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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Dr. Urban here discussing plant proteins
called lectins. This is the first part of the two video series. The second video
should follow. In this video, I want to put lectins into perspective with regard
to chronic disease and inflammation. In the next video, I’ll go into more detail
about lectins and their role in producing so many chronic illnesses.
Lectins are plant protein that bind to gut sugar molecules causing all
kinds of havoc by escaping from the gut. That is their plan. Lectins are found in
many plants. There are many lectins. For example, gluten and peanut lectins come
to mind. I am NOT a lectinophobe nor am i dismissive of lectins
because they are common and affect people in varying ways. Those who would dismiss
or ignore lectins or just don’t know about lectins are doing themselves and
others a disservice in my opinion. Those who believe they have adjusted to
lectins with the passage of time should take into account that lectins are a
major cause of chronic illness and disease through a combination of leaky
gut syndrome and widespread inflammation. More on that in my next video. Without
knowing it, you may already be in the grip of the toxic effects of lectins
through many of your old friends such as acne, autoimmune diseases, metabolic
syndrome risk factors, depression etc. I hope you see that I’m trying to make the
case that lectins have been and are pressing in on you
and been doing so since birth. Could it be that most common chronic diseases
begin in the gut with lectins contributing much to the pathology
through inflammation. There is a growing sense that this is very much the case. I
believe that with most chronic illnesses you should fix the gut first. That’s a
good starting point and tip. A good comprehensive plan
and for dealing with lectins can be found in Dr. Steven Gundry’s book “The
Plant Paradox.” “The Plant Paradox” will fill out the information you need to
know about lectins in more detail with suggestions and recipes. Of course, there’s more in the book. Dr.
Gundry’s book is a game changer, because it accurately takes into account
the effects of lectins. Dr. Gundry has followed patients with
clinical blood markers and he knows what he’s talking about. There is a link to
“The Plant Paradox” in the description below. Are you on a diet or seeking a
good diet? Let me offer that when I see or screen a diet, I asked myself,” How does
this diet deal with lectins?” if lectins are downplayed,ignored or challenged, I
consider that diet to be flawed. If you feel otherwise, put your informative
comments below. Let’s all learn together. The next video will tell you more about
lectins and why they cause so much cellular damage. Lectins are poisons and not to be ignored. I will leave you with that for now. That’s it for this video. Subscribe
to my channel as more health videos are coming. Lectins are poisons, Robert Urban MD
Don’t make any changes to your health regimen without first consulting your
health care providers.

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