here so basically what you just do is get the
app and then you can actually send the results to your google fit apple health
or your fitbit from your you know the results from your body fat scale the
smart scale there’s 13 different things in fact they see it right on the back of
the bottle so it has body weight body mass index body fat fat free body weight
subcutaneous fat which is the fat that’s kind of directly under the skin the
visceral fat which is the fat around your organs body water skeletal muscle
muscle mass bone mass protein basal metabolism rate and metabolic age so
basically you just set it up put your info in you’ve got all the details on
the app and you step on it to complete the setup
and it registers so now I just need to add the hubs on here and the kiddos and
we are going to be set so if you have any questions about this please comment
below I think that this scale is hands-down worth every penny and again
their customer service and the reviews online as you will see are incredible I
have had the same scale since we got married like 14 years ago so to have
this beauty in my bathroom I am super pumped about you mister being
with me today don’t forget to like this video subscribe to my channel and I will
be coming on here soon with something else hopefully beneficial and useful for
you as well have a good day

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