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Blovelife Seafood Boil 1M Subscriber Celebration | YT Love Circle Seafood Boil Collab

hi everybody and welcome to tasty tasty
tasty tasty but tasty mic very tasty mukbang tasty mukbang do my heart saying
yahoo I’m hot that’s all I know is I’m hot I just got
to making this seafood bow you yes thank you Jesus and I made this seafood boil
in my electric skillet this is my second time doing it like that I love it it’s
so convenient and easy oh my goodness so y’all wanna see how I made this seafood
boil in my electric skillet go and check out the live video that I just posted
before this video I did it live for everybody to watch and see me do it
yeah it’s hotter than here it is hot it’s hot I’m gonna have to go turn their
Arab cuz it is hot what I got today is two snow crabs for
corn on the cob some red potatoes some blue crab three blue crabs
I got a lobster tail and some shrimp with the hair still only and in some
limo to do the lemon rain I got my little sauce that I made over hell y’all
I’ll put the stuff that I like in my sauce I got garlic I got onions
I got mushrooms I have some chopped diced tomatoes with chilli I have a can
of tomato sauce two sticks of butter and it tastes good
that’s how I wanted it and I got me some Pepsi some Pepsi but y’all about to step
away from the camera minute and turn my air because it’s hot
it’s hot the weed hot on my head I’m hot from being over the stove cooking oh my
goodness and plus I might be getting old I don’t want to say the n-word but I
might be getting arrow 78 and typically that is a good oh I got to take this off
yeah I’m not trying to be cute I’m just that’s all about to get on my news I got
the raise up my sleeves cuz I’m about to get it in I’d have to get closer to this
food cuz I ain’t trying to waste none I already know I’m a waste something on my
dress oh my goodness where do I start my favorite part is the corn so let’s get
let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s dip it in the sauce let’s see how
this sauce tastes today young oh me doing it without saying ugly
come on tasty mukbang oh I got a couple of shout outs to you when I was in my
life there were people who were watching me cook fish and I just want to give a
shout out to them miss diversity she was the last person
that came in hey honey how you doing miss diversity its Michelle to fab Oh miss Lily’s love 79g mama I know I’m
gonna forget somebody but y’all please forgive me okay I don’t have my phone
with me I think everybody that was in my life this morning because y’all know I’m
not a morning person I wake up at 5 p.m. stay up all night long to the next
morning to about 8 a.m. and go to be y’all it’s in the morning time I’m
supposed to be in the being sleeping right now I’m tired but I have to get
this out the way because I am doing a collab with the YT love circle and we
are doing a bee loves life 1 million subscribers celebration yeah
congratulations beloved like we are doing a bee loves life seafood boil 1
million subscribers celebration for bee loves life all week long so every day
somebody else in the love circle is doing a sea football I will have links
in the description box to everyone who will be participating in the sea
football so make sure you go and subscribe to their channels check them
out and look out be on the lookout for their sea football I also include the
date that they will be doing their seafood ball so thumbs up and
congratulations to miss the love life we love you girl and we love seafood so
we’re gonna get it in let’s say our grace precious Heavenly Father’s we come
to you right now to Lord we thank you for this food that we’re about to
receive we Thank You precious having your father for your love your kindness
your mercy and your grace and the bounties of your love and the blessings
on our life continual blessings we pray in Jesus name a in a hallelujah
and did I already say tasting my pain tasty much better tasty much bein tasty
mukbang whoo tasty mukbang
you did so thing yes y’all ain’t trying to be cute I’m just trying to eat let’s
go let’s get started y’all know how I do it on corn I’m like a chance man you
devil mm-hmm once I bite into the corn
mmm I do not come up for air oh how immersive that was the bomb.com
well and I’m through I could just eat calling y’all what’s on my ear who that
sauce is still hot everything just came off the stove McBaine terminated was supposed to be
here with me we were supposed to do this yesterday but we was both tired because we both
stay up all night long so when it came time for us to get together we was both
stealing the bed I texted him to tell him I was stealing the bed he said I am
too oh I didn’t feel bad but I had just went
to bed it six or eight o’clock that morning I can’t even remember let me put me a napkin on this table so
I could drop my trash I don’t have no eyes I’m just rushing to
do everything you got honestly I am really trying to get to the beer I have
to edit this video and upload it before I can go to B and that’s really too much whoa
that’s really too much work I couldn’t be alive on this but I knew the quality
of the video would be better so I just sometimes you just got to bite the
bullet y’all sometimes you just got to bite the bullet on something you really
don’t want to do but you know it’ll be better to do it like how many times
didn’t you do that how many times did you bite the bullet and just go do
something that you don’t feel like doing but you know number one if you want it
done right you better do it yourself who excuse me y’all do know I’m a purple
right and I don’t make no apologies I got the most
I thought a buffering challenge going on right now I’ve been channeling some
