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  1. Ben! Thank you so much for properly appreciating Chinese food. I come from Chinese heritage and it always sucks when people stereotype Chinese food as either dog meat (which for the record is not common!) or something from American chain restaurants. It was so refreshing to hear all of you guys acknowledge the diversity in Chinese cuisine and use authentic flavours 🙂

  2. As someone who is not exactly a 'westerner' but lives around here, I usually face challenges like people generalizing food from my country and trying to westernize techniques/styles of cooking.
    I really appreciate how both chefs respect the authenticity of the cuisine even though they admittedly might not know a whole lot. This is why I love your channel.♡

  3. I want to see a Chef vs. Chef where they have unlimited time to make what they consider their "best dish." Peas and Tanks!

  4. Well… I feel like Ben had an unfair advantage here. While I do understand why Ben won, I do think that if we take into acount that James did not have much/any experience with Chinese cuisine he probably should have won.

  5. Easiest way to cook with oyster sauce, Bok Choy in oyster sauce.

    Boil pot of water, throw in bok choy for a min or two. remove from water plate it

    onion in oil until its fragrant, on to the plated bok choy
    then oyster sauce on top

  6. Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Sauce is an excellent product (the best on the market). I generally use it for finishing a dish, but I use Panda Brand Oyster Sauce when adding to a stir fry. Panda Brand is not as concentrated as LKK and it is much cheaper in price, so it is good to use when you want to add a bit of the oyster sauce flavour without so much salt. That said Panda is not good to use for finishing dishes because it the depth lacks depth of Lee Kum Kee. If you are going to use oyster sauce as a condiment, LKK is the way to go.

  7. Please do a Battle Video, where you have two teams of two (one chef and one normal on each team). The teammates are bound together by wearing one big sweater/shirt for the duration of the challenge, and can only use ONE hand each. The finished dish must be plated to a minimum of 12" high.

  8. And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a Jewish food battle. We've got so much! Gefilte fish, matza ball soup, rugelach, latkes (cheese or potato), charoset, challah…..

  9. Yes, Mike, proper Chinese chefs use premade sauces, unless their own homemade sauce is a selling point.

    Also, Lee Kum Kee 👍👍 We use this brand for a lot of our sauces at home

  10. Appreciate that Ben's using a cleaver over the usual chef's knife! It's great for prepping loads of veggies. Also very timely, with Lunar New Year coming up this Sat.

  11. What about a Russian or South American theme battle? We've seen Asian, European, and North American, so let's explore the rest of the world!

  12. Fun fact about burping: A lot of people think burping is a compliment to the chef. In reality burping and farting in China is normal and common. It's not a compliment rather just a natural thing

  13. I'd love to see the normals allowed to cook whatever they'd like in a challenge, free rein, with the goal to impress Ben and James, sort of in a way to see how far they've come on their own culinary journey.

  14. Thumbs up if you want to see an 18th century challenge in collaboration with Townsend and Sons

  15. Ebbers … When wanting a 'nearly cut through but not quite' (as with the Snoozing Dragon) simply gather two chopsticks/skewers; and put one either side of the veg to inhibit the knife's travel and avoid 'full cut through'.

  16. I feel that Ben did win because of the sheer volume of dishes.. Barry should have chosen the set rather than the dish 🤔
    James’s seems just a tad simple(?) obviously flavor combination is key 👌🏻

    So hard to choose

  17. Like the way Ben went about the challenge, relatively traditional. But really intrigued with James' dish, might actually give that a try! What's the recipe?

  18. You guys should do a battle of a dish that looks like another dish. Like a dish that looks like it's supposed to be savory but is actually sweet. Or like an apple that is actually a cake.

  19. James food looked so much better. My wife who is Chinese was having caniption fits at Ben from the beginning. Starting off the number 4 is bad luck in Chinese culture … Why not use an actual clay pot if your making clay pot rice.
    Ben we normally like what you make but you definitely got a reaction or three out of her.
    Please do more of these battle with other cultures.

  20. K no… dont pretend Chinese chef's would use these sauces just because you have a sponsorship. Other than oyster, none of those sauces would be used. And you know it.

  21. Great vid. Although i'm not sure why using these sauces might be considered cheating in cooking. When was the last time someone made their own ketchup, mustard, worcestershire, barbecue sauce, buffalo sauce etc etc

  22. As someone who's grown up eating Chinese food with my family for every meal, I love Ben's idea of cooking multiple simple dishes because that's really the way all home Chinese chefs do for their families. The ideal homecooked meal is one vegetable dish, one meat dish, one soup, and one rice/pasta. Love the respect for tradition

  23. I know you've done vegetarian challenges before, however I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease not long ago and my life as a vegetarian took a really hard turn in regards to food. Have you ever considered a gluten free challenge, preferably that doesn't include meat??? I would love to see one! <333

  24. I have so much of these sauces, plus their rice vinegar. Can attest to how good this brand of sauces are, thumbs up for the recipes!

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