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Can a High Fat Low Carb Diet Reduce Your Cancer Risk? – Dr. David Jockers

Some people still think that low fat diet’s
good when in actuality can you talk about the importance of good fats in keeping you
healthy? Dr. David Jockers: Absolutely! Fats
should really be the priority with our nutrition plan. The reason why is we have 75 trillion
cells, and all the cells have a double fatty acid layer around every single cell in your
body. And it’s extremely key. It’s called the cell membrane. It’s extremely key for
hormonal responses, extremely key for just having good healthy hormone function, good
healthy neurological function in your system. So, the communication process between cells
is dependent upon this outer ring of fat. And so we need the fats to help replace those.
Also, on top of that, a low fat diet is going to prioritize carbohydrate. And a carbohydrate
breaks down into sugar. And sugar—when your blood sugar is all over
the place that really creates a breeding ground for opportunistic infections, for cancer growth
like we’re going to talk about later, for all different types of issues. And so utilizing
good fats as your primary energy source helps your body produce something called ketones.
There’s a ketogenic diet and those ketones actually are a preferred fuel for your body.
Especially when it becomes, what we call, keto-adapted or fat-adapted, where your body
just becomes so good it preferentially uses these fatty acids, these ketone bodies. Your
blood sugar stays extremely stable. And that reduces inflammatory processes in your body.
It helps you have better mental/emotional balance so you think more clearly, have better
memory. Everything in your life really improves because your sugar is stable. You
don’t have these bumps, these ups and downs, these insulin surges. And so your emotions,
again, are going to be more balanced, everything is going to be more balanced. Your body’s
going to be able to handle and tolerate stress more effectively.
And really the hallmark of successful aging is being able to adapt effectively to stress.
And so I think a high, good fat diet is really, really key for that. And so with these low
fat diets they really don’t discriminate between good fats and bad fats. It’s just take
all the fats out. They really typically don’t discriminate between types of carbohydrates,
although sometimes they’ll tell you go low glycemic using a lot of whole grains, things
like that. Other people choose the high protein diets. But really protein and the carbohydrates
both break down into sugar in your system and that stored sugar will stimulate higher
levels of inflammation in your body. And what we’re trying to do is really control inflammation.
And a high good fat diet really helps with that.

11 thoughts on “Can a High Fat Low Carb Diet Reduce Your Cancer Risk? – Dr. David Jockers

  1. I am on a high carb low fat vegan diet BUT! I eat whole plant foods NOT crap carbs, there's a big difference, the only fat I do get is plant based. The other thing is if ur diet is high fat u have to restrict ur calories when ur high car b low fat u don't have to.

  2. Interesting theory, but I'll take it with a grain of salt. Many of the plant-based nutrition experts are not in line with the ketosis believers. You say ketones are the bodies preferred fuel source? Interesting opinion, as I have also heard glucose derived ATP is the preferred fuel source and that the brain runs exclusively on glucose (maybe it depends on the type of physical activity – sprint vs distance)? I've also heard that every cell in the body runs on glucose (hence why fat and proteins are converted into carbs during ketosis). I have also heard ketosis puts the body under a lot of stress. It is surprising you think this is the optimal state for humans. Obviously healthy fats are not to be ignored, as they are essential, but as for ketosis and very high fat diets, I don't see any professional athletes winning anything in this "optimal fat adapted state."

    Also, doesn't being in a ketogenic state make your insulin spikes worse if you happen to eat some carbs along with the heaps of fats? One of the causes of diabetes is insulin resistance caused by too much fat in the blood (getting in the way of insulin doing its job of delivering sugar/glucose to the cells).

    Okay enough bro science for the night.

  3. His this man talking about cancer in our society sounds like it. I think
    it is lot to do with vitamin D deficiency. Barbara O'Neill she is
    amazing nutritionist. Meantime herbs such as garlic, cayenne pepper,
    carrot juice; turmeric mixed with honey, ginger, and last but not least
    sour sop fruit is said to be amazing. Avoid foods such as, margarine if
    it had one more ingredient would be plastic. So never eat it. I have
    heard too that turmeric is cure for cancer when mixed with honey. The
    honey is used as bait because cancer likes sweet substances especially
    sugar. Honey is also brilliant to use as antibacterial. And will not
    kill good cells nor will turmeric kill good cells only cancer cells.
    Ginger and Aloe Vera is good as well. I just bought Ty (the presenter) is book.

  4. Dr. David Jockers is talking about GOOD fats and BAD carbs. Vegetable and fruit are good for us. I'm sure that Dr. David Jockers is NOT opposing against vegetable and fruit.

  5. I do like this channel but why not interview Dr Neil Barnard, Dr John McDougal, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and others on the same topic and see what they have to say???

  6. What are you using to back up this ketogenic diet?? the tennanbaum study proved that fats and oils grow tumours in healthy animals. Someone with caner fats and oils FEED the cancer i know this because my tumors grew with both coconut oil and with olive oil so called HEALTHY fats. I totally disagree with a ketogenic diet for those with cancer. In fact it will produce more tumors as per the tennanbaum study. I know people in fb groups with cancer that are eating fats and their tumors are not receding at all. Never do anything for a diet until youve backed up the source a long term study or long term natural therapy that has proven claims for certain foods like Gerson Therapy 60 yrs of thousands healed.

  7. When aliens created Man they gave them a liver to produce the glucosis that man needed to develop the brain and body. And if fat becomes scarse the liver can take fat from the mussels. Its a selfsustaining organism and the genius of its function is beyond comprehension. Those little ketonbodies that the liver sustains our body and brain with, actually contains cancerinhibitors. They actually changes every cell in the body to fight cancer.
    It is almost impossible for a cancertumor to convert ketons to energy for the tumor. It must bee orally intaken carbohydrats/ sugar/glucosis/fruktosis. It is all full energy, non nutrient, not essential poison for mans metabolism and chemistry.

    Actually you can draw an estimate from the carbs of the oral intake. Since a tumor thrives on the glucosis and fruktosis, that you eat. Its not natural for people to eat carbs. It might as well be your Candidamushrom, the precursor for cancer; who demands your brain to reward yourself with carbs. Because both candida and cancer know how to trick your brain and rewardsystem. As well as multinational foodcompanies. Who pay their laboratories, rocketscience-money to trick our brains into compulsion.

    The carbs you eat goes into the blood and immediatly the pancreas start to produce the growthormon, Insulin, witch stores the carbs as fat in the mussels. Unless your cancer eats it all up. Witch it will eventually do.

    It´s the carbs that is the shitffood and grazing meat and an abundance of fat has made me a superhealthy person, that can control his own multitude of cancertumors in his body. Anybody can do that. Just leave all your conceptions of whats right and wrong and try a diffrent approache.Kick the f-ng carbs to the compost. They all come from industrial monocultures. And monocultures ARE the ENEMIES of mankind. And it´s food is damned!

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