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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

BSc (Hons) Nutrition

Here we think about the role of nutrition in relation to maintaining health across the lifecycle and also preventing ill health as well. The nutrition course has been really exciting. We do all sorts of different modules. There are some that are psychology based. There are some that are very science based and then there area some that are very practical. One of the units on the course is Nutrition in Health and Disease. Which covers a broad range of diseases, from a nutritional perspective, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. It’s really shown me that there’s a lot of things you can do as a nutritionist. You don’t just have to be self-employed and tell people dietary advice. There’s a lot of options. The course is quite multidimensional, so we have different aspects and it’s not just about nutrition, solely nutrition it’s about anatomy and physiology. You have psychology units, food processing units and human food chain units as well. So it’s quite broad and covers a lot of stuff. We really want our students to develop a strong understanding of the science that underpins the role of nutrition and its relationship with health and wellbeing. We employ holistic approach to studying nutrition. Integrating the nutritional science with lifestyle, behavioural and social issues that affect our society today. The lecturers are really fantastic. Most of them have a lot of experience in industry or in different roles and a lot of them have achieved their PhD They’re really helpful and they care to make the best out of you as an individual. We also have lots of labs – laboratory sessions. Where we’re able to do either practical nutrition subjects. Or we might do anatomy and physiology. And there’s also some chemistry and biochemistry labs, as well as microbiology. There is also an opportunity for placements on the course. So between years two and three the students can take a twenty-day placement or if they choose they can complete a forty-week placement. I did a placement for a month in Costa Rica. And it was great. So it let me look into all the principles that affect Costa Rica and how malnourishment affects the country and the local population. I went to Unilever, which is a massive food company. And I was particularly working in the research and development of brands such as Pot Noodle and Marmite. Really interesting, innovative stuff. It was really something completely different to what i ever thought I could do with a nutrition degree. I love Bournemouth because it’s got the beach. That’s my favourite thing about it. It’s quite often sunny. And you can take your revision down to the beach and just have a really good time.

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