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Welcome to the PRINGLES Party ! The Sweet Chilli Pringles is ok, but… I taste something “unnatural” in the flavor , a little off. The Hot Chilli Sauce Pringles is quite good, hot but not too much so you can experience all it’s nuances. Hot & Spicy Pringles flavor is also good, with a “backyard/barbeque” feel, somewhat. … and he HOT! burning sensation statrts to kick in … This chili is way spicier than the Pringles hot flavors. The sweet pepper complements very well the spicy Pringles chips. … Hot! Hot! Sweeeeet Chilli is on 4th So Paprika is on 3rd. Pretty good. The Hot & Spicy are quite nice, but the BBQ kind of flavor is not to my liking, so it gets the 2nd spot. Ta-Dam! So No.1 goes to HOT CHILLI SAUCE! Excellent! Just a little bit hot and all the other ways nice 🙂 I think I like this the most. Number 1! This is the end screen section :))

100 thoughts on “CHILLI PRINGLES FLAVORS RANKED (Crunchy Eating Sounds) | McBang ASMR

  1. First time hearing his voice, he’s has a very relaxed demeanor about him 😌 I never knew someone’s eyes can be so relaxing. He’s really a blessing to the eyes 👀 Trying to pinpoint where’s he’s from tho by hearing his voice 🤔💀

  2. The first time i saw those eyes i was like wow but now im like wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow🥰😀😁😂

  3. McBang… I’ve commented on your god-like beauty in a video of yours before, but to be totally honest I’m a bit tipsy and feel the need to do so again.
    Like shitttt. I just wanna know who your parents were that created this flawless work of chiseled art.
    Also, (this may have been answered many times so I’m sorry if it has but where are you from?

    Sorry… you’re just one the most attractive people I’ve ever seen, on and off YouTube. .. . okay time to wipe off the drool.

  4. I got a notification of this channel but nisiquieras I am subscribed to this channel but good video

  5. 칠리쏘스? 표정을 너무 멋지게잘지으시네요 프링글스과자 오늘저녁에 먹어봐야겠어요 잘보고갑니다 ^^

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