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CHiKPRO™ Chicken Isolate Protein Powder – How Do I Take It?

– Here are the top five
questions we get about Driven Nutrition’s, Chicken Isolate. Number one, how much should I take? One scoop of chicken isolate
has 22 grams of protein, however depending on what recipe
you’re going to put it in, you’re either going to use five grams or potentially even a full scoop. Number two, when should
I take chicken isolate? Protein throughout the day
is optimal for recovery, so you’ll find that adding
chicken isolate to your food or your favorite recipes or
smoothies is gonna be optimal. Number three, how should I take it? Since it is a powdered
chicken, you’re gonna find that it doesn’t mix the
same as our other proteins. So what we recommend is
adding it to your other foods, whether it’s your shakes,
your smoothies, soups or potatoes. Any type of food. I personally like adding it to my rice, and it mixes great. Number four, should I
cycle chicken isolate? Absolutely not, this is a
product that you should be taking every day, to optimize recovery. Number five, what happens
if I skip a serving? Absolutely nothing, however
you are not optimizing you’re post workout recovery. So making sure that you’re adding protein throughout the day, as well as post workout is optimal. Hopefully these five
questions have answered the majority of questions that you have about chicken isolate. However, if you have additional questions, go to DrivenNutrition.net or click the message us link below, where we’ll be happy to answer
those questions for you.

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