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CHIP: the Complete Health Improvement Program

[Music] the best kept secret in medicine is that given the right conditions the body can sometimes heal itself and when it comes to cardiovascular disease there’s no substitute for nutritional excellence so Ornish Pritikin Barnard Esselstyn all the great names in evidence-based nutrition but how many have heard about the chip program the coronary health improvement project a volunteer run community-based education program educating physicians and patients alike about the power of nutrition as medicine as perhaps the best investment we can make in the fight against heart disease more effective cheaper safer and what are the side effects improved overall health and not just physical health lifestyle change programs such as chip aimed at improving physical health behaviors can likewise have a profound effect on mental health based on studies of thousands of individuals who went through the chip program there were significant improvements in a number of sleep or stress disorders like sleeping restlessly or not sleeping at all stress upset fear depression here the numbers most of these cut in half all highly significant findings the question is why well the psychological well-being of the chip participants might have been positively affected by increasing feelings of empowerment in making strides towards reducing the body weight improving other health indicators as they start eating better and making strides feelings of despair and failure may be replaced by a growing sense of accomplishment increased social support a new sense of hope or they may just be physically feeling better I mean if your diabetes goes away that’s reason enough to perk you up well these before and after results look great what was missing right a control group and I say wait they each acted as their own control before and after ah but you’re forgetting about the Hawthorne effect remember just being in a study under observation can affect people’s behavior so you know if they put you on a scale weigh you and say they’re gonna weigh you again in six months people make consciously or unconsciously just eat better on their own even if they’re not told to do anything special so how much of these improvements would have happened without the chip program yeah it’s great that you can take a thousand people markedly reduce their risk factor profiles for our leading killer in just four weeks I mean regardless but to know exactly what role healthy eating and living advice can play you need to put it to the test by performing randomized controlled trials and as expected there were small improvements even in the control group but for almost all variables the chip intervention groups showed significantly greater improvements so much so as to have the potential to dramatically reduce the risks associated with common chronic diseases in the long term ironically chip was so successful in the city of Rockford Illinois that dozens of restaurants started offering special plant-based menu options so the control group might have been sneaking in some healthier meals – okay but what about the mental health improvements a randomized control trial and those in the chip group showed significantly greater improvements in physical functioning pain general health perceptions vitality social functioning emotional and mental health for example significant improvements in particularly mild to moderate depression compared to the control group and not just right after the program ended but six months later so the chip acronym started out as the coronary health improvement project but a study after study showed the efficacy of the intervention in addressing other chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and even depression it has since been renamed the complete health improvement program as Hans Diehl the founder of chip explains it we as a society are largely at the mercy of powerful manipulative marketing forces that basically tell us what to eat everywhere we look we’re being seduced to the good life as marketers define it but this so-called good life has produced in this country an avalanche of morbidity mortality disease and death what he’d like to see in America is not the so-called good life but the best life a simpler lifestyle characterized by eating more whole plant foods in other words foods as grown [Music] you

40 thoughts on “CHIP: the Complete Health Improvement Program

  1. Let's make America healthy again! -Guess one could still eat like a patriot, just not one that eats at fast food chains.

  2. But vegetable police has the answer…. if you want long term health, you need to think outside the box and eat the least healthiest food…. not sure how it works, but online internet trolls who believe in flat earth say it does!

  3. It's rather expensive:
    (Only $130 /mo for 6 months ($780 USD total)) or (Only $699 one time up front payment (Save more!))

    Are there any options without paying anything? I mean, the information can't be that special to warrant 700$.

  4. Ding, ding ding! "Foods as grown" = RAW FOODS – NOT COOKED. Nature does not also cook food (even though we like it that way). Then if you add in a little common sense and eat a SPECIES APPROPRIATE DIET which for humans who are FRUGIVORES is FRUIT and a few nuts and seeds and tender leafy greens (not tough kale), surprise, surprise, your food will be digested; your immune system won't get clogged and inflamed and lead to chronic and degenerative "incurable" conditions… and you'll be healthy all your life and even prolong your life! Who could have thunk it? Certainly the medical profession didn't until now.

    That is why you should ALWAYS do your OWN RESEARCH. Don't trust the so called experts who have been supposedly "educated". It is pretty pathetic that the "experts" stick to their guns so steadfastly actually. They've been so indoctrinated into lines of thinking the powers that be want them to. They obviously can't think for themselves either or they would know truth as simple as this inside and out. Duh. Fantastic health is as easy as following Mother Nature.

