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Blind Mother of 2 Overcomes Her Disability | Parenting Against All Odds | Parents

Choosing joy has been my motto for the
past 10 years after losing my sight I really had to discover joy again and I
definitely believe it has affected every area of my parenting. Before I found out I was pregnant with
Isabella I had been going through a really difficult time with my my joints
this is right after we first were married and I was not able to get out of
bed. I remember calling George in the
doctor’s office I called him and I’m like I couldn’t hardly even speak I’m
like so we’re pregnant, and I knew that he wouldn’t be upset but I just didn’t know what kind of reaction he would have and he literally just said to me he goes that’s awesome. Yay! We’re gonna have a baby. I’m like
George I know like this is scary. Look what we’re facing. Look how I’m feeling, what I’m going through and what about the baby? Is she gonna be okay after all these drugs I’ve been on and he’s like we’re gonna keep trusting
God and this is an amazing gift and that just gave me such peace and in that
moment and I just knew. I just knew that this was going to, it was going to be
okay. motherhood, being visually impaired, and
living with Juvenile Arthritis was challenging was really scary and now
managing two babies you know with my my condition was even more challenging but
you know just like the girl who I’ve always been growing up I was determined
that we’re gonna make this work you know and we did but our whole world one day changed. The night before surgery, I looked
at my girls as they were laying in bed I could see like Georgiana that was
feeling her face and seeing her beautiful brown hair in her little
dimple and her cheek and just taking it all in and my Isabella and her blue
eyes Oh beautiful skin and oh I just was holding onto those moments because I
knew tomorrow it could all change. That’s hard when you think about I see your babies physically ever again. The surgery was not successful. They were able to reattach the retina but the eye could not heal. As I’m losing the sight I felt
like I was losing me. I felt like I was losing Joy. I was going
through this grief and this loss over the next you know year and searching to
find myself again because I was no longer that mom that I once was the
independent mom that could take my girls by the hand and say let’s go to the park
now my girls at two and a half and five were taking me by the hand and were saying, “mama, let’s go this way.” That’s hard. That’s my job. Not their job. I didn’t come to terms with my loss let
alone my beautiful angel girls how could they be going through this? How did
they get my disease? It’s not supposed to turn out this way but you know in that
moment when I found out my girls had this disease it gave me the motivation to get
up off the floor stop feeling sorry for myself and just start fighting. I had to fight for my girls. I had to fight for them. They were
looking to me for their strength at this time and you know with me being
depressed and feeling sorry for myself that was not what they needed
to encourage them in this road that they’re about to go
down. (Singing Amazing Grace) After losing my sight I’ve learned how
to you to just see through the eyes of my heart and that has truly helped me
with parenting blind over these years I have learned that I don’t have to have
eyes to see my babies. I feel them. My girls have always let me feel their beautiful
faces and they’ve been doing this like I said they’ve doing this since they were two and five just our way of life and then they take they take my hands and they touched me and they
show me things and you know if it’s something they’ve drawn and they’d
outline it and trace it with my fingers and then they describe colors to me. I get a lot of interaction with my girls that is very verbal and very touchy feely,
like what do you have I don’t have any I don’t have eyeshadow on today no eyeshadow? I have glitter. How about your lips? Yeah so the top part is lighter. Take your eyes off. Take your glasses off. What color? I have more pinky shades,
which you have a more neutral cool tone eye. So I have other cool tone colors like
I have this cool tone glitter that I think would go well, That kind of has a slight purple overcast on it that you just take your finger into it a little bit then go in right on your inner corner on your
lid and then just swipe it on lightly. There are so many and so many tips
and tricks I developed over the years that you know
this helped me to be this confident mom. In 2009 I received my first guide dog
and her name is Antonia hope. She truely restored hope back into
my life after my loss of sight. Arabella, down. Good Girl. With her leading the way and being my eyes, she gave me the confidence
that I can do all of these things. I can be the amazing blind mom I mean I can be
a mom just like I used to be. Around my house no one would even know that I’m
blind because I’m just like any other mom. I mean I clean my house. I do
everything. I don’t use a cane or my guide dog in my home I just I walk
around I feel, vacuum, I actually become a better housekeeper without eyesight. This is a sweatshirt which sweatshirts are can be a little bit difficult because
they all kind of feel the same but let me take a guess This might be a school sweatshirt. Nope. Hawaii. Hawaii right? oh yeah yep I believe parenting is
challenging in itself and definitely when you add on a chronic illness on top of it all, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I wouldn’t trade all of these things in my life that I go through. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. My blindness has changed me for the better. I wouldn’t change anything about my life. I love it. The things that I would would gain with eyesight Just wouldn’t compare to all the things I’ve gained through the loss of my eyesight. I see so much and it is so beautiful I feel at peace and completeness in my life and I’m happy the way I am and so that is something I just don’t want to change.

