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Boost Post Run Recovery with Pineapple and Mango!

One of the grand strategies in keeping your
muscles and joints viable and well-functioning for running is to, in part, restrain chronic
inflammation from bubbling out of control. Some research does indicate that certain foods
can help prune or scale back the overproduction of pain-triggering inflammation, giving you
a wider window of opportunity to dodge a potential running injury. For instance, British researchers revealed
that one of the key health signatures of mango and pineapple is that eating one cup a day
of these tropical treats improves muscle and joint viability by 55%. The researchers noted that the high-level
anti-inflammatory capacity of mango and pineapple is driven by key nutrients known as beta-cryptoxanthin
and vitamin C, whereby these two essential nutrients are of in extraordinary generous
amounts in pineapple and mango. Another reason pineapple and mango make the
cut for being great post-run recovery foods is that the researchers found that the beta-cryptoxanthin
and vitamin C in both mango and pineapple switch on key enzymes that streamline enrich
cartilage production. So this is how the nourishing factors of mango
and pineapple adds value in allowing pain-trigger inflammation to fade away, which likely has
important implications for recovering more optimally from a long hard run! I hope you enjoyed this video! For more nutritional tips pertaining to running,
please subscribe to my YouTube channel where you will also stay updated on the latest research
on the health and performance benefits of barefoot running and minimalist running. Thanks so much for listening and watching. Have fun out there on the roads and trails. Bye for now!

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