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Calcium Absorption

Greetings, friends. Today we are going to
be talking about calcium absorption. This is a chart that shows us the worst form of
calcium all the way to the best form of calcium for absorption. Calcium oxalate, you can see,
is the worst form of calcium to take for absorption, followed by hydroxyapatite, calcium carbonate,
which is a little bit better than oxalate but not much better. Calcium carbonate is a very popular form of
calcium in a lot of over the counter products. It is very, very poorly absorbed. Tricalcium
phosphate, calcium citrate is another popular form which people think is really good, but
actually it’s not. Calcium citrate malate is much better. Then, the only form of calcium
that I recommend is bisglycinate calcium at 1,500. So, when you are looking at calcium supplements,
if you see a calcium blend where it lists calcium oxalate, carbonate, and citrate, you
can almost be guaranteed that 98 percent of the calcium in it is going to be oxalate and
the remaining two percent will be carbonate and citrate. Companies do this so that they can put a very
low quality, low cost calcium into the supplement but also list citrate but only percent of
it is actually going to be in the product. This is a marketing tactic that companies
use so that they can sell a low-quality product at a higher cost because they are listing
a better absorbable calcium. Here is another graph showing calcium absorption.
Calcium carbonate, you can see, is at only 23 percent, milk, only 27 percent, which is
a very poor way to get calcium; calcium citrate 25 percent, and calcium hydroxyapatite all
the way down at 17 percent. You can see in the middle that the Albion
chelated bisglycinate calcium up at 44 percent absorption. Again, that is the only form of
calcium that I recommend. So, if you are going to take calcium, look at the label, be careful
what you buy, and go for the best. Take care and be well.

6 thoughts on “Calcium Absorption

  1. I've seen this doctor and he's fantastic! His knowledge is truly cutting-edge. I've learned so much from him! He treats all kinds of conditions that conventional doctors will only prescribe medication for (as if that solves the problem!) and specializes in illnesses stemming from immune dysfunction.

  2. @Dr.Nikolas Hedberg If a person has arthritis,the doctors in the UK prescribe calcium tablets amongst other things,if that person has NO magnesium in their body, will the calcium NOT absorb?
    Am i right in thinking a good quality calcium and chelated magnesium could possibly reverse the symptoms of arthritis?
    Does having way too much calcium build up on the joints over calcify and cause joint wear and pain,is that how it happens?
    The reason i'm asking my mother has very bad arthritis,rhumatoid and some osteo,it is deteriating her health,i want to try and reverse it, would having good quality calcium and chelated magnesium possibly reverse her condition,is it simply her poor diet and lack of magnesium that is causing arthritis?
    Since i have been taking Magnesium (oxide ) 🙁 My knee joints that use to hury and the ACL used to pop out of joint,since then this has never happened again, i credit this to the magnesium although it's the weakest form and after watching your other video on magnesium different types, i am now going to buy,

    Albion® Chelated Magnesium Glycinate Caplets its 400mg strength
    Are these good Magnesium caplets and better than plain Mg oxide?

  3. explain to me what a Bisglycinocalcium  is at 1500 why would you not prescribe it instead of the Albion one thanks can you tell us that.

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