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Boosting Immunity While Reducing Inflammation

there’s lots of products that promise to boost our immune system and who wouldn’t want that well there’s millions of people with autoimmune diseases inflammatory diseases allergies right millions of people whose immune systems may already be a bit too active I try to make sufferers of seasonal allergies feel better by explaining that having an overactive immune system is not all bad individuals with allergies have a decreased risk for cancer compared with the general population yes your immune system may be in such overdrive it’s attacking things left and right like tree pollen but that heightened state of alert might also help bring down some budding tumors in the body so it’s tricky we want to boost the part of the mean system that fights infection while down regulating the part that results in chronic inflammation and mushrooms may fit the bill there are thousands of edible mushrooms the only about a hundred are cultivated commercially only ten of those really on an industrial scale and I do mean industrial rising to over 20 million tons and for good reason they accelerate immunoglobulin a secretion let me explain the skin is considered our largest organ we actually interface with the outside world more through our mucous membranes that line our mouths our entire digestive tract our reproductive and urinary systems inside the breast glands on our eyeballs occupying our largest body surface area our gut alone covers more area than a tennis court and much of it is only one cell thick one microscopic layer is all that separates us from all the toxins viruses and bacteria out there and so we need one heck of a first-line defense and that defense is called IgA immunoglobulin a immunoglobulin means antibody these are our type-a antibodies dietary intake may improve mucosal immunity by accelerating IgA secretion but no studies have ever been conducted on mushrooms until now so they had half people eat their normal diet half ether normal diet plus cooked white button mushrooms every day for a week then using the passive dribble method for collecting saliva they just measured the amount of IgA they were pumping out no change in the control group but after a week of mushrooms IgA secretion jumped 50 percent and even stayed up there for a week after they stopped eating the mushrooms this study has shown for the first time that dietary intake of white button mushrooms just regular white mushrooms about a cup a day resulted in hi-ride GA secretion and the elevated secretion remains stable into week 2 but then fell back to baseline so this suggests that in arresting or slowing the decrease in IgA in individuals such as the elderly or those are the mune compromised a continuous daily intake of mushrooms may be necessary to maintain an increased IgA secretion meaning you can’t just eat mushrooms once and expect to be protected forever you have to make them part of your regular diet but if you continue to churn out 50% more antibodies might that contribute to chronic inflammation which is implicating the development of a variety of diseases no in fact mushrooms appear to have an anti-inflammatory capacity in vitro suggesting that they can be regarded as a potential source of natural anti-inflammatory agents for example here’s an inflammatory response without mushrooms and with mushrooms right both white and a few other varieties they think it might be the phytonutrient pyro gallo found in a variety of mushrooms as well as in our old friend Amla Indian gooseberries that similarly appear to reduce inflammation while at the same time boosting immune and anti-cancer function you you

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  1. I've read that Tumeric …mixed with a little black pepper does wonders. Alternative treatments use this as a drink 3x's a day!

  2. Raw mushrooms, even the edible ones, contains toxins which should be cooked out… a lot of plant-foods should be cooked for this reason.

  3. 80p per kg is pretty good value. I pay 6€ / kg in germany but that's organic brown ones. 7€ gets you organic oyster.

    where do you work?

  4. It's interesting that mushrooms are definitely something that are seem to be not as much talked about. Thanks for this bit of enlightening info 🙂

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  6. This is great, I love white button and cremini mushrooms. They are great for soups, sandwiches, stirfrys and other dishes. So good and versatile.

  7. would you see more or less benefits from eating mushrooms raw in smoothies etc (as prefer to eat raw where possible)? Thanks in advanced if anyone can offer advice 🙂

  8. You mean white button mushrooms. Some other kinds don't have any at all, for instance chanterelle or bay bolete.
    (I had to look up common names in English!)

  9. A product called Purple mushroom extract healed my crohns for a good year, I was eating anything I wanted to.
    Another time when I didnt know anything about mushrooms I was eating the white button ones everyday because I liked the taste and I had no signs of crohns.

  10. Hi Greger, Thanks for enlightenment on this topic.
    I have trouble understanding the RQ(fold) / mushroom types.
    Is higher value better? I assume the other way but better to ask then get wrong assumptions.