people who claim make some burgers ain’t nobody stepped up to the challenge
yet so what doesn’t mean no they must be scared I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna eat well
I’m not pretty sure I’m positively sure I’m not gonna eat all of this and like I
say my vein Terminator was supposed to have just crazy but over here with me and y’all leaving to come this bar below
y’all I can only answer this question if y’all learn then subscribe to my channel
for a minute but who y’all think is crazy it’s me a mukbang terminator y’all
been if y’all been watching my our lives and y’all know how me and McBaine
Terminator behave in our lives then tell me who is the craziest yeah
when I take my meat out I just be breaking it up because if it ain’t
coming out if it don’t come out whole when I first pull it it I’ll go ahead
and just scoop it up y’all tell me who was the craziest mean
am i playing Terminator close keep me trying to make it look like it mean people trying to make it look like it’s
me y’all you know how in school the child will
pull your hair then the ball will pull your hair and when you say it out in
class what everybody could hear you you say ouch and a teacher turn around and
look at you and you be the one in trouble but he didn’t want Ashley poor
job that’s what my vain Terminator be doing yeah I don’t even want to eat no
potato I forgot to mention I got sausage in here did I tell y’all guys shrimp yep Wow I never ate them with the head on
before this is a first but I look ooh just gotta mine I love this sauce y’all
I like the dip I love their sauce I like to dip my more
than once in that sauce but your mother Terminator is that little bag here in
the classroom who used to pull the girls hair and make them holler and scream out
loud ouch and then I think Rico I think Rico was their little bad child to that
we’ll pull the little girl’s hair oh yeah happy and make us a out my Arab
and my class won’t be looking over cuz she didn’t disrupt the classroom Oh Lord and myself I know who tired it
might not be you but it shoul is me I’d be tired y’all right right about now I
be tired I shall hate to edit this video I wish
this video was due tomorrow I should need this yesterday I’m trying to get
some of my seafood out the way you guys cuz I normally get for off of my corn
and I got some potatoes over here but if I
eat one I’m gonna get fool I’m going to eat a piece of the sausage
I was watching this diversity and her beautiful daughter eat what a diva see
football together London and then the last video they made what does she have
I know she had that salad that she made hmm
I’ll be watching too many food videos excuse me I can’t remember well one
person ate cuz it’s all clogged up in my head my sauce is still hold it’s in the
round circle one piece here and one piece there I’m gonna break it off yeah
I got to wipe my eye because their sauce had winning now a few minutes ago and
it’s like I just don’t even care nothing about
this food I just want to go to me sometimes yeah I get so tired this is a
true story have y’all ever been so tired and hungry
like starving hungry but you are so tired that you have to choose between
eating and sleeping at that very moment have y’all ever been there top before I
have been there tired every time when I’m that tired when I have to choose
between food and sleep let me tell you what we sleep when every time I’d be
like I was like I can go to sleep and eat
when I wake up my stomach’s been scratching my back but I still to sleep
because let me tell you the reason why I’m not type of person like some people
could just fall asleep anytime anyplace anytime they sleep but they could just
fall asleep I’m not the type of person that go to be anywhere
I can’t fall asleep sitting up in a chair I can’t fall asleep watching TV I
have to physically be in the bed and when sleep it’s me I have to go to bed
because if I let my sweet pants then I won’t be able go sleep I see right now I
got to edit this video and my sleep might pass me by the time I’m finished
in this video so what I might have to do is finish this we’ll finish this video wash my hands wash my face take this wig
off my hair and go lay in the bed I might have to edit this video later cuz to be honest with you I’m fool I’m
fool y’all when I have a seat football I just need to give me one everything
I just need one leg ID I didn’t even eat my monster till I need one leg one
shrimp I’ll be like what kind of seafood boy it’s the kind for a person who don’t
eat a lot or for a person who did full fare
because I’d be waiting so long to eat yeah I wish much bang Terminator was here all
I know is I didn’t speak no lemon over nothing and I want some more corn and that’s
probably gonna knock me out when I do that I’m gonna take me out of this race this is the blue crab I’m probably gonna
taste that y’all gonna see this food again yeah this blue bean y’all just
don’t know I don’t throw food away I only got one more thing yeah yeah that’s all I have to say yeah recipe was showing Mikado avec on how to eat
blue crater for the first time she had clean crap before I’m just gonna cheat
it cuz one reason I never did eat crap before I started my bangs because I always felt like it was too much work
for such little meat okay yeah my battery just died and I am so upset
something just happened I just broke my glasses and I really needed some new
glasses because I’m supposed to go get new glasses like every year and I think
it’s probably been over two years since I got these glasses but they were the
own lessons that I had and I don’t have money to go get new glasses I actually