  5. Didn't the republicans defund CHIP, iirc?
    I could be wrong. Maybe I'm thinking of another similar sounding program.

  6. Could we be frugivores? Im not trolling im hoping for responses, what if Dr. Gregor is wrong about vegtables? Could it be? Thoughts on this please

  7. I've been following this channel for 7 years, and been vegan for seven years. The more I watch the channel the more I get sad that other people are so blind for this informations

  8. What effect does a whole food plant based diet have on anxiety disorders such as OCD? Is their research on that

  9. I know this sounds stupid but the rise of carnivore diets is making me feel depressed.

    eating nothing but suffering and death and destroying the environment and not caring for every meal and promoting vegetables as unhealthy is seriously making me feel depressed man

  10. I sat down with my wife's family for dinner. They are not vegan. They offer me some salad that is dripping with some white substance. I asked what's in it? " Oh that's just mayonnaise". Before I could think what to say I blurted out "that's disgusting "! They say we talk about your food please don't say things about ours. So I ask if they thought that mayonnaise was healthy for anyone? No one answered.

    Hole food should be the only food.

  11. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information video. I went through the CHIP program. This is a wonderful program for anyone who want to change their lifestyle.

  12. Seriously, who dislikes a video like this? It’s one of those moments where I’d want to sit down with them have a cup of coffee and just listen to what’s going on.

  13. I really like dr. Greger. I deeply admire his work. I wish all doctors were like him and his collegues.

  14. I wish there was an app that can track all nutrition vitamins and minerals not just calories to make sure I'm doing wfpb right. Any suggestions?

  15. CHIP isn't Plant Based!   I used to meet with a Vegan group at the library and in the room next door was CHIP every month.  They tell you to eat chicken and fish and limit carbs… i.e. the exactly recommendations from the Diabetes Assoc. and those who have had experienced Heart Disease.   CHIP is not healthy, it is just healthier than what most people normally eat.   Want to be healthy… eat plant based!

  16. Hi Dr. Greger!

    NutritionFacts.org suggested that this is the best way to get in touch with you for personal questions. Hope it works.

    For ethical and health reasons, I would love to go completely vegan; however, I have a hereditary low protein absorption problem. Plant protein seems to be the hardest protein for me to absorb. The three times I went entirely vegan while weight lifting, I rapidly emaciated and acquired a prolonged and vicious upper respiratory infection by the end of a month. At the time, I ate six meals a day with each one primarily consisting of either black beans, vegan protein powder, edamame, lentils, or quinoa. Without waxing on more about it, I really did my research and really tried to make an all plant diet work.

    Currently, I have at least one serving from each category of your Daily Dozen every day, and I feel great. Whole plants are the way to go. For my protein–in addition to eating black beans, red lentils, edamame, and vegan protein powder–I have two servings of greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is about the only animal product I consume (less a situation such as a client makes me something or traveling…). So for my question:

    If I am going to eat one non-flesh animal product for protein, which one do you think will be the least harmful to my health and longevity?

    By the way, my overall health and physical fitness are currently good. For example, the last report I received put my total cholesterol at 126…

    Thank you so much! I am a huge fan!


  17. If this is a life changing solution, than why does it not free? At least the documents, that help in it?
    Anybody could read it even if they can not afford or do not have a program near them.
    Or anybody could watch the recorded program.
    Or more people world be able to learn how to represent the content and make free training for helping others.

  18. My experience with the CHIP program was wonderful! I continue to go to meetings. and am starting it again, this time with my husband who has more time to attend now that he is retired. We did our starting blood work yesterday and have our first meeting Monday. I have learned so much, and continue to practice the whole food plant-based lifestyle, eating food as grown. It is amazing how much better I feel, so I want my husband to enjoy the same benefits. Learning the facts and learning how to prepare food in the healthiest way, with minimal processing and fussing will be a new beginning for him. He is excited about it too! I am so grateful for Dr. Diehl bringing the program into our communities so we can learn and change our lives right in our own town.

  19. The CHIP program seems pretty pricey. What’s a good source for determining the most healthy and effective exercise?

  20. Just sign up for a CHIP program. Looking forward to get going in a couple weeks. Ready to work on my choric pains issue and other areas. Thanks for this posting.

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