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31 thoughts on “Carcinogen Blocking Effects of Turmeric Curcumin

  1. I always add turmeric and other spices to my rice. I also don't smoke but I like the flavor and figure it can't hurt.

  2. I add Turmeric to most of my cooked dishes, not too much, just half a teaspoon or so. Great video Dr. Greger

  3. I add a little to my morning shakes and eat curry a lot. I never seem to get tired of eating curry for some reason. 

  4. I make my own preworkout with fresh tumeric, one red beet a dash of black pepper and one banana, down in the vitamix and voila!

  5. Im always at a loss of how to incorporate this spice into my diet, since I never used it before. Is it more sweet, or more savory? Can I sprinkle it on veggies, or is that too strong?

  6. Another great video! TY Dr Greger.
    ONE QUESTION: why are the roots in the cover pic blue on the outside? The ones they sell here are orange.

  7. I grade 2 inches of turmeric root every morning along with an inch of ginger root and use it to brew 32 ounces of tea. I add the juice of 2 big lemons (skins to) and drink all 32 ounces during the day. I have been doing this for 6 months. The benefits are many plus I really feel I will not get cancer. 

  8. IResonatewitu, it is like ginger but not as hot. It is sweeter with a slight pungent aroma. I grate the root on salads blend it in smoothies. I use it on early onset of colds with almond milk bringing the milk to a boil then adding fresh and or powdered turmeric to it. In Ayurveda this recipe uses animal's milk and maybe ghee butter. I don't use animal product di I use nut milks instead. It is fat soluble so I consume it with good oils, coconut is a favorite of mine. Hour that helps.

  9. "You are not going to find people to voluntarily expose themselves to carcinogens.  Unless. . .smokers!  We can just test it on smokers!"

    I loved that line.  Most smokers admit they know that habitual smoking is a high risk cancer factor.  Yet they all insist throwing caution to the wind.  So the way the Dr. phrased it, they really do appear to be that stupid.

  10. Half way through I decided I was going to start a turmeric a day ritual, and then I saw in the second half that you have to be a smoker to benefit

  11. So u pee on bacteria and measure the amount of mutations the bacteria has. What exactly is causing the bacteria to have mutations? I'd argue it's the toxins excreted in the smokers pee therefore eating more turmeric lessened the amount of toxins excreted by the body!!!

  12. I would love it if Nutrition Facts dot org had small blue happy-face and green sad-face stickers — so, for instance, if you wanted to do a 100-day challenge, you could put the stickers in your calendar for each day to know how close or far you are from “blue print.”

  13. Hey Dr think your viewers may enjoy this curry with superspices including Turmeric vid! https://youtu.be/LTqQi6Fh2ZU

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