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Build Better Habits: Break Addictions, Good Habits, New Habits, Atomic Habits (2020)

if you’re like most people you probably
have one or two bad habits maybe more and perhaps you’ve tried to kick them
but sometimes you always fall back into the same pattern in this video I’m going to show you how
you can build better habits, develop good habits, new habits, atomic habits! Satsriakal, my name is Sasha and welcome to today’s episode. Whenever I read a
book I like to take notes so I can go back and review them and actually apply
them to real life because what’s the point of reading all of these self-help
books or listening to so much audio if all you’re going to do is listen to it
and not absorb or apply anything? Here’s what I learned from James Clear in
Atomic Habits. James Clear explains how environment
plays a huge role when it comes to developing and maintaining your habits.
He goes through this four step process and believes that most habits follow
this pattern. He explains that most habits are formed with this four step
pattern: cue, craving, response, reward. Essentially a cue signals that there’s
gonna be a reward. For example, it could be the smell of a cookie. Next craving
will be the motivation to do something in order to attain that reward. The
craving for example is eating that cookie. So you’re craving the cookie
after your cued by the smell of the cookie. The response is whatever thought
or action you need to go through with in order to get that cookie. Last the reward
will be that satisfying feeling you get through your action, whether it’s good or
bad and I’m assuming most people will go eat the cookie and
that’s your reward. Alright, so what if you want to break that bad habit of
always eating the cookie or junk food or doing whatever it is that you’re
struggling with how do you do it? Essentially, you have to form a new habit
to replace your conditioned response Make a new habit work by making sure
it has these four elements. Make sure it’s obvious, make sure it’s attractive,
and make sure it’s easy and satisfying all right so the four elements are
obvious easy attractive and satisfying I don’t know if that’s in the correct
order well obvious attractive easy and satisfying. Either way you need those four elements to make this new habit work.
let’s use a real life application. first make it obvious. say you want to stop eating junk food and you
want to eat more vegetables so put more vegetables in the center of your fridge
don’t hide them in a drawer you want them to be in an obvious place front row
and center so they’re right in front of your face now that you have your fruits
and vegetables and the center of your fridge right when you
open it how are you gonna eat them I mean if it’s carrots and you don’t
really like carrots are you gonna go for the carrots I don’t think so so start
with something attractive say you really love apples you want to put apples in
the front of the fridge so it’s right there and aside from it being attractive
you also want it to be easy you don’t want to start with something like an orange if you have to
peel it if you’re really lazy so maybe an apple would be better because you
just wash it and eat it or if you want or bananas. just put them on the
counter so you can grab and go you, peel it and eat it and there you go
you’re eating more fruit already as a result of the first three steps it’s
gonna be satisfying it and that’s your end goal for this if you’re making you
habits you don’t want it to be a drag or a chore you need to make it
satisfying and worthwhile so if you like the fruit you picked then you’re
satisfied and you’re being healthier already now that you’ve established and
easy obvious attractive and satisfying habit how are you gonna kick the bad
habit well the bad habit you’re gonna do the exact opposite and four steps as
well you
want to make sure the good habit is easy and the bad habit harder and to do
that you’re gonna do the exact opposite using these four steps: you’re gonna make
it invisible, you’re gonna make it unattractive, difficult and unsatisfying.
going back to our cookie example make it invisible. don’t let them be out in the
open. make it harder and not as accessible so it don’t buy them! If you want them, you will have to go out and buy them it’s a whole process that’s gonna kind of slow
you down a little bit. say you still brought them home so you want to make
sure they’re unsatisfying because you’re trying to train yourself to fix these
bad habits right? how can you do that? put a note on it. it’ll add more weight
metaphorically and really so when you read the note it’s gonna read something
like: “I’m about to eat these cookies. I don’t need them and they’re probably
gonna make me feel bad and unhealthy.” basically the note should mention an
action and an outcome. the outcome should be negative so when you’re about
to go through with this habit you’re gonna read this note it’s gonna kind of
make you process what you’re doing and remind you it’s not worth it. it’s
kind of hindering you and instead of just going straight for the reward another thing James Claire mentions is
you soak up the habits of those around you.
you might be familiar with the saying that you are the sum of the five people
you spend the most time with. well it turns out that is true. Say your
friends are always going out and partying every weekend it’s the same
thing you guys get off of work you’re gonna go out and have a good time you’re
gonna drink all night it’s gonna be so much fun but the next day you’re gonna
be groggy you’re gonna be hungover and maybe you haven’t even realized it but
you’re trapped in this cycle doing the same thing over and over. but
what can you do because this is what your friends are doing? And you’re
absorbing all their qualities whether they’re good or bad well Instead, join a culture where the
desired behavior is the normal. as you know from going out, drinking and all might be the norm but if you’re trying to get healthy, that’s not gonna help
you. I understand it’s not always easy to make new friends and social circles.
sometimes you might be frustrated and feel alone but the thing is if you’re
watching this video you’re already connected to community other people who come to this channel or watch other videos like this. These individuals are trying to do the same things as you. they want to improve they want to have a better life
they want to be happier stronger more confident be well so you’re not alone
and remember that you can always connect to people through channels like this,
forums, other websites or if you want to do things in person there’s always
meetup groups. Google something it’s only as hard as you make it. now these are just a couple of things that I got out of the
book atomic habits I’m sure if you read it, other things would stand out
maybe more useful information if you’ve read the book or plan to,
leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts and if you’re interested
I’ve also put the in the description if you’d like to buy
it and if you have any ideas / comments on habit changing strategies let me know

2 thoughts on “Build Better Habits: Break Addictions, Good Habits, New Habits, Atomic Habits (2020)

  1. Something that really helps me stay focused is writing a list. I'll mentally block the new habits I'm trying to make without notes or a list to keep myself focused. That's especially true when I'm getting lazy with my diet or workout regimen. I've had times when I'm extremely active and fit and then times I look like I'm going for the ultimate dad bod. I think when I'm struggling most it's important to have that list visible to keep myself constantly reminded of my goals… I also procrastinate on writing my list (bad habit) lol… we all know we're prostrating when we are. Just got to listen to that voice that's telling you what you SHOULD do.

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