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Can an anti inflammatory diet help uveitis?

Hey, Dr. Osborne here with a viewer question from Pick. Dr. Osborne’s brain we’ve got Linda chiming in she says that her daughter is Having her second flare of uveitis. She’s 36 years old what died advice would I have for her because she’s got antibodies to her eyes, so Basically the best diet advice I can give your daughter. Linda would be check out. No grain No pain the 30-day diet program in that book. I’ve been using for almost 20 years in practice with people struggling to overcome autoimmune inflammatory Conditions uveitis is an autoimmune condition. So following along that diet protocol would be the best generic advice I can give you part two though. Linda would be find a solid functional medicine Practitioner and work with somebody who knows about running the right types of tests to help isolate and identify How you should customize your daughter’s diet? She might be allergic to certain foods that are triggering that uveitis She might have a bacterial imbalance It’s part of what’s triggering that uveitis and you want to know these things so that you can stop the autoimmune Inflammation at its core and if you’re struggling to find a good functional medicine doctor look I’ll put a link in the comment section below Dr Peter Osborne comm come check us out come visit us Happy to get on the phone and do a consult chat with you to dive into this a little bit deeper. So Thanks for asking your question Linda. I hope it’s helpful for you For those of you who want to get your question answered make sure you email me glutenology at gmail.com We’ll do our best to feature your question in an episode and as always don’t forget to tune in live Monday nights at 6 p.m. Central Standard Time for the Pick Dr. Osborne’s brain show where you can ask your questions in live time. Have a great day this is Dr. Osborne.

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