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(MUSIC) Ki everyone my name is Kim I am a
registered dietitian; Welcome to my channel. So I have some videos below that
I do want you guys to take a look at and don’t be shy to make this one of your
channel homes. MI casa, su casa! So today we are going to be talking about confidence.
There is actually a comment left in one of my previous videos about how to build
confidence as a new dietitian so I’m going to take this a step further and
say how to build confidence as a new dietitian or dietetic intern. So of
course, let’s face it not everybody is born confident. Confidence is something
that is learned and depending on our life experiences, circumstances that
we’ve been through it depends if is either
builds our confident or it breaks it down. So I’m going to share with you some
things that I did to build my confidence when I was a new dietitian and when I
was a dietetic intern. So the first one is realize that you’re competent. There’s
a reason why you’re taking all these nutrition classes and metabolism classes.
There’s a reason behind all of this madness. Now let’s face it when you do
get into the work field you’re going to face many challenges: you’re gonna face
challenges from the nurses, from the doctors, and from family members, but
realize you are the nutrition expert and you may have to tactfully, emphasis on
that word, fight tooth and nail for your colleagues and for some family members
to see that. I remember when I was in my dietetic internship I had a preceptor I
would never forget…I was about to say her name, I’m not I’m not going to spill her name and
she said to the patient “You know what Sir, I’m the nutrition expert not you!” and
he just coo,l calm, and collected he– he stepped down. I’m not telling you guys to
do that, I’m not telling you guys to say that, but that was really my first
experience with realizing as dietitians you –you are the professional expert;
nurses, physicians (doctors), family members, friends; whoever it may be if they do not
have an RD behind their name that doesn’t mean anything. Another thing
that you want to do is to stay current: being current, staying current comes from
CEUs, reading journal articles that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics puts
forth or even if you’re in another country just staying up-to-date on
evidenced based emphasis on evidence based because there’s a lot of information
circulating on the web and I’ve made a video about why the worldwide web, why
your computer is not your personal dietitian. There’s a lot of information
circulating and some of those things are true and a lot of them are false and
have no backing, have no evidence behind it. So if you’re a dietitian and you’re
practicing in the archaic manner or way of doing things you’re not current, your
work cannot be trusted so stay current. The number three thing that is going to build confidence is communication. Working on your communication skills– get
those verbal pauses out of your vocabulary such as ‘um’. Not using slang
words when you’re speaking to a patient, when you’re speaking to another
professional who may or may not be in the same discipline as you. So just some
real-life scenarios, some situations that I’ve been through because to be honest
with you I consider myself to be a very shy person and when I started out in the
field of nutrition and dietetics as an intern, as a new graduate I wasn’t the
most confident person, but there have been some times where you know I’ve had
some physicians come to me and question me about certain recommendations and of
course something that I always use is the term “evidence-based, evidence-based”.
So something that I tell my physicians all the time when I do speak with them
is you know well this is– this is not evidenced based. You know don’t be
discouraged as a new dietitian or as a dietitian student because you have to
build your name, you have to build your rapport so that they (ex: colleagues, other professionals, etc) know that they can
trust you or not. I know for me in my hospital it took some time for them to
be able to trust me, but I was tenacious with it
and if I saw that there was a physician that was giving me
hard time I would go up to them one-on-one and discuss the nutritional status of a
particular patient. Just realize if you are starting an internship, if you are
starting a job it takes time to build rapport, but be confident
don’t let anyone second-guess you, correct the fallacies, but do it in a
very tactful manner, learn how to communicate properly professionally and
appropriately and these things will in turn build your confidence. Confidence is
something that is built with time. So guys this is it, these are my few tips
for how to build confidence as a dietetic intern, as a new dietitian, or
someone that is just struggling in the field to have confidence, to have people
respect their professional opinion. So as usual remember to subscribe as well as
like and comment in the comment section below. Dor any dietitian who may be
watching this or for any dietetic intern who may be watching this and you have
any stories that you want to share about confidence or any other ways to improve
confidence do not be afraid to leave that in my comment section below. Thank
you guys and have a good day. Bye. (MUSIC)


  1. Would you consider a video over the GRE? I take it next Thursday and I have been studying SOOO much, but I still feel I'm not going to do well 😭😭.

  2. Have you ever had experiences with the nurses looking down on you, as if they're above you and they know more than you?

  3. Love this! Such relevant advice! I'm currently a dietetic intern myself, so this really helped! Thank you for this 🙂

  4. I love reading the Friday emails from the Academy to stay up to date. I'm job searching now though so these tips will definitely come in handy once I find a full-time job!

  5. Thank you very much for this video. this really helped me alot i can say that my confidence level had risen up because of your tips and testimonies. Hope to see more of you doing some Nutritious Menu Cycle More power! Spread the Love #NDfeated #FoodIsLife #Letfoodbeyourmedicineand medicinebeyourfood

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