got these glasses by going to a place that helps people with glasses they
can’t afford to get camee so it looks like I’m gonna have to go back there
again and see if they can help me get another pair of glasses I’m just so
disappointed because like before I started this mukbang I always take my
glasses off before I start this is bent a little but if I move it I’m scared
it’s gonna break and these are the kind of glasses that like it’s connected into
the plastic so it’s no way you could like cuz if y’all see my other glasses
that I had before these man and things were so Bragg Lee but and I had them
taped on together but you can’t even take this one thing I could do is just
like probably try to glue that where you want even be able to close it which
would be better than nothing but I’m just so saying right now but I’m
mad at myself because before I started this mug bang something told me to put
your glasses right there and instead of putting them right there
I put them on the floor and when I got up to go change out the battery I
stepped on him and didn’t know it so now you guys I don’t feel like finish eating
I was already fool I do not finish feel like finish eating
I can’t you always by myself anyway I’m just ready to go to be I’m probably not
gonna end when you do something and you tired sometimes things happen by
accident because you were too tired so I’m just gonna cover this up like I
normally do put it in a trash bag cover it up I think it’s warm enough for me to
put it in a refrigerator so I’m gonna go make some room for this and I will talk
to you guys later thank you so much for watching make sure you give the video or
thumbs Oh leave lots of comments in the coming
bar below make sure you press the subscribe button turn on a notification
bill and be sure to come back for another video what are you waiting on so
you can see more of tasty mukbang tasting with bangs tasty tasty tasty
McBaine doing her thing y’all I always say that when things are beyond your
control you cannot do anything about them I don’t worry about them I know God
will provide a way for me to get some more glasses even if I have to go back
to the same place I went to before I did have to pay a little bit out of
pocket which I do not have that so hopefully something will work itself out
but I’m just saying I’m mad at myself because I was just like when I got up
and I broke the glasses and I was like so frustrated I was like you’re just so
hard here that you just don’t listen because the Spirit of God talks to me
and sometimes if he warns me or tells me to do something and I just didn’t do it
like right before I got ready to do this mug bang cuz I had got up several times
and I took my glasses off and put him on the floor and something had told me put
the glasses right there on the table I’m talking about it’s plain his date you
see it put the glasses right there on the table
and I didn’t do it and I’m so mad at myself because I didn’t listen I just
want to cry right now because like when the Spirit of God talks to you and moves
you and you do have that relationship with God where he talks to you often and
speaks to you often even if it’s about things that are small and you do not
listen to the Spirit of God like you just don’t know what you are doing when
you don’t listen to the Spirit of God and that’s just about it’s just not
about something small but it could be in relation to something big as well or
could be in relation to something small they could turn into something big and
I’m just angry at myself because he did warn me I didn’t foresee what was going
to happen but he knew what was gonna happen and I’m just upset that I
didn’t listen and I should have listened so on that note I’m about to go to be
about to go to bed and there’s God to forgive me for not listening and even
though I was hard here to please provide a way for me to get some glasses Lord in
Jesus name I pray Amy I’m just upset like when you want to be obedient and
you for some reason or another don’t listen like you breaks your heart when you are not obedient cuz you don’t want
to disappoint or anger God so I’m just upset I’m upset with myself I might have
to just go back to the same place and see how much they would charge me just
for a frame because I know they would have but another frame like this and
just get them to take the lenses out of this and put them into another frame
there might be the only thing that I could do I’m upset so you guys I said bye already
I will talk to you later thanks for watching

32 thoughts on “Blovelife Seafood Boil 1M Subscriber Celebration | YT Love Circle Seafood Boil Collab

  1. Everything is looking great sis. Thats alot of food. Im sure you jot going to finish all that. I never had blue crab they dont sell it here😞great mukbang. Keep shining😘❀

  2. You did a gr8 job Tasty thank you for the shout out n sorry about ur glasses you were tired but still manage to give us a good seafood boil thanks for sharing

  3. Love your presentation..Everything looks delicious..Never tried the shimp with the head on before. I hope you got some rest.

  4. Hey lady!! Sorry I missed your live, but everything looks delicious πŸ˜‹ Thank you so much for sharing πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

  5. I hate it when I break my glasses. Maybe they can fix them. Please go back without delay because, sometimes my fear of a (financial) outcome leads me to procrastinate. Then when I finally get it done, I say, "I should have done that two years ago."

  6. That looks so good love seafood so much your head is off you are crazy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚love it good as always beautiful next time

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