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Biblical Daniel Fast Put to the Test

evidently not completely satisfied with the scientific rigor of the dietary trial presented in Daniel 1 8 through 16 researchers in Tennessee published two papers recently detailing a series of parallel experiments on a 21-day all-you-can-eat diet devoid of animal products and preservatives and inclusive of fruits vegetables whole grains legumes nuts and seeds in other words food intake in accordance with a stringent vegan diet the purpose of the studies were to determine the effect of a 21-day of Daniel Fast on both biomarkers of antioxidant status and oxidative stress as well as the efficacy of the Daniel Fast to improve markers of the lion’s den’ of metabolic and cardiovascular disease risk no surprise that a diet composed of whole plant foods improves several risk factors for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases wells and improvement in selected biomarkers of antioxidant status and oxidative stress including metabolites of nitric oxide which i’ve talked about before participants experience meaningful improvements in blood pressure cholesterol insulin levels insulin resistance C reactive protein we’re all lowered to a clinically meaningful extent and this was in a young healthy population imagine the miracles that could do for people who are really hurting this study extends the findings of other plant-based diets by documenting the impact of a strict vegan diet on multiple measures of oxidative stress and antioxidant capacity of course if instead of a biblical Daniel Fast they had called it a strict vegan diet they probably would not have gotten a compliance rate of 98.7 percent especially in Tennessee

23 thoughts on “Biblical Daniel Fast Put to the Test

  1. Fruits alone is mans best source of food hands down!
    Example: 16 Ripe Mangoes= around 700-850 calorie meal
    12 Ripe bananas+ 900-1150 calorie meal
    30 dates=650-750 calorie meal
    8 cups of ripe grapes=750-900 calorie meal
    16 ripe pears=700-850 calorie meal
    12 apples = 950-1000 calorie meal
    16 oranges = 700-800 calorie meal
    Etc etc, all you need to do is just EAT ENOUGH!!!
    We as the beings able to create a paradise of fruit trees/bushes or just move back home to our tropics,remove hunger with FRUIT

  2. I'm not from Tennessee and evidently you're not from Tennessee — but the last cynical swipe strikes me as really petty, and uncalled for. If we're following a WFPB vegan diet, we're all human and we've all taken some social knocks for it, but it allows us to be on the high road in terms of both moral philosophy/ humane issues AND health science. What call is there for this? It doesn't help to be negative. All the best.

  3. If one was to do a study into the health effects of correctly vs incorrectly slaughtered meat I think we'd see that all meat is health damaging. In fact , to perform such a study and there be a difference in the 2 types of meat would be proving the existence not just of a god, but a christian god.

    I would be extremely large sums of money against their being a difference.

  4. The ingredients for Pulse have been found along time ago.
    Don Tolmam International found this Sacred Meal 40 years ago !

  5. If you want to get all religious:   According to Genesis human beings were CREATED to not eat meat.   Before Noah, all human beings were to eat ONLY plant based foods.  They were only given permission to eat animals AFTER that flood.  So for those Jews and Christians out there:    Eat how you were created to eat.

  6. aha i have a friend called Daniel who fasts. as do i. please make more videos about fasting or other topics surrounding cyclic fasting, time restricted feeding, calorie restriction, autophagy and other regenartive diet measures for us already long term devout vegans.

  7. hi , I've been a vegan for many years now ( mostly a fruitarian ) , before that a vegetarian and before that I ate what my mother cooked ( which was delicious ) – and would have most likely died many years ago if I hadn't always loved animals and since a child been a Bible reader – it was in Genesis and The Book of Daniel that I realized God was on my side and He helped me and despite all the opposition I faced when first trying to become a vegetarian – I succeeded and without knowing why ( at that time ) I started to become healthy ( I had done it solely for moral reasons ) and when I was supposed to die many years ago , here I am , trying in this – so PRAISE GOD AND GO VEGAN !

  8. The reason why it worked was because God was behind it. When God wants people to see his power and glory he does things that are impossible to man. The bible says in Matthew 19:26" ..With God ALL things are possible" Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had faith in the lord, they trusted him to sustain their physical body even though meat was not being consumed, and sure enough they came out better than those who ate all the delicacies of the king It was pure zeal to keep themselves holy before the lord that drove these 4 young men to deprive themselves from food that the pagans presented to them. It was not the consumption of meat itself that was unholy but the people presenting it. The Babylonians dedicated all their live stock and possessions to their pagan gods and to the Israelites who worshiped the one and ONLY god Jehovah, this was sinful. God bless

  9. I did this fast when I was eighteen, way before becoming plant based. At the time I worked at a sonic drive in and weighed 265 at only 6 feet tall. Within at the end of the 21 days I had a ridiculous amount of energy and dropped down to 247 without exercise! It was crazy. Years later I remembered that fast and after watching some vegan documentaries I switched for good.

  10. Exactly how God intended us to eat. Look for GENESIS 1:29… says it all.. humans were designed as fruitarians.

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