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Brown, Black, Purple and Red Unlike White on Rice

“Brown, Black, Purple and
Red Unlike White on Rice” Why does switching from white rice
to brown rice enable overweight individuals to significantly reduce their weight,
their waist size, their blood pressure and the level of inflammation
within their bodies? We think it might
be the fiber. Brown rice has four times as
much dietary fiber as white, including prebiotic types
that foster the growth of our good bacteria,
which may help account for the anti-obesity effects
of brown rice. Besides the prebiotic fiber there’s all sorts of
vitamins and minerals that are lost when brown rice
is milled into white along with phytonutrients
such as gamma oryzanol, which may theoretically help
shift one’s preferences to healthier foods. There are also petri dish
studies that suggest it may help lower cholesterol,
and along with other compounds found in rice bran, which is what makes
brown rice brown, may inhibit human cancer cell
growth through antioxidant means, anti-proliferative and pro cancer cell
suicide mechanisms, immune system modulation, and
increasing barrier protection, but again this is all just
in test tubes, not people. There are two human studies, though. The Adventist Health Study found
that brown rice was one of four foods associated with significantly
decreased risk of colorectal polyps, which can turn into
colorectal cancer. Eating cooked green vegetables
every day was associated with a 24% lower risk, as much as
dried fruit just three times a week. Eating beans, chickpeas, split peas,
or lentils at least three times a week was associated with
a 33% lower risk, but brown rice seemed to
garner 40% lower risk, and that was just a single
serving a week or more. The other study reported
increased muscle strength after supplementation with
the brown rice compound, in hopes that it could
provide a side-effect free alternative to anabolic steroids,
but the dose they were giving is equivalent to like 17 cups
of brown rice a day, so it’s not clear if it
works at practical doses. Naturally pigmented rice, such as
black rice or red rice. may be even more nutritious than brown. During the last decade,
it has been shown that these natural anthocyanin
plant pigments may have a variety of beneficial effects. They’re what makes blueberries
blue and red cabbage red. Recent recognition of the fact
that diets rich in plant foods lower the risks of cancer
promotes enthusiasm for isolating these components
as pharmaceutical agents, but why not just
eat the blueberries, or add some red cabbage to your
stir fry atop some colorful rice? Black, purple, and red rice
and their pigment compounds have shown a variety of antioxidant,
anti-cancer, anti-heart disease, anti-diabetes,
anti-allergy activities, but these are all studies
done in the lab; we don’t yet have
clinical studies, but they have everything
that brown rice has, plus five times
more antioxidants and all these extra goodies so that’s why I always cook
red, black, or purple rice or rather my rice cooker does, always with a handful of lentils or split peas thrown in for good measure since they cook in the
same time frame. But why don’t most people even
choose brown over white? Well, brown doesn’t last as
long on the shelves, so can actually be more expensive,
even though it’s less processed, whereas white rice is
like apocalypse food, even putting Twinkies to shame, still edible after 30 years, though by then may have
a slight playdough odor.

100 thoughts on “Brown, Black, Purple and Red Unlike White on Rice

  1. I love and appreciate your videos so much. Thank you for all that you do and you are a bit funny too! I just love rice. when I eat it it makes me feel so good and happy… seriously! great to know it's very healthy too!!

  2. Love to mix white & brown rice in my cooker. Also add shredded mushrooms, carrots & onions. Maybe a bit of saffron too.

  3. Oh my, this reminds me of the time I was cleaning out my elderly neighbor's closet, in 2012.

    We came across an old steel can of white rice from the 1930's! The seal had never been broken, and upon opening, it appeared (and appearances can be deceiving) perfectly fresh. We declined the opportunity to test it's freshness.

  4. There are basically three parts to a kernel of rice..
    1. Bran, which is the outer shell, is removed and packaged and resold as a health food.
    2. Germ, where the essential oils and nutrients are located, is removed and packaged and resold as another health food.
    3. Endosperm, no real nutritional value, the leftover product which is known as white rice, they add artificial nutrients to it and sell it to you as "Enriched" rice.

