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Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken Sandwich – ASMR Fast Food Reviews

welcome to my channel this is trip and
this is time for another ASM o or fast food review I hope you’re having a very
nice day hope you’re staying away from the Huracan hoping that it that it won’t
hurt us too badly for those of us on the East Coast in the southeast
I appreciate the viewers and subscribers to the channel and I’d like you to maybe
consider subscribing liking the video and especially please feel free to
comment so today we’re looking at the buffalo wild wings chicken sandwiches
they just came out with three chicken sandwiches and maybe this has to do with
the with the current chicken wars I’m just getting over a cold so they’ll have
to depart on me a little bit on that I did go to the doctor this time so don’t
end up in the hospital like I did about just over a month ago a little bit about
this for the chicken wars you know Popeyes as there’s the spicy chicken
sandwich which I still haven’t been able to get ahold of I was ready to buy that
thing the day I came out but they did have it for even two weeks and then they
kept running out of supplies Burger King has their own chicken sandwich they’ve
come out with and Wendy’s has to like everybody’s trying to compete with
Kentucky Fried Chicken and and chick-fil-a but anyway Buffalo Wild
Wings has these three new chicken sandwiches one of them is the as the
southern chicken sandwich and that’s the one that I chose to review
there’s also a buffalo ranch chicken sandwich and the Nashville hot chicken
sandwich with a ladder to me it was just too hot I took a look at it and saw the
ingredients in another review somebody did and it was just seemed too hard to
me so all three of these sandwiches carry according to what I read of the
internet I suggested price of eleven dollars and twenty-nine cents well it
was actually $11 and 1165 it’s why I paid for this one however includes
french fries well I didn’t want to get french fries I just wanted to review the
sandwich that comes with it and I asked I called it and they say y’all you have
to get the fries and then I went to the Wild Wings and I thought if he made he
asked a couple different people you might get two different answers
Beth they’ve all said no it you have to pick the well you can’t have a choice of
the side like french fries onion rings or something like that so I take french
fries took most of those aside I had them later
I just want to look at the chicken sandwich first here’s the box the Wild Wings I guess this says on very
nice girl Roxy let me just get the feeder the fries door that’s the
sandwich it’s so big these boxes are but I have to I can’t even get in the
picture myself so here we go I think I’ve put this on a nice China and a doubt of they believe more than
half of this sandwich anyway dinner is served according to the to the advertisements
the new southern chicken sandwich hmm comes with a beer batter two chicken
breasts layered with melted Swiss cheese napa slaw pickles and bacon bacon aioli
all on a chawla and that’s pronounced a couple different ways pronounce it like
holla holla or holla I guess it’s how it’s on this child a
bird now there’s the cheese regulator didn’t
want the cheese melted on the sandwich no I don’t like a bunch of cheez-its
drooling drifting down the side of the cellar
that’s just so unappealing to me so I’m gonna put it in the sandwich like this
I’ll let you take a look at it first of all at the pickle said it pretty good
and this is the yeah well that’s like a cannibal it’s the Napa slob no no this
is the Napa saw right here I’m disassembling this here is the slow
I want you to see you I was good the batter chicken breast
that was going to cut it in half like I traditionally on the fucking manage that
with this sandwich or not this is so big can I do this can we get this thing done it’s gonna be a bit problematical we
have success there we are in here as a side view you see the chicken see the
layers of the coleslaw a little piece of and melted cheese over the top the sauce
and the pickles this how this is going to be yeah excuse me for a couple
minutes the chicken is is pretty moist and
tender it presents well the sandwich does
I mean it’s attractively put together the second side come sir almost kind of
sweet to me I can taste the coleslaw it’s really much better than I expected
I was thinking I’m gonna get my mind out there on their gigantic sandwich I think
it was quite manageable you can taste the bits of the bacon I kind of make it
the taste sort of pop a little bit in your mouth I like the sauce too the bread is very springy it’s pretty
fresh it exceeded my expectations I’m looking forward to finishing this other
half on my own time I allowed myself to have one of the
fries it’s kind of remarkable fries are like a lot of fries in these kind of
sports he tied places so like a pepper go type thing I guess I don’t remember it was all yeah I thought it was a very
good sandwich I’m looking forward to finishing the rest I think I know the
thing I don’t like about the Buffalo Wild Wings really is just the hard
chairs I don’t have any real back support on my bottom decide you don’t
have to care like a little cushion with me if I go somewhere like that it’s a
very nice big open place but you’re TV sports news going on if I hadn’t been
doing this review I probably would just rid of the strain there any late in the
sandwich it’s a nutrition information if anybody’s interested as 870 calories for
the southern chicken sandwich 95 milligrams of cholesterol 17 saturated
fat 7 of sugar 15 grams of trans fat 19 hundred milligrams of sodium a lot of
sodium for those of you who are concerned about
it you know it was fast food and maybe nobody even cares much about nutrition to all things in moderation that’s why I
would try to live by I think that’s about everything for today I hope you
enjoyed the review and I’d like to know if you’ve tried this sandwich yet it’s
the Buffalo Wild Wings the southern chicken sandwich or maybe if you tried
the other two the buffalo ranch chicken or the apparently very hot Nashville hot
chicken sandwich this is truth wishing you the best and I’ll see

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