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Bloveslife New Smackalicious Sauce Reviews From Mukbang Community (part 1) | Is It Worth The Hype???

Wow that was everything I have imagined and
maybe just a little bit better hi everybody and welcome welcome welcome
to tasty mukbang tasty one thing tasty my friend tasty one thing tasty mukbang
eats ya’ll tasty mukbang eats is here to report only be love smack Alisha seafood
so you guys if you do not know be love life and you watch my playing videos
what are you doing where have you been so be love life does seafood balls and
she also created her own smacking lettuce seafood sauce to go along with
her seafood balls and she has recently put
the sauce on sale and it sold out twice ya’ll say it twice oh no doors it sold
out twice the second time 10,000 units sold out in four hours
it was the mild you guys so I haven’t been able to get my hands on the spicy
oh the mouth so I am here today when you go to Amazon this is what you’re gonna
see you’re gonna see the picture of the sauce and you’re gonna see it’s sold out
but she did say that it’s gonna be in stock again very very very soon so while
we anticipate the sauce coming back in stock I thought it would be a good idea
to see what some of the mukbang community muck bangers have to say about
the sauce who have gotten the sauce all ready so we’re gonna watch the reviews a
portion of the reviews of about four people
and see what they have to say about the below speculation seafood sauce okay
so sit back enjoy and if you want to know whether or not you know if you want
to know what other mukbang us think about the sauce
so that you can know whether or not you need to go pre-order your sauce right
now so the next time it comes out you will already know that you gonna get
yours okay I think I need to get in that line myself okay so anyway yeah so and
and by the way if you have done a review on the seafood sauce already go ahead
and contact me on Instagram if you want me to add your video to one of these
videos of people who have tasted the sauce and done a review on it cuz I’m
gonna pretty much like do four videos at a time so we could kind of hear from
everybody and give everybody a fair opportunity to say what they have to say
about the sauce so if you want to jump on here to everybody else in line cuz I
got to go and look for the videos and search for the videos but if you want to
send me the link on Instagram go ahead and send a link on Instagram it tasty
mukbang eats so that way I ain’t got to go searching for the video I would have
it Oh red day sit back and enjoy and if you’re not subscribed to these peoples
channels go ahead and subscribe to their Channel and let me know what you think
about the seafood sauce okay hi youtube welcome back to my channel and welcome
to another mukbang today I have a seafood boil mukbang and it’s a really
special one because I’m actually trying out bee-lieve sauce for her seafood boil
it’s um I’ve been seeing this sauce online for probably since the beginning
of when I first started and I’ve always wanted to try I don’t know why just
never came around to it because I never eat seafood boils anyways but now she
has like her seasoning packet available on Amazon so I just bought it
and I made it today well I watched her video to see what she puts in it and
then I I made mine and I’m about to just dig in I don’t know what to start with
I guess this can also be like a worth the hype because this sauce is so
freaking height like hype to the point where I’m just like this is literally
the only sauce I would want to eat my seafood boil with you know so today
we’re gonna see if it’s actually worth the hype let’s see oh this is a shell
girl why it has the sauce and I love the garlic and the onions at the bottom so
you get like a really scoop it this is real life this is real life right now
I’m actually doing this and I’m not watching anybody else do it it’s crazy Wow that was everything I have imagined and
maybe just a little bit better hey my honeybunch kids welcome back to
Busey bites with honey today guys I am SuperDuper excited y’all we finally got
the deal of smack Alysha smiles all right I’m just so happy I can’t get over
it so here’s the package y’all seen the ER with you know I’m hungry
we’ll talk while we’re eating let’s mash y’all darn net get out of here all right
I’m gonna start the king crab okay this is all another bigger one I don’t leave
a cache let me eat how are you guys today happy Monday I’m happy y’all like
I cannot believe it I have waited so long when the first thoughts drop the
spicy I just assumed it was going to be too too hot I was driving on the highway
and I just straight up pulled over it was no game I made it in the oven
I know y’all can’t see it back there but I’m gonna try to move some things around
I have not tasted it yet I wanted my authentic reaction to being on camera
I’m not so wet do y’all see this right now I need a spoon oh I need a spoon
yeah look at this Oh get that far as like you want it I
know you do all right no it does not taste like butter this is
about to get real messy this should have been a dumb like mouth challenge but I