  11. Hi everyone! Very cool video, Thanks! Have you heard the rumors about this mind blowing product at "Brendt Miracle Arthritis Cure" website (do a search on google)? My boyfriend got extraordinary results and got rid of their arthritis outbreaks overnight!

  12. Hi Dr.Greger. Will you be looking into the benefits of Ling Chi or,Turkey tail mushroom ? They apperently according to the hundreds of studies, have adaptogenic properties , and an immune modulation type property.

  13. As a Nutritional Therapist and distributor of the most potent medicinal mushroom and herbal extracts on the planet…For sure Ling Zhi  as well as Lion's Mane Tremella Cordyceps help asthmatic symptoms greatly!

  14. Mucosa…. a good reason to keep the foreskin and make the sexual assault of infant circumcision illegal. Prosecute the mutilators.

  15. Wait, doesnt this suggest that the body is identifying the mushrooms as something it needs extra protection from, in the form of a stronger sigA barrier?

  16. I know this is old but in vitro or in test tube or dish means nothing compared to in Vivino studies and it's not hard to do in Vivio studies for mushrooms

  17. If you now have a new found interest in all things mushroomy take a look at our site at https://www.Vitalherbs.co.uk where we have a wide range of medicinal mushrooms. 😊👍🙏🍄

  18. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of medicinal mushroom products. What do you think of chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi? Should I include them in my daily diet? I just read the book Healing Mushrooms by Tero Isokauppila, the founder of Four Sigmatic, maker of medicinal mushroom products—any truth to it? I’d also like to know about shilajit. What do you think of shilajit?

  19. That was your informative post, here's several suggestions about anti-inflammatory dietary supplements…
    Curcumin: Research has shown the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin are as effective as some pharmaceuticals, but without the negative effect of toxicity. This powerful antioxidant also supports joint health and cardiovascular function.
    Resveratrol: This extract found in red-wine helps to quell inflammation, regulate the malfunctioning immune response, and protect against cancer.

    Evening Primrose: The unrefined evening primrose seed oil supplies a concentrated dose of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an Omega-6 fatty acid that is commonly lacking in the diet. GLA is converted by the body into DGLA, an anti-inflammatory substance.
    (I learned these and the reasons they work on Mackyns Nature Guard site )

  20. Ben following Dr.Gs science based advice for almost 2 yrs, and health has improved to the point now where at my last blooded in Feb 2018, my doctor told me, based on the results, I am virtually heart attack proof. As they say proof is in the pudding, kep it up Dr.G, my family and I will be forever grateful to you

  21. How did they prove that mushrooms are not harmful to the body and thats why the body is responding with more antibody production?

  22. Dr. G, I've been reading about how extra supplementation w antioxidants may help cancer cells survive and possibly thrive. None of the reports are suggesting diet but antioxidant supplements. In the same way The high dose vitamin A supplements were shown to create conditions for more not less lung cancers in studies. Can you report more on these studies? Tyvm!

  23. I ate 2 cups of steamed mushrooms and 1/2 cup steamed Arugula with my breakfast. ☺ I also ate a banana and toast.

  24. Love it Doc! You know I would love to see a vid or a shout out on mushrooms like you did for turmeric and leafy greens reviewing if there is any or different benefit from warm mushrooms / what temperature they become toxic – I am guessing they are still healthy warm all the way up until the point they become black and crispy #paulstamets

  25. Easy ways to easy more mushrooms:
    Substitute chopped, seasoned mushrooms for ground beef,
    Substitute sliced, marinated mushrooms for steak strips,
    Add to soup, use to top salads, use as a topping on sandwiches, and dip raw mushrooms into hummus.

  26. Dr. Gregor, thank you ❤️ you prove to me every day that what my parents taught me about nutrition and healthy life style (in plain English: you just have to do sports young lady everything else is an option) was true. And here I am 40 yers later, doing sports every day and making my own plant based food every single day. Fit as a fiddle

  27. I had terrible allergies my whole life, got a bad case of pneumonia and bronchitis at 14, found out it was MRSA. Doctor gave me the right antibiotic and I got rid of it but suffered from asthma for years afterward. After going vegan my allergies and asthma are non existent

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