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Chinese 5 Spice Fried Rice | OSF HealthCare

Dietitian intern Michelle Burrington
joins us in the kitchen, and she’s cooking up some Chinese five spice fried
rice. Michelle: Yes, so we are just in time for spring with this dish with a bounty of
spring vegetables that we’re going to add to it. Lindsey: Yum. Michelle: Yes, and so I’ll just get started right away. What I already have in the pan is our fennel, our carrot and
our onion. So I did bring along some fennel if you guys want to see. If you
want to hold that up. So we added fennel to this dish. It’s going to a little
subtle sweetness. So what it is, it’s an aromatic just like our onion
and our carrot. So it’s going to add a little bit of sweetness.The fennel
itself – the bulb, the stalks, the seeds and the fronds, which are like those little
green things – those are all edible. So you can use all parts of that. And we’ve got
that frying here and we’re going to let that keep cooking, but while that is
cooking we’re going to have you, Eugene, make our sauce. Eugene: Yes, I’m the sauce maker. Michelle: Yep if you want
to put everything in here we’re going to start with- Eugene: Just pour it in? Michelle: Yes, just pour it right in. You
can whisk it if you’d like Eugene: Okay. Michelle: We’ve got 1 tablespoon of light soy sauce that
has less sodium than regular soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of minced garlic, 1
tablespoon of rice wine vinegar, one teaspoon of chilli
garlic paste. So that’s kind of like a sriracha. It’s just
going to give it a spice, a little bit of kick, so you can adjust the amount that
you’d like to your tastes. And then we have, this is our Chinese five spice. So
if you guys want to smell this, this is used in a lot of Asian cooking. Lindsey: Oh, wow. Michelle: Yeah, so it’s a combination of five different spices. You can get it in pretty much in
a grocery store in the spice aisle, but it has cinnamon, cloves, fennel and black pepper. So we’ll just whisk that all up and then while that is
being made we are actually going to spread our veggies out. They’re nice and
toasted here. And I’m going to have you add our beaten eggs. We have one
beaten egg, and what fried rice would not be – what would fried rice be without our egg? Lindsey: That’s fair! Right in the middle? Michelle: Right in the middle. Our pan is nice and hot so that’s going to start scrambling right away. So let it sit and then we’re just going to start moving it around and scramble it right up. Eugene: Our producer Megan loves eggs. Michelle:So then once this is scrambled which is already already getting there, we’re super quick we’re going to have you add in our rice and all the rest of
our vegetables and then we’ll put in our sauce, okay? Eugene: You see me. I’m leaning in here already, ready to go. Michelle: Yep, so we’ve got our brown rice. So this is going to be different from regular fried rice. It’s got a lot more fiber and B vitamins. You can go ahead and pour it right in. It’s all precooked. That’s about 2 cups and then if you want
to add in the rest of our veggies. So we’ve got our green onions – a
half a cup, a half a cup of snap peas , a half a cup of red radishes and
one cup of Swiss chard. So Swiss chard is a spring green. You could use any kind of
green. You could use collard greens, beet greens and so this is actually going to
wilt down and that sauce- Eugene: Is it time? Michelle: Yep, it’s time, Just pour it right in. And that is going to help all of our vegetables cook down, and our chard is
going to cook down. It’s a great, it’s a nutrition powerhouse. So any greens that
you use are a great source of vitamins and minerals and are very versatile. So it’s
a great way to get your greens in because it wilts down and it doesn’t seem
like you’re eating as much of it. Lindsey: Okay, so this is cooking and obviously you’ve shown us the whole recipe how long does this cook for? Michelle: This cuts for like three to four minutes basically until your veggies are tender and your chard or your greens are wilted down. Okay, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Lindsey: All right, well, thank you so much, Michelle, for this recipe and more information can
go to our website, ciproud.com.

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