  5. The problem is also cocking time. While most white rice I buy is done in 10-12 minutes, the brown rice (at least the one I have access to) was still hard after 30 minutes.

  6. I ate a sweet potato today and was wondering if eating it with the skin would have been better, particularly for digestive reasons?

  7. Im foreign and i often dont understand alot of words you use in your videos and i get really confused sometimes…could you try to sum up what you said at the end of every video please? I would really like to know what all these studies show because im a vegan and im looking for science to support the claims i make when i talk to people about veganism

  8. Could you do a study on ergot fungus on grains? I think it would be a very beneficial discussion, not many people know of it.

  9. But wasn't there a previous video on rice (especially from China) being high in lead and other carcinogens ?

  10. The only problem with BR is inorganic arsenic(carcinogen) and from what ive heard because WR has much less because its more processed. Any opinions?

  11. "White rice is like apocalypse food. Even putting twinkies to shame. Still eatable after 30 years, but by then may have a slight playdough odor" – Hahahaha… sooo funny xD I laughed so hard xD
    thank you for your very good video, I already changed to brown rice, some days ago, but this video supports what I felt (inflammations after a white rice meal).

  12. Doctor, I've refrained from eating too much brown rice because of the arsenic that is in it. Have you got any additional info on that?

  13. When I was a kid, I once tried playdough. Wanted to know what it tasted like. Wasn't all that bad…sorta salty.

  14. hey Dr. Greger! I have a question for you. Are low HDL levels actually bad? I am vegan, eat lots of raw food with some cooked food, no processed food, no table salt only himilayan, mostly organic, etc but have low HDL levels. thanks in advance

  15. I've still got some wild rice, multicolored quinoa, amaranth, and non-GMO corn kernels for popping I haven't eaten. Wild rice goes good with broccoli and beans. Wild rice may take almost as much time to cook as some types of presoaked dried beans. The wild rice gives off, to me, a somewhat tea-like earthy pleasant aroma as it cooks. If I can break away some more from the pb with celery, bell pepper, and apples craze I've got going on then maybe I'll eat more rice and whatever. Good info about the rice though. I've heard it said, you should eat a rainbow. It just goes to show.

  16. Tried red rice today for the first time. It is delicious. I have had black rice and brown rice and they are delicious as well.

  17. Is Jasmine rice included in white rice category. I have been thinking it hasn't been stripped of minerals and hasn't been bleached.

  18. Word of warning on Lentils, these can triggers inflammation due to Lectins. I used to get serious pain in my shoulder area and chest. It was only by eliminating food from my diet and discovering what was triggering the pain that I discovered it was Lentils and Aduki beans. Research into lentils confimed this.

  19. Would this translate similarly to quinoa? I usually just get the white color, would it be better to get the tri-color packages?

  20. All sounds good but i saw article in paper the other day that brown rice and other white rice is full of arsenic.Pretty much cleanest rice out there is basmati rice which comes from poorer countries which can't afford pesticides.So which is better?Eat rice full of arsenic or eat bit fatter basmatti rice?

  21. But I see that brown rice has only a six month shelf life, so if I get a 25# sack, it goes bad long before I can consume it.

  22. Dr. Gregger, you provide wonderful content and tips for the public. What I want to see is how you adapt this knowledge to your life. Can you please do a What I Eat in a Day video?

  23. Dr Greger, I wish I could sufficiently express how much I appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping humans become as healthy as possible. Much love to you and your family.

  24. Thank you very much Dr. Greger. I hope you won't buy eggs or cigarettes from all my money.

  25. White rice and refined white flour both act on me like refined sugar…cause burning in my gullet….whole grain rice I can have all I want.

    Please comment on the arsenic levels now being found in domestically grown rices.
    Thanks for this info!

