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100 thoughts on “Canned Beans or Cooked Beans?

  1. Interesting. I do like beans, baked beans, red kidney beans, and butter beans. In the UK, we can now get beans in boxes.

  2. the problem with the "bean juice" is it leaves you gassy… this is why i (and i'm sure all canned bean users) will wash their beans… unless there's a way to prevent this gas from happening without rinsing off all the bean juice, i'ma wash away !!

  3. cans is bad for u in the long run..i used to eat canned beans alot got sick….then i started dry beans and gained weight and muscle and sicknesses went away…

  4. The consumption of canned food and beverages and urinary Bisphenol A concentrations in NHANES 2003–2008

  5. Cooking beans in a preassure cooker takes about 35 minutes. For every cup of beans, add 2.5 cup water. Bring beans to a boil. Then place lid on pressure cooker and follow pressure cooker instructions. In five minutes set fire to half medium, then cook for 30 minutes…. Turn off fire. Depreasurise pot. Place pot under cold water. Open pot. Store beans in refrigerator in plastic containers; some can be frozen. To serve beans add tomato sauce, garlic, onions, pepper, green peppers, oregano, salt, and olive oil to taste; and cook in a skillet for a few minutes until peppers and onions are soft. The stuff is finger licking good food that is also medicine.. You may serve beans on brown rice, or just eat them straight, or with corn tortillas. Add sliced ripe avocado when served and ready to eat.

    For more power, mix different kind of beans. You can keep the dried mixed beans on a bowl in Kitchen for decoration until ready to cook, and as reminder of your eating smartness, also to promote this great idea to your friends.

    By the way, after cooking beans you can can them in glass jars, and they will be storable at room temperature for months…. This is a great method that avoids the chemicals in commercial tin cans…. To learn about canning search "canning" in YouTube.

  6. Dr. Greger, Do you think that canned beans might have more toxins in them that would push the consensus towards the need to buy the dry beans?

  7. I missed a comment in lectins. I can't stand canned beans, they destroy my digestion. Yet I eat non-canned daily and I'm perfectly fine. My mom and brother are the same.

    The only hypotehsis I can come up with is that canned beans are cooked less time and so the content in lectins is higher, making digestion more difficult.

  8. I've heard people say you need to rinse canned beans unless you want tons of gas problems, but do you think this is true since you claim some nutritional value is lost rinsing the juice?

  9. As long as the beans in a can are in water and not brine or salt water it's ok, it's sort of the same with eating tuna, spring water was better than sunflower oil or brine… except eating tuna is wrong.

    I'm just wondering, is canned beans and other food often in brine or salt water in America? in UK supermarkets beans are mostly in water and there's barely any sodium in them.

  10. I started eating beans around the time I was 15 years old, on road trips for athletic events I would bring a can of beans in a tupperware lol, while my teammates were drinking iced tea and cheez-its. I always resented them for it too, since I had to haul their dead weight during the races.

  11. What you are not saying – maybe everyone knows but me – do you just eat them from the can with no cooking???

  12. Frankly the problem with beans is some of us don't know beans except for the ones in syrup sauce. I grew up in a family that only ate the syrup kind which is simply junk food and doesn't resemble much in nutrition. Actually I will correct that statement, because my mother liked chick peas, which I also enjoyed in small amounts… too bad everything was salted back then. Beans to me = mexican food which is something that I was never exposed to until I was an adult and still not interested. Beans salads that I had seen in the past were swimming in oil… bleh. Luckily I learned from you and other vegan teachers and now beans are big part of my life!

  13. humans need to stop eating because food in unhealthy – if you've been on you tube long enough everyone and his dog will pull out a study saying any food is unhealthy (plants/beans/pulses/meat/eggs/ even water…, etc)

  14. Beans are not a vegetable but a legume. What does the Fed know about nutrition and health, jack squat. They're helping the big companies make money and us fat, maybe for food

  15. How did I not know to eat beans for 50 years ? OK, I can see why the government wouldn't publicize it; maybe the meat industry sees them as competition. But isn't there a bean industry too ? Nobody "hates" beans, and they are dirt cheap. Just so surprised this was a secret to me for 50 years. Now I love beans for health and that great filling feeling.