100 thoughts on “Blind Mother of 2 Overcomes Her Disability | Parenting Against All Odds | Parents

  1. You are a beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing your story. I raised a guide dog puppy for 15 months and always think of him when I see other guide dogs working. 🙂 Your daughters are amazing and I loved seeing them interact with you. Thank you.

  2. Joy, you’re truly an angel. You’re an inspiration and a strong mom, your kids must be so proud of you 💗 sending love and hugs to you and your family 💞

  3. I had no idea the girls had been diagnosed as well! And I'm an avid watcher of joy's videos. That is terrible but if there's one thing that Joy has shown me is that being blind doesn't mean you're unable to do anything!

  4. this is so weird now I don't know if my mother has juvenile athritis or multiple sclerosis…

  5. I have uveitis and temporarily lost my eye sight in the past. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. She is so positive and inspiring.

  6. I find it interesting this channel choose to tell pivotal parts of this story about blindness in an inaccessible way – like at 2:07, where it explains how and when Joy lost her sight, but does so through text on the screen with no audio cues. You'd think they would be especially cognizant of that for this video.

  7. This deserves so many more views. Her saying that she sees so much more now, despite being blind, is a lesson we all should learn. The world is so much more than just what we see. What a beautiful story and a strong amazing woman. Really makes me appreciate what I have a lot more

  8. Wow wow wow!! I randomly found this video and I too have Juvenile Rhuematoid Arthritis! Thank Gd a million times over that I never developed uveitis. I have 2 children now and every time they complain of my symptoms I start to think, “ No! It can’t be that they have it too!” So far so good everyone is healthy. Keep up the AWESOME spirit! You 3 women are incredible!

  9. Hi Joy. Thank you for this great vedio. You and your family are awesome. You such great inspiration. God bless you and your wonderful family. 👍💕

  10. Beautiful Mom and Beautiful Daughters!! May God always look after them!🙏🙏🙏lots of love on ur way!!!

  11. Isaiah 35:5 “the eyes of the blind will be opened” there’s hope of physically seeing your daughters again!

  12. i empathize with her and she's a very brave and inspiring person, but if you know you have a condition like that why would you choose to have a child? Or two? Couldn't you have researched a bit more to see if the condition would get dramatically worse, or be inherited by the children, before deciding to have kids? I mean, I get some people want to be parents, but bringing a child into the world should be a serious, calculated decision…

  13. These videos are so important. Blind people are not the helpless miserable people movies & tv-shows like to portray. Great job. 👍

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  15. OH NO I WAS NOT READY FOR THAT. I read that it was slim that they girls would get it but then they both did and now im about to cry

  16. Eye sight is a blessing, but parents are a bigger blessing in this life. She's an amazingly strong mother. Wow!💎💐

  17. Tell me I’m not the only one who watched that video of her showing a little girl her prosthetic eye.

  18. As a totally blind mother I can totally relate to this video. It touched my heart so much. She described what it’s like raising children without vision so well. I can never seem to find the right words. Thank you for this video.

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