do that next when I was making it it was giving me spaghetti Italian vibes the
smell of it I made it yesterday so I let it sit overnight wow this is crazy it was worth the wait
is it hey guys welcome back to our Channel I’m AJ this is Danny and we are
hashtag hashtag McKenna’s and you are watching what up y’all welcome back to
another episode today oh my god we are finally finally having the be loves
smith licious sauce the official packet I know everybody’s been reviewing it
already no we look we little on the late side everybody got that spicy it’s cool so yeah this is the whole entire package
so you’re probably gonna freeze it after this because I and today we got a basic
like shrimp boil up and boil saying what we did a couple months back
now on our channel so we here we got some some bullies from shrimp potatoes
and somebody’s sure easy pill easy to discern the super colossal and then I
have some regular colossal that I don’t have the shell on that’s because I was
right right so anyway we’re gonna go ahead and say uh Greg’s father god bless
this food and let it be nursing to our partisan in your name we pray I don’t care what this might be a messy
video I’m already playing my egg you know I’m saying if you don’t like the
mess I’m gonna tell you to click offers enter this be stupid
now I’ll stick around and just turn your heads up let it play on man
of course like everybody in my right mind he’s had money in their pocket when
they got the notification for this I click super fast
I had it faster than I was there and the Amazon tried to be stupid at first and
care every time every time I said select the shipping method it kept reloading
reloading I realize right now today don’t play with me today I made this
exactly like the videos they like the video she put up no one bite for you as an advisory if you see me playing
with this side of my nose other stuff I got a nose ring and I don’t know if it’s
like making my nose dry or something but I’d be coming here I’m picking my nose
mr. challenge of look I told you stop I thought it would look like a long time
ago get a potato Louise I may need potato
beam let me break it I’ll tell y’all straight up I’m fine like that one
changes how we feel about you know beloved like my channel but if I didn’t
like the sauce a little bit as of right now oh you know what’s the deal my good
people welcome back to the channel happy Sunday it’s the top of the week I hope
you all having a great weekend if this is your first time at the channel I want
to welcome you here pull up a seat I hope that you enjoyed the content and
before we get into this food I want to ask that you like comment share
subscribe and also hit that Bell so you can be notified when brand new videos
drop I scheduled a premiere or when I go live okay so I’m y’all know what time it
is okay yeah let’s go ahead and get into
this food so I can show y’all what the main attraction is so I got some king
crab legs some green-lipped mussels corn potatoes and the main attraction is to
be loved smack delicious sauce this is the mild version came out a couple of
days ago sold out in like I don’t know four hours and mine came a lot sooner
than I expected so let’s do it I’m ready to eat this I’m ready to get into it and
this is not my first time having the mild sauce make what this is a sign I
bought an extra packet this is not my first time having it if you guys are
familiar with Stephanie which I know most of you are all of you
are Stefan invited me over to actually have lobster tails with a mild sauce
sorry tasted it is delicious but you know I had to run it back once mine came
in the middle so yeah you got it first bite mm-hmm that’s the same bowl flavor as
the spicy just don’t hide a kid so it’s really good I really really like this a
lot I made the mild one the same way then I
did my spicy I didn’t put the coke in it but I did everything else I followed I
bought all the other steps good okay everybody there you have it
that is what these four muck bangers think about the B love life
smackle Isha’s Souls let me know what you think down in the comments bar below
are you excited to try this B love life’s necklaces songs have you gotten
in line already on Amazon to pre-order your snack alysha’s seafood sauce you
guys so I hope you enjoyed today’s episode of these muck bangers giving
their honest opinions on the B loves Mac Alicia’s seafood sauce I did you know
post a little bit of their videos so you can get an idea of the channel also
source like a personal shout-out to these content creators as well and if
you have not subscribed to their channel go ahead and subscribe to their Channel
and let them know that tasty mukbang eats sent you I appreciate you guys so
much and again if you want me to review your video of the B loves life snack
Alysha sauce go ahead and DM me on Instagram with the link to your video
and I will be happy to review your video and see about putting it in a future
video I’m gonna try to add like 4 videos at a time so that way we can see a
little bit more of the content creator in there challenge
channel and what they have to offer I will talk to you guys later

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