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Welcome To Bachelor’s Cooking Today we are going to teach you how to cook “Choco Coconut Muffin” This Muffin is really good, it has flavor of Chocolate and in between the flavor of Coconut makes is must try dish. So, firstly we have to prepare the batter for the Muffins that also chocolate base So what all ingredients are required:- Baking Powder Baking Soda, Caster Sugar Cocoa Powder, Oil in case you want you can take Butter, Milk 100 gm Refined Flour, Eggs & Vanilla Essence So, first of all take eggs and break them We have almost 100 gm of Refined Flour So 4 eggs will be utilized here and now what we have to do beat the eggs but prior that mix them just After mixing we will add Vanilla Essence To counter the smell of eggs we are adding almost 8-10 drops of Vanilla Essence and give it a one more mix and after mixing we have to beat it really well so that surf get created Surg get created by the egg white So we have beaten the eggs well they are almost double in their size, now what to do Add 2-3 Spoon of oil, although its optional and beat them once again And now we will add almost 3-4 spoon of Milk, and now put it on the side Take strainer and in that we will put almost 100 gm of Refined Flour and also we will add 100 gm of Sugar it depends on your sweet likings And along with we will add almost 2 Spoon of Cocoa Powder 1 Spoon of Baking Soda will go and along with 1 Spoon of Baking Powder and have to strain them really well… give it a mix with straining the lumps will remain left in the strainer only and you can crush them, the way these lumps are reflecting here So, you may crush them this way and after that mix it really well and now what we have to do, we have strained and mix the dry ingredients beat the egg liquid once again and after beating it well and now the dry ingredients to be mixed in egg liquid in small portions and get it fold.. this way and we have to do this unless our batter is turn thicker and smooth en in consistency In case you feel that there is no surf in your batter then you can use Cola will add dry ingredients after that will add some Cola on the top of it and then give it a mix So that gas of the Cola will create the surf and with that your Muffins will be very spongy So, our batter is ready and smooth consistency is there Since we are preparing Choco Coconut Muffin but till now we have not added Coconut I have the Desiccated coconut or else its also called shredded Coconut Some of it we will add in the batter and then will give it a mix fold it with the light hands and after folding it what we have to do, I have moulds with me now we have to just grease the mould Oil or Butter whatever you have just grease it , so that your Muffins will be easily un-mould and now what to do, we will put almost 1/2 spoon of batter into the mould once the light and thin layer of batter is there after that we will put… Desiccated Coconut and after that again will some batter Coconut has to be in the middle of the Muffin although its in the batter also but here it should be in the middle after that we have to full till half We will tap it, along with that i have some dark Chocolate So, put some dark chocolate over the Muffin like lthis this way will put some dark chocolate some milk chocolate will also be added on and after that we will put some Desiccated coconut and same way will prepare the rest of the mould to be ready And now we will put it in pre-heated oven on 180 degree for 15 minutes almost So, 15 minutes has been passed our Choco Coconut Muffins are ready let them take out and serve them Chocolate is melted very well & flavor of coconut is also inside theMuffin So, let us un -mould them and serve them. So must try as it is very different and tasty Choco Coconut Muffin

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