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Calcium to Absorb Vitamin D

[INTRO MUSIC] First of all, you have to find a really, really good
vitamin D supplement out there and make sure that you read reviews on it, make sure you do your research and you’re not settling for a drug store brand
vitamin D because a lot of those are rancid. A lot of those are synthetic vitamin D, and it’s not going to do anything for you. So, step number one find a really
good D supplement. Next, recommend that you take vitamin D
with a healthy fat, such as avocado, some sort of oil, some nuts, some seeds. That’s going to help the absorption of the vitamin D. So if you’re going to take a calcium
supplement with vitamin D make sure it’s a really good form of calcium. Calcium orotate is what I recommend, aspartate, calcium arginate or
calcium amino ethyl phosphate. [OUTRO MUSIC]

9 thoughts on “Calcium to Absorb Vitamin D

  1. Shaklee Osteomatrix not synthetic ! I am, and my family members are living proof of how awesome it works.

  2. I live much closer to the equator being next to the US Mexico border. So I'm hoping if I get hours of sunshine everyday it'll be enough

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