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Cholesterol को तेजी से काम करने के लिए क्या खाये ?| Cholesterol Control

Hello everyone, Namaste.Welcome to dietkundali In today’s video, I will share information, Which protein-rich food helps to reduce cholesterol levels. First, you need to know what is proteins? Why it is important for us? Protein is an essential nutrient Our body needs proteins for several functions. Every part of the body require proteins, cells also require proteins Hair to toe every part of the body requires proteins The main reason for hair fall is protein deficiency. Proteins help in hormones production It helps in absorptions of nutrients Proteins help in the growth , development and maintenance of muscles. Proteins helps in weight loss That’s why we need a sufficient amount of proteins every day Know will see which protein-rich food helps to reduce cholesterol levels Always select high fiber(especially soluble fiber) and low-fat protein-rich foods Insoluble fiber improves the digestive system, and soluble fiber helps to reduce cholesterol levels. So i will tell you high fiber protein-rich food, that will help to reduce cholesterol level First will see about pulses,they are rich in proteins and high in fiber also Soybean Soybean is rich in omega 3 and isoflavones, that helps to reduce LDL cholesterol eat more soybean and you can have soy chunks curry also Redgram Rajma moth beans Moth beans are rich in Folic acid, that helps to increase hemoglobin levels Lentils whole Always try to add lentils in your khichadi, and while preparing dhal add lentils also. Horse gram whole Green gram whole Cowpea Black gram whole Black gram whole is rich in fiber and it contains a good amount of folic acid also Bengal gram whole Add more pulses and legumes in your diet. Based on studies if we add more plant-based proteins in our diet that help to reduce cholesterol as they are cholesterol-free and low in fats. Don’t eat only one pulse every day, try to rotate it, eat different pulses and legumes in your diet. Each and every pulse contain different nutrients, which is very essential for us. We saw to reduce cholesterol level, which pulses and legumes we need to add now i will tell you which non-veg food helps to reduce cholesterol levels. Non veg foods, are rich in proteins, but it doesn’t contain any fiber, and they are rich in fats. Plant-based food doesn’t contain cholesterol and they are low in fats. Non-veg foods are in fats, and they contain cholesterol, as well as zero fiber. I Always tell in my every video try to add more fiber foods in your diet that helps to reduce your cholesterol levels. Eat animal foods in moderation. add omega 3 rich fish in your diet. Omega 3 rich fishes help to increase HDL cholesterol levels in the body. In conclusion, add more fiber-rich foods, which are plant-based instead of animal foods. For Milk add low-fat milk in your diet. How do you find out the amount of fiber you are getting through your meal? You can use “Dietkundali App” Add daily 30-38g of fiber every day. Please like, share this video and subscribe to the channel. Thank you.

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