  16. I buy pintos in a 50 lb bag and pay less than 60 cents per ib.. I have pintos available always and eat them everyday. I cook them in a slow cooker (No soaking necessary) and have several days worth ready in the fridge in my crock. Dip out what I need to warm on stove..

  17. Can I please ask for a clarification of eating bean juice? After I soak them for at least 8 hours I pressure cook them but I always throw away the cooking water and rinse the cooked beans! Should we eat the cooking juice and why? I read that you should not eat the cooking water.

  18. I think someone should get you started on that, Doc, people don't have a clue, and think they don't have a choice.

  19. At sea level I pressure cook chickpeas for around 12 minutes and most other beans for about 9 minutes. That's after soaking for at least 8 hours in water. I add a two inch pieces of kombu hoping the iodine will transfer to my beans. Does anyone know if this works? The Japanese cook their beans like this.

  20. Americans do know beans mister 🙂 Dont want to be pain in as but every time u said "americans" u put my ears are in pain.. Pleae stop using americans term when u actually talk just about people who live inside usa teritory.. and second, mesoamerica is home of phaseolus so , original people form there use to eat it , reguar, a lot …

  21. Beans are full of lectins, one of the worst foods to eat unless they are pressure cooked. The lectins cause leaky gut(sh-t getting into your blood stream) canned beans are pressure cooked, much safer.

  22. Beans are full of lectins, cause leaky gut, lookup lectins. To get rid of lectins pressure cook them. You can pressure cook them fast, no soaking, no cooking for hours.

  23. “The food we eat and how we produce it determines the health of people and the planet, and we are currently getting this seriously wrong,” said Tim Lang, a professor at Britain’s University of London who co-led the research.

    Feeding a growing population of 10 billion people by 2050 with a healthy, sustainable diet will be impossible without transforming eating habits, improving food production and reducing food waste, he said. “We need a significant overhaul, changing the global food system on a scale not seen before.”

  24. I saw this Doctor in Toronto Canada on a TV screen video at my Doctors Clinic. The topic was vit. B12 deficiency, and sure enough, after my blood test, my family Doctor confirmed i was vit. B12 deficient. Im over 50, so it's very common for older folks. I haven't had a common-cold in 3 years since i've been supplementing B12 to my diet.

  25. I eat a cup of canned beans every day per one of Dr. Greger's other videos; they're usually garbanzos, and I save the aquafaba for meringues and other dishes.

  26. Instant Pot will solve your bean cooking problems. Use dried; it's cheaper and easier to store. Throw away the fart water.

  27. What about the lectins that are supposedly toxic especially in kidney beans. My mentoring was always to throw away the soaking water. As for the enzymes, it is being promoted that the soaking allows these enzymes to sprout into existence.

  28. I like home cooked beans better (depending on how they’re cooked) because you can make them softer.

  29. Can we talk about the gas caused by consuming beans being the top reason most Americans do not eat them? Just today I had a small serving of natto and I'm simply not feeling well thinking never again without beano. Additionally the beano enzymes help with only about half of side effects.

  30. Wooosh! I was holding my breath and expecting the worse. I will continue with my can beans with a touch of baking soda for gas-free living.👍

  31. What a joke! He doesn't even mention the aluminum that gets into the beans from canned beans. That alone is enough to advise people to steer clear from them!

  32. I dont eat Beans because they cause digestion issues and stroke. I prefer good protein sources like chicken boobs, steak, and free-range goat eyes.

  33. Pour black beans into instapot. Add water until you have an inch of water over the top of the beans. Cool for 28 minutes. Perfect every time.

  34. I use a pressure cooker and don't soak. FRom deciding to cook beans to having cooked beans is an hour. Maybe another ten minutes if I slice up some onions and peppers to throw in to cook with the beans. 8 cups water, one pound beans, 40 minutes at pressure, don't add salt (the beans won't absorb moisture) perfect every time. And the cooked beans store pretty much indefinitely in the fridge in a covered glass container; I've nuked and eaten them two weeks later and they are still great.

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