  26. To get the levels of gamma oryzanol achieved in the strength study, you would only need to take 3 tablespoons of rice bran oil daily:

  27. I can only eat white rice, brown rice tend's to make my stomach feel like it's being poked by hard brown rice plus it takes forever to cook whereas white rice is fast food.

  28. Adventists study? Really? What is wrong with you? Black rice is good. People like you, with voice like this, makes it unappealing. Get it?

  29. Didn't Dr. Kepner founder of the rice diet pretty much prove white rice was ok? Honey has white rice beat for shelf live, I think it last 5000 years and still good.

  30. Black rice for me, because, you know, I'm black 😊. Jk though great upload, glad to know studies back up my choices.

  31. Too bad the rice bran contains the highest levels of the naturally occurring arsenic rice pulls from the soil… and that the 40 minutes red and black rice need to be cooked degrades their anthocyanins.

  32. mmmm, i think that a brazilian chef, Alex Atala, was the person who gave attention to a farmer who cultivated these wonderful good tasty Black Rice. At least is very tasty when I eat in the restaurant

  33. I honestly hate the texture and how it feels like I'm eating nothing when I consume white rice. I love that black rice is much tougher and the texture is just perfect. Cannot deal with mushy rice. Black rice is life <3

  34. I'm eating brown rice, I wish I could afford to eat black rice. It's expensive as hell here in Finland.

  35. I switched over to brown rice years ago when someone told me about short grain brown rice, much more palatable. Now I mix my brown rice with black and red rice

  36. started eating forbidden rice. purple, amf it makes my tummy sensitive and little nauseous. But I love eating it, it's after that it's not so great.

  37. I'm looking forward to your new videos on rice. including rice and arsenic. I looked up some of the research on PubMed with Search terms like "rice arsenic Thailand" – and it looks like the rice produced in Thailand is still relatively safe. but I'm really looking forward to Dr. G!

  38. You have shown no data reporting on actual presence of AS in human, rice-consuming bodies. Until you do so, this is
    all conjecture.

  39. Recent magazine articles in Germany have warned of the dangers of arsenic in rice, and recommended white rice over brown due to the lower arsenic content. Any thoughts?

  40. Okay does anyone know a good source for the colorful rice options that's not high in arsenic? Nutritionfacts.org has several videos warning about rice and arsenic and then there's this! So where oh where can I purchase this colorful rice that is safe

  41. I have a problem with brown rice. Every time I eat it i get horrible stomach cramps, and bloating. I’ve tried making the same meals, just with brown vs white rice. It’s definitely the rice. I never see videos addressing this, I’d like to eat brown rice but my stomach hates me when I do. Love some insight on this issue.

  42. I have to wait 30 years for my white rice to smell like Play-dough? I may as well switch to brown rice I guess.

  43. Is black rice an American term for wild rice? The long, black grains of rice that have to cook for about an hour?

  44. Rice bran is addictive to wildlife, pour some on a stump and the deer will chew the stump to the ground, what is it that deer know that we don't? I personally prefer the taste of whole grain rice, kind of a mild nutty flavor and for the life of me I cannot figure why people ever thought to remove the bran.

  45. I'm thankful that i live in a place with sufficient amount of different rice from white, red and black, i eat rice on daily basis..i preferred red rice for longevity and taste good as well..

  46. brown rice is bad it has more phytic acid which is removed with white rice making white rice healthier than brown it contains anti nutrients that prevent you from absorbing the nutrients anyway and there is more arsenic in brown rice than there is in white rice which gives you cancer the phytic acid is found in the hull and germ that is removed with white rice making white rice healthier than brown rice and there is only like 1 gram of fiber anyway in brown rice which is no big amount of benefits when your going to be eating lots of fruits and veggies in a plant based diet me personally i like white rice better because its not bitter which brown rice is very bitter and has a nutty taste that i dont like to taste when i am making a pot of stew like dhal but thats just me personally its just a matter of preference i like white rice im from guyana and we eat white rice with everything and i just cant see myself eating tasteless very bitter brown rice. uh no sorry taste over health i guess

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